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    1. My Father in law is in Enloe hospital in Chico California in the covid section and they wont let family see him. What can we do?

  1. Pertaining to preventative treatment, should Quercetin be taken daily? I am taking zinc, vit D, vit C, low dose aspirin–but not is high doses.

    1. My cousin is C-19 positive. Also High risk and recommended Monoclonal Antibody Infusion at Baylor Scott and White in Temple. Is it safe to continue this treatment and free of any of the harmful ingredients that appear in the mRNA jabs and C-19 J&J injection?

    2. My daughter has been forced to take the vaccine to keep her job. Are there any measures she can take to help reduce the damage that will be done to her body?

      1. The same principles and medications we use in early treatment of COVID are also useful in mitigating damage from the experiemental COVID shots, since the mechanism of injury (spike proteins in the body) is the same for both natural infection and the “jab”

  2. Can Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin be used to treat COVID during a pregnancy? We have Ivermectin just in case an issue arises but with the pregnancy we have concerns. Thank you for helping all of us that are loosing our jobs and having extreme difficulty finding a doctor we trust.

    1. Please listen to Dr. Blumrick’s presentation in our August 19 Press Conference (link on home page of website). He is a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist treating high risk pregnant women, and talks about HCQ safety in pregnancy, which has been known worldwide for decades.

  3. Is it possible to get a prescription for Ivermectin? I have seen “over the counter” companies, but they are very expensive and I am concerned about where the Ivermectin might be produced (as in NOT China)? I am not in need physically, just though it might be wise to use as a prophylactic – considering age (69) and flu season coming up. Thanks so much!

  4. Will taking Ivermictin or HCQ help with prevention of Covid-19. Some physicans say it does not work that well and recomennd monconal antibodies if exposed to a positive case. I am a healthcare worker who won’t take the jab and have done alot of reseach on this topic. I have spoken with physcians and some state that HCQ and Ivermecin do not work that well, recommends the antiboties ASAP after an exposure.

  5. Hello
    I have accepted a position to begin employment as a federal CIVILIAN employee for the Air Force in Texas with an estimated start date next month of 10/12.
    It’s my assumption it’s better to involve an attorney before submitting my exemption request.
    First – I’m not certain if I’ll need assistance of an attorney to submit my request.
    My question: should I begin writing my letter now using a suggested ‘approved’ letter template?
    Lastly – do you suggested a series of recommended steps such as; write the letter, consult an attorney, then submit the letter to the military’s legal (JAG) department?
    Thanks SO much for offering this service for me and everyone else.

    1. I think the AirForce requires everyone vaccinated NLT December timeframe but you should double-check. Ask your Personelist Shop or the HRO even though you are a contractor. If AirForce’s process is similar to the Army’s, ya’ll should have templates and a process in place for exemption requests (i.e., a template exemption packet and process flowchart). For example, there are only 2 exemption paths for the Army (medical and religious). Once your provider writes a formal letter to exempt temporarily or permanently, you submit your packet up the chain/to the Surgeon General for final approval. If approved great, if denied get the shot or refuse and be discharged. You are a contractor so under slightly different rules but still in the fold of the total force. Also, it may be the case that you just need to provide your vaccination status. They should tell you all of this before or while you onboard.

    2. *CORRECTION – GS/WG/Fed employee…not Contractor…same difference (not really I know–I’ve been a GS employee before too) but same boat in this situation.

  6. During the lockdown my husband went to Amita for diabetes problems they refused to let me speak to or see him. After the 6 day he finally called me to tell me he was confined in a Posey restraint bed for 6 days even after he was stabilized the first night. This is illegal I worked for a Doctor. I had to call the Police to get him out. He has never been the same since. The damage is done.

  7. After success with covid and Frontline Dr Stella, I sometimes have redness above or below my eyes. Slightly itches. It comes and goes now for two months. Is this skin disorder common after covid?

