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Researchers creating more deadly COVID strain

We heard throughout the entire COVID 19 pandemic that reasonable people must follow the science. Yet, the science that was repeatedly followed was political science as dissenting science was censored. Now scientists at Boston University, and supported by Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Layola University, and University of Wisconsin, among others, have collaborated on developing a strain of COVID, called Omicron S, that is five times more infectious than Omicron and is vaccine resistant. In fact, the human-developed Omicron S had an 80-100% kill rate in mice used for experiments. This raises ethical questions about why do we need to invent more deadly diseases and risk their escape into mass society.

The scientists noted in their research paper how fast Omicron spreads and the number of variants evolved, exhibiting “a remarkable escape from infection- and vaccine-induced humoral immunity.” The less pathogenic variants develop or mutate from changes in the “S protein,” causing the scientists to study the S protein with the idea that it is at the “heart of Omicron’s pathogenic and antigenic behavior.” The report states: “To test the role of the S protein in Omicron phenotype, we generated a chimeric recombinant virus containing the S gen of Omicron (USA-iho1/2021) in the backbone of an ancestral SARS-CoV-s isolate. To produce this chimeric Omi-S virus, we employed a modified form…that yielded high concentrated virus stocks…” In other words, a gain of function, a weaponization of Omicron.

Their gain of function virus, Omicron S, spread much faster than the original Omicron—at a rate of 80% infected cells in 24 hours compare with Omicron at 48%. Omicron S produced over five times (5.1-5.5-fold) more infectious particles than Omicron with Omicron S virus titers 11-17-fold higher than Omicron. As if that wasn’t enough, the scientists reported: “We next expanded our studies to lung epithelial cells, which are a major viral replication site in patients with severe COVID 19. They also “leveraged the situation to compare the animal survival after viral infection.” The report said, “This (Omicron S) produced mortality rates of 100%…In contrast, all animals infected with Omicron survived.” The 38-page report concluded with thanking various scientists for providing virus cells and other contributions.

In reading through this study, one may be compelled to ask “What in hell?” We just went through a pandemic that killed millions because of an experiment of a deadly virus getting into the public. Now we see scientists making an even more deadly strain and proudly writing about it. Forgive my ignorance on this clandestine industry of science, but common sense and morals would inform us that what these researchers did should be illegal. How do we trust them and their ethics? It reminds me of King Achish’s response to David acting crazy in I Samuel 21:15, “Am I in need of madmen, that you have brought this man to rave in my presence? Must this man come into my house?” Are we in such need of pestilences that we pay “scientists” to bring them to our houses? Oh, by the way, Dr. Fauci’s NIH helped fund them.

Read the study here:

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