Landmark DoD Lawsuit Stopped Planned Use of Force for COVID Injection Mandates

Military service member Staff SGT Dan Roberts knew that COVID was a low risk illness to healthy and fit military. When the mandates came down for all military to be forcefully vaccinated against their will and against regulations in the UCMJ and US Constitution, he courageously volunteered to be the lead plaintiff in the first lawsuit against the Department of Defense. He and lead attorneys Todd Callender and David Willson knew they had file an injunction to stop the unlawful mandate for the experimental COVID gene therapy shots.

At the core of this August 2021 lawsuit is a critical issue that affects all Americans – both civilian and military: can the government dictate use of force to administer an experimental gene therapy agent against any person’s free will?

The original lawsuit in August 2021 was summarily dismissed without hearing the points of law. The legal team, with agreement of SSGT Roberts and co-plaintiffs, filed an appeal in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. In the appeal, Todd Callender, Andrew Schlafly, and David Willson added an additional legal point for the court to consider on the law and SCOTUS precedent dating to 2013:Do those who have been injected with the gene therapy shot become the chattel property of the patent holders of the COVID injections, as had been established in Supreme Court decisions from more than a decade ago. As stated in the court documents on Appeal: Voluntary service in the Armed Forces does not operate to confer ownershipto government of the troops; yet genetic modification of those troops using mRNA technology seemingly does.”  Robert v. Austin 22-1032, pg. 8; 10th Circuit Ct. Appeals

Following oral arguments, a three-judge panel again refused to rule on the points of law and dismissed the case, calling it “not justiciable.” SSGT Roberts and the legal team did not give up in their efforts to have the courts rule on the law and the critical legal questions raised above.

On August 23, 2023, exactly two years after the first case was filed, Todd Callender, David Willson and Andrew Schlafly filed the En Banc appeal requiring all eleven active federal judges for the 10th Circuit to hear the case and decide on the points of law.

Todd Callender, Esq. the lead attorney who filed the Robert V Austin case said “We cannot allow the courts and government to bury the truth by telling injured plaintiffs that the issues are not ‘justiciable.’   What does that mean?  It means the court doesn’t want to hear from us – none of us.  We’ve alleged gene modification and the resulting creation of a new owned species from the very start of our litigation and NEVER ONCE has the DOJ, DOD, HHS or FDA (lawyers and Defendants) denied our allegations – because they are accurate.   The Courts do not want to hear this case because so doing would make this slavery issue something they’d have to deal with – outlaw it or legalize it.  Imagine how a ruling against use of mRNA to turn people into a new slave species would ruin the well-laid plans of Gates, Soros, Rothschilds, et al.  Please folks, get your peeps talking about this issue very publicly so that we can force the government to either publicly deny and decry ownership of vaxxed people or give us our day in court to prove our case!  The existence and dominion of our species is at stake here.”

America, we must stand strong against this total abdication from the rule of law, from our Constitutional rights, and our traditional Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) regulations. The Department of Defense cannot continue to run roughshod over our laws in this assault on the freedom and human rights of our volunteer military service members. This unlawful mandate to be injected with experimental COVID gene therapy prototype shots cannot be allowed to stand. God bless the courageous legal team and plaintiffs who are standing in the gap for ALL of us.

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