  8. I did not know what a POSEY BED was so I went to Amita Hinsdale I have low BP and had fainted. I refused drugs they gave them anyway Ativan. When I refused further testing, they put me in a Posey restraint bed. They did an EKG, and I Heard whoops her husband is coming, he is here

  9. My Mom is elderly and took 2 Moderna injections. She is having health problems and the Doctor’s I have spoken with in WA don’t want to hear about vax concerns. Is there an aware Doctor in WA preferably the Federal Way area that I can contact? I am disabled and can’t find someone I can trust. My Mom has Medicare and I have Medicaid; any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you and bless you all.

  10. I believe my 23 year old unvaccinated daughter may have covid. Are the BINAXNOW home test worthwhile? I purchased several tests from Sam’s Club. I have to pick up. She is not in very bad shape…2nd day. Taking Quercetin, zinc, Vitamin D3 and C. Xlear nasal. Betadine gargle. Should I concern myself with obtaining ivermectin for her?

  11. I think it would be wise to have a plan in place should my husband or I fall ill with COVID-19. I have lost trust in the hospital system. What do you recommend should I become sick enough to need to go to a hospital. I live in Prescott AZ. I’ve already told my husband a hard NO to ventilator and Remidisvir (sp). What else do you recommend? Give me a list please. Ps. Im unvaccinated and have not ever done a PCR TEST. Only done 1 home test for COVID.

  12. Vaccine mandate medical exemptions for military members requires a provider’s statement on their official letterhead (no rx notepad notes) for either temporary exemption or permanent exemption. I have experienced observable adverse effects to the 1st dose of Moderna; have reported these in VAERS, and have seen my “feelings” validated by my Whoop data. I am afraid doctors wont believe me/will not write me up a letter to permanently exempt me from getting the 2nd dose. Please help. I’m scheduled for the 2nd dose soon and if I wait too long, then I must restart the sequence.

  13. I’m needing direction in verifying “no published animal studies” pertaining to the COVID injections. I am aware of preclinical studies by each pharmaceutical manufacturer. I am being harrassed by my medical director in given informed consent to patients regarding the cons of the injections and may be brought before the medical staff.

  14. Dr McCullough recently said (McCullough Report Q&A part 4) that one cannot spread Covid during presymptomatic phase, before fever and nasal congestion start, usually around day 3-4 after infection. I can find no studies backing this up. In fact, I find the opposite. Can you point me where to go? As unvax’d I am very concerned about being around other vaccinated spreaders.

  15. I attempted to contact some of the telemedicine providers and my impression is that the ones I contacted are quacks of shady character, and that they are in it for the quick buck.

    This is a warning for the wary!

    I asked one of these peddlers (who also sells ivermectin at over $300 a clip) who their drug manufacturer(s) is/are and if the pills they sell have the alphanumeric code imprinted on them, needless to say I received NO response.

    This is the time when I will contact the medical board in their state and request the charlatan to be investigated and shut down. Please note that of late, it has become apparent that the behavior of medical boards (e.g. Oregon) is contemptible, but I have learned that the best way to deal with a crook is to have a crook handle a crook, they know each other devious ways.

  16. I watched your Medical Tyranny conference last night. Horrifying, but so thankful you are all on top of this.

    A dear friend of mine is in ICU (been in hospital for 2 weeks now) on high flow oxygen and spouse is not allowed to visit even though COVID recovered. What steps can be taken to allow the spouse, legally, to visit!?

    1. When hospitals are refusing patient patient rights, it is urgent to hire an aggressive attorney to go after legal recourse. That is how many families are winning this battle against the medical tyranny. Also check the legal resources on our website. File complaints through your State Attorney General’s office, file complaints with state regulatory boards overseeing hospitals licenses, and contact your local radio stations to report the abuse and shine light on this monstrous assault on medical freedom!
      Dr. Vliet

  17. I have a question about my brother in law who was vaccinated, but got COVID anyway. He received monoclonal antibodies and recovered and has just tested tested negative for COVID. However, he has residual phlegm and coughing fits..going on for two weeks post last negative test. What can he do to decrease the coughing and reduce the phlegm? Any recommendations or OTC drugs he can take? Thank you.

