Faith Over Fear – 03.26.24 – Biblical Perspective on AI and Transhumanism

MARCH 26: Biblical Perspective on AI and Transhumanism with Major Mike Gary and Dr. Steven J. Smith 

Dr. Steven J. Smith provides an overview of just how close we are to a transhuman society. While many in the churches are finally tackling the evil transgenderism agenda, the bio-engineering/transhumanism agenda has quietly contaminated all walks of life. Steve will demonstrate how AI is making the leap to transhumanism too simple and convenient for people to resist. His biggest concern is that AI and transhumanism are Satan’s tools for destroying man’s ability to commune with our Creator and develop a relationship with God and Christ for our salvation.


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Major Mike Gary provides scriptural balance and solutions to Steve’s alarming transhuman plans underway. Major Gary also shares the powerful scriptural warnings given to God’s people about not corrupting our bodies/temples. From his military career expertise in Chemical and Biological weapons, Major Gary’s passion has been to warn the public about the dangers that are coming from evil scientists experimenting with the mixing of biology and technology, designing more and more lethal bioweapons that alter God’s design of our human genome to intentionally cause disability and death. Together, Dr, Smith and MAJ Gary warn of this accelerating force that seeks to meld man with machine (Artificial Intelligence) and genetically modify humanity and all life on the planet.

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