Slaughter of Innocents: Israel Now, Is America Next?

:Innocent civilians –women, babies, children, teenagers and the elderly in Israel were brutally and barbarically slaughtered on the Jewish Sabbath October 7, 2023 in the attack by Hamas on the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Sabbath terrorist attack that also occurred on the Sabbath and religious holiday Sukot, or the Feast of Tabernacles, when Christians and Jews celebrate the connection between God and his people, making the terrorist attack even more symbolic of the massive battle between the forces of good and evil.  Biden’s Department of Defense abandoned in Afghanistan over 85 BILLION dollars of highly sophisticated state of the art US. Military equipment which is now appearing as weapons used in this attack on Israeli citizens.

Just prior to this attack in an ostensible “prisoner swap,” the Biden Administration sent 6 billion dollars to Iran, state sponsor of terrorist and leading supplier of funds and equipment to Hamas, and also released millions of dollars to the Palestinian authority. Biden’s payment to Iran now is in addition to the millions of dollars sent to Iran and Palestine during the Obama administration.  Earlier this year, in February, Secretary of State Blinken bragged the Biden administration had resumed massive financial aid to the PLA cancelled by President Trump, and had also transferred $1 billion, in spite of Palestinian authorities braggin that they would continue to pay financial “bounties” to the families of those killed while conducting terrorists attacks against Israel.

It is clear that this barbaric attack on Israel, facilitated by funding and weapons provided by the United States under the Biden administration has been the worst attack on civilians since the Holocaust in World War Two. It is being called Israel’s 9-11, But based on population size the death toll in Israel is proportionately far greater than 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington DC.

In America we face an exploding risk of a similar attack on our civilians with the flood of illegals, predominantly military aged males, who crossing our border daily facilitated by the Biden Administration Department of Homeland Security that is no longer doing the job to protect the sovereignty of America and the safety of our citizens. America, the Hamas and other terrorist groups are already here, dispersed throughout our nation and on the verge of attacks such as we just saw in Israel.  It is a very chilling and dangerous situation we face, when our own government is not enforcing the security of our borders.

Our guest expert on today’s show is Edward Haugland, a retired federal Senior Executive and US Air Force veteran. Ed had over four decades of service, including service as senior leader in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and State Department.  He served as the senior advisor to several IC agency heads, the Assistant Inspector General for Inspections for the Intelligence Community, the Chairman of CIA’s strategic planning, a Deputy team leader for the INF On-site nuclear arms inspections in the former Soviet Union, and an award-winning CIA intelligence analyst.

Ed Haugland’s more than 40 years of top level intelligence and military experience provides a depth of analysis and practical solutions to “the” existential threat to world freedom that he outlines in his critically important book: The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We can Win, available on Amazon.

For additional resources and background:

“A 50th Anniversary War” by Victor Davis Hanson: Why did Hamas stage a long-planned, carefully executed and multifaceted attack on Israeli towns, soldiers, and civilians—one designed to instill terror by executing noncombatants, taking hostages, and desecrating the bodies of the dead?  And how were the killers able to enter Israeli proper in enough numbers to kill what could be hundreds and perhaps eventually wound what could be thousands?  READ the rest of this article here:

“They Kill, While Our Government Tweets and Deletes…”  by victor Davis Hanson

Israel’s Intelligence Failure is a Warning for America’s Politicized Agencies By Glenn H. Reynolds Oct. 9, 2023

Excerpts from Posts by General Michael Flynn on X:

October 7: “The world is on fire because we have a rudderless foreign policy led by the weakest administration in our history. The US Border invasion, war in Eastern Europe, a massive PSYOP with physical components in the Pacific (Taiwan), an all out assault on half the US population by the globalists, fake health emergencies, political prisoners still being held in the WDC gulag, etc, etc, all due to a POTUS who clearly appears he’s not all there and a 2020 election that nearly 70 percent of the US population no longer trusts the outcome. The world is in one of the most uncertain and unpredictable positions it has ever been in since the middle of the last century. The globalists love this because it fits their narrative…”

October 8:  “Any American of any suasion, color or creed that accepts this form of barbarism needs to think twice whether or not they believe in any set of internationally accepted rules and norms. What has been brought on the people of Israel, especially women, children and the infirmed elderly is savagery (no other way to describe it!). This is NOT NORMAL! The far left Marxist extremists in America (and there are more than many of you want to accept in our government) appear to want to accept this act by Hamas and other radicalized extremists in the region of the Middle East. This behavior MUST BE HARSHLY CONDEMNED!”

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