  18. I’m 66 with pre diabetes, HBP. Husband is 64 with dxd complex regional pain syndrome X 11 years. We won’t take the vaccine despite pressure from our adult children. I’ve prepared as much as possible for a potential covid event in my husband & me. I’ve studied extensively the at-home, out-patient & in-patient protocols from FLCCC & TFH. I know all about the horse paste Ivermectin; and about Ivermectin’s successful usage. I real-time followed the scary Sunday night drama regarding Veronica (The Bridge) & her death in the early hours of Sept 13. I’ve read of similar Veronica cases since Veronica’s death. My husband & I are extremely afraid of hospitals & doctors to include our own PCP. I’ve made a covid kit for my husband & me. I got the Ivermectin & NZ from an online seller from India. I’ve received the meds & they appear legit. Package labeling looks appropriate. I’ve taken one dose of 18 mg of the Ivermectin from India. I have pending root canal procedure & I want to try to avoid getting covid during the dental procedures. I can’t believe the terrible suspicion I have of the medical community that I once trusted & never doubted. QUESTION: 1) Should I question the authenticity of the meds from India (Ivermectin & NZ) ? 2) Are there easy cut-and-dry methods for obtaining appropriate life saving meds without jumping through endless hoops? I’ve tried the Front Line doctors method for getting appropriate meds and failed with those attempts.
    Thank You, Katherine

    1. We’ve used the Indian pharmacies for years for many of the same reasons you expressed. I would almost be more suspicious of domestic sources of RX than those in India who supply most of the world.

  19. Can’t find an answer anywhere for this question. Can one after covid and pneumonia take HCQ for future prevention or arthritis? Same with ivermectin. Submitted the question 2x with no response. I’m sure many others are also looking for the answer.

  20. I had a physician refuse to treat me unless I revealed whether I had taken the Covid vaccine. He said he wouldn’t refuse treatment if I had not taken it, only if I would not reveal it to him. He also forced me to wear a mask against my will,( I have had Covid). He screamed at me and ran out of the room telling me to leave if I wouldn’t put a mask on. Was he in violation of the law constitutional, or otherwise for this refusal? He was very verbally abusive. I felt my body and privacy were violated. If it’s worth it, I will pursue legally. It was a sad day for me. I basically felt “raped”.

    Thank you.

  21. Would Psoriatic Arthritis/autoimmune disease be considered a good excuse for a medical exemption not to get vaxxed? I heard there were no vax trials on this group. Either way, wouldn’t a Covid vax possibly increase the already inflammation of autoimmunity?

  22. I’m not sure if you’ve addressed topic of worldwide Covid or not. It seems that there is worldwide support for vaccination.

    This fact causes me confusion because it takes the issue from deception of and by local and National “leaders” to a broader topic not yet considered. Why is there a worldwide push for vaccines that are not proven to be efficacious, or safe?

    Do you have thoughts and research that you can recommend to broaden focus and understanding of this issue?

  23. I just received notice that my Cologuard test came back positive and now scheduled for a Colonoscopy. My concern is that a year ago I had surgery and they informed afterwards that they gave me a Pneumonia vaccination, without my consent. I have not and do not want the COVID Vax and am fearful they will vaccinate me WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I do not know how to proceed. The positive colon test concerns me and understand followup is appropriate, but do not trust any hospital here in Michigan to follow my wishes. Please advise….any help would be appreciated. God bless you all!

    1. Yes, that is happening in many hospitals now. You MUST deek legal advice and get a letter from attorney to put in your chart at the hospital specifying that you do not want a particular treatment. Write in large letters on the Consent for Treatment form you have to sign NO COVID VACCINE. You should read the consent form carefully and cross out ANY STATEMENT that gives permission for anything you do not want.

