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Faith Over Fear – 7.7.2022

TOPIC: The Blessed Hope! Biblical Messages for Today’s Chaotic World

TOPIC: The Blessed Hope! Biblical Messages for Today’s Chaotic World

How does the Bible prepare us for what is happening and how can this strengthen our faith and help us find our own resilience—mentally, physically, spiritually—in the face adversity? What is the Doctrine of the Rapture? When and by whom was it first revealed? To whom was it first revealed and why is this important for us today? Why is this a “controversial” doctrine? at Is the Doctrine of the Rapture relevant for us? Come join us for a thought-provoking, and we think hope-filled, discussion around these important scriptures. We cannot truly be healthy unless we address the spiritual wounds that also cause dis-ease, distress and despair.

This week’s Speakers: Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. Preventive and Climacteric Integrative Medicine physician and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, AND Nicole Landers, RN, BSN, Legal Nurse Consultant and a surprise guest teacher joining us by video.

Dr. Vliet has been a powerful voice throughout her long career in medicine teaching about the integration of faith and health so overlooked in today’s protocol-driven fragmented medical care forsaken that has forsaken the ancient traditional of healing Jesus himself taught and also espoused in the Old Testament Hebrew teachings as well as the teachings of Hippocrates in ancient Greece. Nicole Landers has been a student of Biblical prophecy and it’s relevance for today’s world since she was a child under her grandfather’s tutelage and continues this Biblical approach with her approach to healthcare.

The first hour presentation will be followed by Live Q&A for participants to ask questions. Recording will then be archived on for replay of all our past seminars.

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