Dr. Vliet and Attorney Todd Callender expose the massive cover up by Big Pharma, FDA, NIAID, and CDC of the data showing the brain damage that is occurring with these experimental covert shots and the science showing how that occurs, which was known prior to the release of the experimental COVID “vaccines.” Attorney Callender explains the patents and data analysis this show the mechanisms for why there is so much brain damage after the Covid shots that contributes to apathy, lack of motivation, difficulty with focus and concentration as well as memory and complex thinking skills. Dr. Vliet describes the reasons for the clinical phenomena of brain damage that include “brain fog,” slowed thinking, emotional volatility with mood swings, increasing irritability, anger outbursts, lack of patience, depression and anxiety. All of these phenomena can be explained on the basis of brain injury due to MRna and DNA gene therapy shots having a lipid nanoparticle coating (PEG) that drives these experimental agents across the blood-brain barrier into the brain and central nervous system – something never seen with traditional vaccines. Brain inflammation from the spike proteins the shots trigger the body to make, plus the damage from the PEG-containing lipid nanoparticles, and the formation of micro blood clots all add up to “the perfect storm” of progressive brain damage. The scientific articles provided by Attorney Callender show the basis for this massive damage, that was well known to the developers of the experimental shots long before they were released on the world in a massive human experiment.

Dr. Vliet & Todd Calander featuring Dr. Martin on COVID Vax Brain Damage
File:Frontal Lobe injury.jpeg

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