  24. I am a 54 year old woman who is in great health aside from hypothyroidism. I had a fairly bad case of Covid back in January 2021. At that time I had a severe headache, a temperature of 103, a blood oxygen rate of 89-90, with a relentless dry cough. On day 4 of the illness, I woke up in the middle of the night with a literal mouth full of blood. I was afraid to go to the hospital because I live in NYC and having studied Public Health, I was well aware that the protocols they were using were killing people.

    Luckily, I got better, possibly due to my use of vitamin D, zinc and quercatin. However, even at this point, 8 months later, I struggle to keep my blood oxygen level above 94. Sometimes it will drop to 91. It has never been lower than 99. Getting treatment in this city is not practical, as all they want is to vaccinate me and take a treadmill stress test with a face mask on. I refuse. Should I be seeking budesonide of something similar to improve my blood oxygen rate? I have never had any heart problems in the past.

  25. Are the co-morbidities (obesity, hypertension, sleep apnea, age >65, etc.) that U.S. public health officials consider key when recommending taking the COVID shot, also conditions that put an individual at greater risk FROM the shot? If so, can these co-morbidities also be used as a legitimate rationale for an exemption from the mandated shot due to the possibility of increased harm?

    1. Most definitely these same co-morbidities increase risk of adverse reactions with the COVID shot. They SHOULD be a legitimate reason for a medical exemption, but sadly many employers are not accepting these reasons. It often takes LEGAL action to enforce patient right to refuse any medical treatment, especially one that is still experimental/investigational and NOT fully FDA-approved (as they falsely claim).

  26. Is it possible to receive HCQ or Ivermectin in N.Ireland or can I order some from The USA and have it sent


  27. I live in Connecticut work in Department of corrections. Thus far they are allowing us to test without getting the vaccine. I am dead against the vaccine as more and more information leaks out. I have already had covid. I would like to line up getting a good lawyer. I think it is only a matter of time before they become mandatory. Is there any lawyer in Connecticut you would recommend? Additionally I do not believe in the vaccine due to abortion issue. Our bishop has said they will not sign off on an exemption due to Pope Francis stand of doing the right thing for our fellow man and their protection. Any recommendations on how I can get around this?

  28. I have Ivermectin 3 mg (total of 20 tablets) I need to know the correct dose you take if you have covid. 135 lbs.

  29. I’ve been exposed to Covid and I am already feeling a cough – is there a doctor who will prescribe ivermectin?

  30. How can I find a doctor in my area who will use Dr McCullough’s protocol and be able to treat me in hospital with it? That’s what all my friends are asking. I live in the St. Louis, St. Charles, MO area.

  31. My husband was hospitalized for COVID and was on high doses of oxygen, they also treated him with Remdesivir for 5 days. I’ve heard that this medicine can cause problems with the kidneys and other organs. After he got home from the hospital his legs and feet got very swollen and he is in a lot of pain. Is there a way to reverse the effects of Remdesivir?

  32. A group of doctors is treating covid and covid shot rxn is seeking to join any clinical discussion group you have.
    Who is organizing data from covid shot rxn? how many have elevated markers eg d-dimer, troponin, anti-TPO, … new cancers and recurrence of those in remission, abscesses, effusions, … ? Thank you for all you do

  33. Hello, my wife and are both sick, me for two weeks, her for 10 days. We both have pneumonia in both lungs, we have not taken the covid test, but we have all the signs. and have been taking a mix of all natural remedies antibiotics, and steroid inhaler. My O2 sat seems to sit around 93 most often, and family is saying to get to the hospital, Please let us know how we can get started on your protocol. My wife was badly mistreated at a local hospital, and we’re not interested. Please reach out to me, we’re desperate.

  34. Dr. McCullough wrote about these Five Truths About COVID-19:
    1. COVID-19 is not spread asymptomatically
    2. Asymptomatic people should not get tested
    3. Natural immunity is robust, complete and durable
    4. COVID-10, no matter what variant, is easily treatable at home
    5. Current COVID-19 vaccines are obsolete and should be considered unfit for human use

    I’m sure there are sources to back this up, but until we all see them neatly integrated with these “truths” it’s hard to make an argument for their veracity. Can someone please included the sources for each truth. Thank you!

