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10 Action Steps to Get YOUR Medical Records

Have you or a loved one been a victim of the hospital COVID protocol? Did someone in your family die in a hospital, and the hospital is refusing to release medical records to you? Do hospitals tell you that you don’t have the legal right to obtain someone else’s medical records? Did you have medical complications after the COVID shot and not get answers from your doctors?

Do you want copies of your medical records to see what is said about you and whether it is correct? Would you like to “track” your medical information but don’t have copies of labs and other studies?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! Our medical team hears from people across the country who are blocked from the truth of what happened to a loved one in hospitals using the “COVID death protocol,” and denying family members access to the patient while alive, or to the full medical records after death. Even patients who survive and seek their own records are met with resistance, delays, and incomplete requests.

As a patient, you have the right to your complete medical record from any hospital or other health professional who treats you. If you are the medical power of attorney of a loved one who died in a hospital, you also have the legal right to obtain a copy of all of the medical and billing records for the person who died.

Truth For Health Foundation has assembled a 10 Step Fact Sheet on the process of obtaining records. We encourage you to access it as a free download on our website,, and use our 10 Steps Tool to take ACTION. If you meet roadblocks, contact us! Our COVID Care Strategy team and Legal Advisory Council members are here to assist you, and also direct you to additional resources.

Learn your rights to your medical records. We teach YOU the tools and steps to get your medical records, keep copies under your control at home, and steps to combat the legal and procedural challenges people are experiencing in obtaining medical records when a family member dies in the hospital, and you are seeking answers, and perhaps legal redress.

ALWAYS document your requests in writing, and be sure to request ALL parts of the medical and billing records, including the electronic Medication Administration Record (MAR), that hospitals are not releasing without continued pressure from patient advocates and attorneys.

You need to be a proactive, empowered patient to fight back against medical tyranny abusing YOUR medical freedom and your human and civil rights secured by law.

Join our crusade for Medical Freedom. Work with us to expose the truth and hold hospitals accountable for their actions causing injury and death.

For more information, go to Truth for Health Foundation website Download our Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide, file a Citizens Vaccine Injury Report, check our medical and legal resources for help, sign up for newsletter alerts and join in the fight for medical freedom on all fronts.

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