WHO’s One Health: A Death Trap for All Life on the Planet

Despite this government’s push to use mRNA vaccines in foods, there have been zero studies of safety and whether or not these mRNA fragments are then getting into our bodies to cause damage.

All of this is just the beginning of the damage to life and the continued sabotage of our health that has been underway for decades and is projected to dramatically “tighten the screws” on people and all living organisms worldwide if the WHO’s One Health control plan is signed into international law. Again I say, I see NO redeeming value, and only the potential for harm and death, if the World Health Organization succeeds in its power grab for control of all of us through One Health.

Most of you listening know of someone who died during Covid in the hospital, prevented from getting proper treatment. Most of you know of people who have gotten the forced, coerced, mandated, experimental gene therapy Covid shot. And most of you listening have had friends and family members who have either been injured, disabled, and are losing health and quality of life, or have died as a result of this experiment, unleashed on humanity in violation of the Nuremberg code.

We cannot let the World Health Organization take further control than has already been unleashed on us under the Covid last three years of fear-mongering, terrorizing the public, and creating a population around the world who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the tyranny that they have been living under.

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Image: AP

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