  35. Why is natural immunity not considered a medical exemption and jab still forced? How does one go about getting exemption for employment purposes when your physician will not take natural immunity under consideration, and your employer is not taking natural immunity as a medical exception. Any legal and medical advice is welcomed.

  36. My wife and I have HCQ at home for early treatment in case of infection. If one of us gets Covid should the other one also take HCQ?

  37. I understand early treatment is covid and therefore one should not wait until Covid test results come back. If we have cold or flu symptoms should assume it is COVID we start HCQ?

    1. Check the Viral Screening Questionnaire in our COVID EARLY TREATMENT GUIDE on our website. It is what many of us physicians use to make a clinical diagnosis, since PCR tests notoriously unreliable. If someone is high risk (see medical conditions listed on screening questionnaire), most of us physicians treating COVID patients will treat early and not wait to see if patient gets worse when it is more difficult to treat. As in all medical situations, the patient and physician should be making the decision together on clinical grounds and risk.

  38. In January 2021, Dr. Bingfang Yan, a pharmaceutical scientist at the University of Cincinnati published a short article in the journal, Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology which demonstrated that the antiviral drug Remdesivir (Veklury)–which is routinely used to treat COVID-19– irreversibly inhibits the enzyme Carboxylesterase-2, which is used to metabolize many common medications, including blood thinners–which are routinely used to treat COVID-19.

    My wife has been in the hospital for 45 days and was treated with Remdesivir. She had some complications from it. She has also been treated with blood thinners and will be on them for many months to come to treat a large clot in her leg related to a long-term stay on ECMO. I would like to understand the implications of Yan’s research for the drugs and treatment my wife is currently receiving. I would also like to know what drugs are likely to be affected that she may take in the future as she ages, such as cardiac and anti-cancer drugs. Dr. Yan indicates in a different popular article about his research that several such medications are affected by the inhibition of CES-2, but did not say which ones.

    My wife was also 35 weeks pregnant at the time of her treatment with Remdesivir. I would like to understand whether this drug would have affected my baby, including whether it would have disabled CES-2 in my baby.

    Is there a way that my wife can be tested while in the hospital for active CES-2? I think the relevant question would be not just whether CES-2 is present, but whether any present CES-2 is active and functional, vs. disabled.

    Thank you very much for any guidance you can provide, including other contacts or references. If you reply to my email, I will send you the two short articles I read, each only 2 pages in length. Thank you for your heroic work in response to this crisis.

  39. We have a friend who did not say anything to anyone about being sick, for over 10 days! She is now in hospital, and has no family to support her wishes not to take Remdesivir and not to get on a ventilator. It doesn’t appear that she has a medical POA. Many of us are going in mass to make a statement outside hospital, but is there anything we can do now to get her out?? I know this is very late in the game, but I had to at least ask. The hospital is in Charlotte, NC.

  40. Currently I have to get the PCR test twice a week under the religious exemption (pending approval). Can you guide me to facts regarding eh PCR test ingredients and risks to health?

  41. On WPN Prayer Call 71, Dr. Peter McCullough said that COVID-19 antibodies prevent reinfection. What is the best antibody test and where can that test be administered?
    My daughter had COVID-19 in July and attends a college that requires the vaccination or weekly testing. She is cleared from testing for 3 months due to her previous infection and proof of her positive PCR test. Wondering if Dr. McCullough’s data will help prevent her from weekly testing or is there a legal form to complete that would wave this mandate? Why isn’t the CDC putting out similar information?

  42. My husband works for USDA and is under the Federal mandate. We also all had the virus in January so we have immunity. Unfortunately, at this time that is not being taken into consideration as an exemption, although I know of several pending lawsuits that are trying to fight for that. I am going to see if he can get an extension to the mandate dates until these cases are decided, but you never know if that will work or not. My husband does NOT want to take a shot, but he also said that he isn’t going to lose his job over this. So, I am trying to find out which shot could possibly be less dangerous. My thoughts are J&J is only one jab, so maybe that one would be the least likely to adversely affect him. Is there any info that you could give me to help us make our decision on this if we are faced with this.

