War in Middle East: An Israeli Perspective Media Ignores

Westerners from cultures primarily based on Judeo-Christian values have difficulty understanding the mindset of radical terrorists and wanton brutality and intentional murder of innocent civilians because that has not been the rules of engagement in war followed by militaries of America and other Western countries.  This asymmetric warfare as practiced from the days of Genghis Khan onward, and perfected by today’s terrorists and Communist China, exploits the psychological and cultural weaknesses of Western societies who seek peaceful resolution to armed conflicts.  As Americans, and people of civilized countries overseas, we must make an effort to understand the mindset of an enemy who seeks our total submission and our death – our survival is at stake. Our guest today is Rachel Lipsky, a Jewish woman born and raised in Israel who speaks fluent Hebrew, and is the daughter of two parents who miraculously survived the horrors of the Holocaust and German concentration camps.   Rachel is now an American citizen living in the US and working in the field of holistic health. She brings important understandings about what is going on in the Middle East and why this war is very much a fight for Israel’s survival….but not completely for the reasons portrayed in the mainstream media.

Rachel has written a poignant and profound letter to several media personalities in the United States, writing on Israel, and presenting views that Rachel and many Israeli’s who face the terrorist reality daily believe are seriously wrong. This is her letter, she gave permission to publish as part of this Whistleblower Report:

In concluding her letter to these media personalities, Rachel said this:

“…Now that millions of illegals pour into our own America – estimating that many thousands of whom are from Arab / Muslim countries, and it’s alleged that they form terror cells here in the US – all of us may be targets of [these terror attacks by] subhuman beasts.  Did you know that an estimated 90% of mosques in the US are funded and supported by Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas, CAIR and other Jihadist organizations? Their ideology has nothing to do with the Globalists’ agenda. It has everything to do with Islamic political ideology; and, in this case, the Hijra – migrating for the sole purpose of taking over. It has everything to do with deeply embedded Islamic supremacy. 

Now, ever since October 7, Jews in the West are instructed to hide and conceal their identity. Jews are physically attacked at various Ivy League universities and in the streets. Demands to exterminate Jews are now echoed in Europe, in the US and in other parts of the world. 

Quran’s declaration that Allah send Mohammed with the TRUE Religion to RULE over all other religions, has nothing to do with Globalism. It has everything to do with Islam’s supremacist political ideology, which is deep-seated in every born Arab. Ask ex-Muslims, such as Dr. Wafa Sultan, Dr. Tawfik Hamid, Brother Rachid, Son of Hamas, and others who left Islam.  

As the saying goes; first take care of your own domain. If you guys care so much about humanity, as you say you do, why is it that you do not raise your audience’s awareness of the Jihadists’ brutal extermination, killing, slaying, torturing of innocent Christians ALL OVER the world? This is a Religious War – a War that is enforced on non-Muslims (especially Jews and Christians) by Islam’s political ideology.  How about you inviting experts, such as Raymond Ibrahim, to discuss this horrifying topic of Jihadists’ extermination of Christians? Other suggested speakers: Son of Hamas (Mosab Hasan Youssuf), Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, to name a few.  


Related to the IDF responseI would like to repeat the famous statement made by Golda Meir: ‘If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.’ 

I hope I’ve provided you some food for thought, Rachel.

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