As a result of the documented level of deaths, serious disabilities and skyrocketing cancers, heart attacks strokes and autoimmune diseases caused by the COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections, Nick Caturano, Florida medical freedom activist and founder of GoofyVaccine.com and other medical freedom warriors across Florida have launched a new initiative to file criminal complaints with the goal of immediately stopping the access to and administration of the COVID mRNA injections and for Florida Sheriffs to confiscate all COVID-19 mRNA injection supplies from all vaccination facilities across the state. Their action steps aim to protect innocent children and adults from further injury, harm or death.

Speaking for the Covid Tyranny Task Force of Collier County Florida, Caturano said “On behalf of all concerned citizens of Florida, we are demanding that all COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT issue a cease and desist to immediately stop distribution, promotion, access and administration of COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections in All COUNTIES THROUGHOUT THE STATE OF FLORIDA Vaccination Facilities by August 1, 2023, and to seize their mRNA nanoparticle injections inventory by August 31, 2023.”

Caturano further explained, “To put our humane, compassionate, reasonable and urgent request in context, in 1982, contaminated Tylenol bottles killed 7 individuals, including a 12-year old girl, and although hundreds of thousands of Americans continued to take Tylenol without ill-effects, the bottles were removed from shelves across the nation. The removal of the Tylenol bottles was initiated by a Deputy Chief Chicago sheriff. Our goal is to work with Florida Sheriffs to take similar steps to remove all COVID-19 mRNA vaccination vials from all facilities in Florida. We aim to create a blueprint to be duplicated across America, state by state.”

The COVID-19 injections meet none of the scientific or clinical criteria of a vaccine, but perfectly match the criteria of a bioweapon per 18 USC 175 and Florida Statute 790.166. The evidence is clearly laid out in the article from Karen KINGSTON available here: https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/the-3-trillion-substack-on-how-to.

In order for the sheriffs to take action, they need sworn testimonies from COVID vaccine injured victims and for them to file criminal complaints at their county sheriff’s office. Family members willing to provide testimony on behalf of deceased loved ones is also very powerful and effective evidence to empower the sheriffs to take action to remove the shots. A doctor’s verification stating that the ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ caused the injury via signed letter is necessary in both circumstances and additional testimony from loved ones signing under oath that they lost a beloved adult or child due to the shots is also compelling.

Truth for Health Foundation is supporting the Covid Tyranny Task Force of Collier County Florida actions and together we are calling on all activists to reach out to those who have been vaccine injured and encourage them to stand up and make a difference. With the demand letter and with the sworn testimony of Florida citizens who were vaccine injured or even killed, we believe the sheriffs will be compelled to act. 

Vaccine injured persons, or the family members of those who died from the COVID shots, can fill out a vaccine injury report at www.VAXDamage.org to begin the documentation of vaccine injury and assist in the criminal complaint action steps.

We need your help! Activist call to action! Everyone today knows someone injured or deceased from the injection. Help share the work of the Florida team and reach out to vaccine injured victims in your own social networks. Other ways to gather the injured may include a booth set up at your church or local store, reaching out to neighbors, family, social media, activist groups and friends.
For additional information on our effort, please review the recent video broadcast with Karen Kingston, Nick Caturano and Rebekah Ricks:


Covid Tyranny Task Force of Collier County Florida Contacts:

Nick Caturano, nick.caturano@gmail.com 407-414-3292,

Scott Kiley, scottjkiley@gmail.com 847-366-7457,

Dr. Richard Schroeder gce352@protonmail.com 239-378-1191,

Jon Maines jon@jonmaines.com 239-682-2019 and

Patty Myers Wife of Tony Myers, Victim of Deadly Hospital Protocols
Founder and Co-Creator with Inspired Films
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PO Box 3365 Windermere, FL 34786
Email- makingakillingdoc@gmail.com
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