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How to File A Criminal Complaint

From Dr. Vliet, President and CEO Truth for Health Foundation:

The following sample document has been created as a public service guide that can be adapted to each state.  It is meant to be used by private citizens who wish to pursue such action as allowed by law and described in this document. One does not need an attorney to file a complaint with your state Attorney General, as outlined.

The explanation, and directions for modification to your particular need and state of residence has been prepared by a team of international military and civil rights attorneys with Disabled Rights Advocates. This Denver, CO based firm has  attorneys specializing in Civil Rights, Employment Law, Military Law, and Covid-19 Mandates.  For more information on their services, or to submit a request for a legal case to be considered, go to

How to File A Criminal Complaint

Each state or jurisdiction will have its own Rules of Criminal Procedure that outline the methodology for filing this Complaint. This is a model form Criminal Complaint, and it is free and available for use by anyone in any jurisdiction. It can be used as the basis for crafting your own Private Criminal Complaint. The legal requirements for filing such a Complaint in any state or local jurisdiction are all included in this form. It is designed to fulfill the broadest requirements based upon the legal concept of Universal Jurisdiction. 1 The factual assertions and supporting exhibits are intended to establish Probable Cause to believe the Defendants have and are committing, including conspiracy to commit, Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity as defined in the Complaint. Universal Jurisdiction allows for the filing of this Complaint in any law enforcement agency with powers to investigate and prosecute felonies, including but not limited to police departments, sheriff’s offices, district attorney’s offices, State Attorney General’s offices, State Bureaus of Investigation, federal law enforcement with broad prosecutorial powers (such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation) or even local courts and county clerks’ offices.2 Each state will have its own rules.3 Even if the local office or agency you choose to file with does not understand the concept of Universal Jurisdiction, it is your right to bring such a Complaint as a citizen and/or resident of your particular jurisdiction.4 You can use the information contained in these instructions and the form Complaint to inform your local office or agency.

Some jurisdictions may charge a small filing fee for you to do so and it is your obligation to pay it if you are interested in initiating an investigation and prosecution of these claims.

Once downloaded, fill in the empty spaces in the form Criminal Complaint with your personal information as well as your state and/or local jurisdiction specific information. These items are all highlighted in yellow for ease. Be sure to remove the yellow highlighting after you finish filling in the form and before printing it off.


Each and every person in every jurisdiction has standing to bring these claims based upon the nature of the crimes alleged. You have already been damaged by the Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity if you have experienced any of the following: (1) you have been exposed to the COVID-19 Virus; (2) you have been coerced into taking a Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”) test; (3) you have been coerced into taking a COVID-19 experimental gene therapy shot (“COVID-19 Vaccine”), and/or; (4) you have been in close proximity to someone who has been inoculated with any of the four Western manufactured (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson or Astra Zeneca) “COVID-19 vaccines” and you have standing. If you are asked by the receiving party whether you have been personally injured, then your answer, based upon the foregoing reasons, should be “yes.” You will see that each of the foregoing acts of causation (injury) are included in the Complaint. There may also be civil remedies for your damages; although the criminal justice system is not the place to address those.

You may also be asked to swear to the facts contained in the Complaint, and it is your obligation to research the facts and evidence provided to determine for yourself whether or not these facts and allegations are true. If you
reasonably believe them to be true and accurate, based upon your own experiences, knowledge and learned information from the Complaint, and you believe Probable Cause5 exists to warrant an investigation into these
allegations; then you have the standing and good faith belief necessary to make such an attestation.

If you encounter a reluctant recipient of the Complaint, then we suggest you record the name, position/title, location and forum of such person and the interaction with said person, so long as they are aware you are recording, to keep as potential evidence of Conspiracy in furtherance of the crimes being committed. Please keep, store and share such evidence with your local attorney, who will be able to guide you accordingly.


Once the case is filed, you should receive a document number that should be printed on the Complaint itself and kept with a copy of the Complaint and receipt you receive after filing it. It is your prerogative to call the receiving
agency for follow-up discussions and case progress reports. You may also be called as a witness or as a victim of the crimes alleged and it will be your obligation to appear and give evidence as requested. Some Complainants have filed the original with their local sheriff, then requested a copy of the entire document INCLUDING the stamp and case number. Copies were then made of that copy and mailed by certified or registered mail to the other officials listed at the top of the cover letter requesting a joint investigation be launched between the sheriff and our other officials.


If you have any question or concerns, including procedural steps, please check the comments section of the website ( for further guidance. Your local attorney should also be helpful, and if you do not have local legal counsel, there are pro bono (free) legal services provided in most every county in the United States along with pro bono clinics in local Law Schools, who can also provide you guidance. By the sheer volume of injured persons making complaints, it is unlikely any representative from will be able to address your specific concerns; although we commit to provide ongoing guidance through the Comments section of the website. Congratulations and good luck in your personal effort to stop these crimes and serve your fellow humans. It will take thousands of people in every corner of the World to stop these people who are determined to commit mass murder and injury. Please share and encourage friends and family to do the same.




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