  43. I read through all the questions and answers but still haven’t seen an answer as to where we can get legitimate ivermectin. Do you have any resources?

    1. Ivermectin is available as FDA-approved 3 mg tablets from commercial pharmacies based on a physician’s prescription for a given patient – but there is more difficulty with the corporate “big box” chain pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens that are interfering with physician-patient rights for off-label use of approved medications. We have more success with independent commercial pharmacies and compounding pharmacies, such as AMEX Pharmacy in Melbourne FL

  44. I have not heard this addressed anywhere in any nuanced way, not that I can find through searching the internet:

    Why is viral shedding of the spike protein from the mRNA “vaccinated” people such an issue for the healthy un-mRNA-vaccinated people’s immune system? (Reported menstrual irregularities, etc)

    It would seem our immune system could handle an incomplete/simple spike protein introduced through normal means. That introduction is not like the injection that slips the mRNA into the cells using the lipids- to produce trillions of spike proteins; in the case of shedding from the vaccinated- the unvaccinated’s body is only fighting however many proteins get in through normal means (contact, airborne, etc).
    Yet there are so many reports of this being an issue, it DOES seem to be one. (Not to mention Pfizer’s caution about shedding during early testing)

    Do you think it is likely that the engineered unnatural aspect (of the shed mRNA instructed protein) alone could be the cause of these second-hand symptoms, or based on your knowledge of how all that works, is it more likely the protein is/was designed to be resistant to natural immunity? I know that’s a terrible question to consider. And I know that no one (on earth) knows for sure, unless the mRNA vaccine designers did intentionally make it resistant, of course they would know.

    Or do you see the danger of such viral shedding from the vaccinated as minimal and the reports insignificant or coincidental?

    I know your opinion will not be based on studies and is thus unsure. But it would be good to know how to plan for best practices for small group gatherings going forward.

    Primarily, regardless of the reasons for their structure or level of resistance to second-hand immune responses, I am wondering if you think that vaccinated people shedding these semi-artificial proteins is a significant danger to those around them?

  45. I have received my Religous Exemption at work, but they are requiring covid test being done weekly. I’ve had covid, if I prove that I have antibodies, what can I do to not have covid test done weekly?

  46. Our daughter is pregnant with Twins and it is a high risk pregnancy that may require her to be hospitalized until delivery. She has been under pressure to get “vaccinated” by some of the attending physicians, and does NOT want to be “vaccinated” or have her twins vaccinated. What are her rights to refuse this, and can the hospital refuse to treat her and her twins for rejecting their “advice”?

    1. It is EVERY PATIENT’S RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT, especially ones that are still investigational/experimental and not FDA-approved, such as ALL of the COVID “vaccines” available in the USA. Please see our entire Press Conference with international experts (August 19 – link on home page of website) about the serious risks of these experimental COVID shots to pregnant women and their babies in the womb. It is urgent to review this information to make an informed decision. Given the high miscarriage rate and risks to the developing babies, the maternal fetal medicine specialist in our Press conference does not recommend use of these COVID shots in pregnancy. If the current hospital refuses to treat her when she is exercising her fundamental right to refuse an experimental treatment, she also has the right to choose a different facility and medical team. We cannot tell you what to do, but we do feel a duty to make medically sound risk information available to the public so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you and your situation.

  47. My husband got Covid December 2020. He was diabetic but controlled and he still worked every day he. Was 74. Went into the hospital and at that time he was given Remdesiver along with many other drugs. We now find out that Remdesiver causes multi organ shut down to an already vulnerable person. He was getting better with the pneumonia and then all of a sudden his kidneys stopped working and then from there it all went south! This was Faucis protical at the time I kn ow this killed many people

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