Climate Change: The Globalists Playbook and Weapon of Fear to Control Humanity

In this episode of the Whistleblower Report, we bring international experts to discuss the latest weapons of control being used by WEF, WHO, global elites like Soros, Schwab and Bill Gates to create more fear, take oppressive action to end individual freedom and crush dissent in all forms. We see both the 100-year depopulation plan, the 50-year war on free enterprise,and the 25 years of “tabletop” pandemic exercises now closing in all fronts. The “climate change emergency” playbook being used in exactly the same way that the ”COVID playbook” was used to tyrannize the world’s people. In their own words, “Whatever we learned from COVID, we apply to Climate Change,” said Klaus Schwab and Justin Trudeau at a meeting of world leaders in Europe recently, at which the UN “2030 Sustainable Development Goals” were re-emphasized: no private property ownership, no private vehicles, no international air travel, and we all live colder, hungrier lives,with their mandated reductions in food and energy supplies.Our Truth Team discusses what is happening overseas and in America, and steps to help us all stand together against this assault on our lives, families, communities and nations.For more information go to Truth for Health Foundation website to download our Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide, file a Citizens Vaccine Injury Report at ,check our medical and legal resources for help.Access our archive of all our shows at

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Mike Yeadon, PhD immunologist and former Pfizer Chief Scientist world wide for respiratory pharmacology and product development speaks from a thirty-year career in pharmacological research and development, new product development,and as a Bio-tech entrepreneur. He has been a courageous Whistleblower since fall of 2020, warning about the damage to pregnancy development as a result of the spike protein, similarity to a critical placental protein, and lipid nanoparticle damage to the ovaries and testicles. He is also Chief Scientific Advisor for Truth for Health Foundation and an expert witness on damage from the COVID gene therapy injections. His warnings two years ago are clearing being played out in the damage to people we are seeing now. He brings a global perspective to the vaccine injuries, and overall agenda with the COVID shots.Follow Dr. Yeadon on Telegram at his joint channel with architect Robin Monottti

Andrija Klarić: Croatian businessman, radio and TV host, and medical freedom activist who has been digging into the very heart of the fraudulent practices that went on in the manufacturing and distribution supply chainsfor the experimental COVID-19 injections, and has been exposing the failures of the Croatian regulatory body HALMED to exercise due diligence and properly oversee the safety of the SARS-CoV-2 injections in Croatia, as well as expose similar failures on the part of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).Andrija Klarićis the host of “SLOBODNI (which means FREE in Croatian) on Z1 Television which deals with various globally/world important and current topics, in conversation with numerous activists and experts from all over the world.You can follow Andrija’s work on his social media platforms Rumble, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and others at these links:

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