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The present COVID-19 vaccines violate all 10 tenets of the Nuremberg Medical Ethics Code…

June 30, 2021

Howard Tenenbaum, DDS, PhD
Paul E. Alexander, MSc, PhD
Parvez Dara, MD, MBA

We sought to examine how many of the Nuremberg Medical ethics codes are being breached by the present COVID-19 vaccine roll out given these codes were devised to constrain medical experimentation which would allow proper protections of the subject/participant/vaccinee. “Fifty years ago in Nuremberg, Germany23 physicians and scientists stood trial for war crimes committed before and during the Second World War. The medical trial, and its more famous predecessor, the international military tribunal, have left us with defining statements of ethical principle”. 

It is imperative that the reader and all involved with these COVID-19 vaccines understand, that under the terms of the Nuremberg Code, individuals or anyone involved in the distribution of these yet to be approved, and therefore experimental, vaccines, can be accused of crimes against humanity, if they administer an experimental medical procedure or device to any subject, without the subject’s fully informed consent. “I was only following orders.” was not an acceptable defense in 1947. We will treat informed consent throughout this document as it is a very critical aspect of administration of a vaccine or any drug etc., and we feel it has been breached each time thus far, when these vaccines have been, and continue to be administered. 

We became very troubled by our point-by-point analysis of the Nuremberg code and wish to present it for the reader.

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