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Beware of Musks in sheep’s clothing

Yes, he bought Twitter. Yes, he restored Donald Trump’s account. Yes, he is cracking down on leftists censoring conservatives on Twitter. Yes, he stood against the government propaganda on COVID. Yes, he exposed the FBI for influencing the elections. Yes, he donates money to Republicans. Yes, he says he is a champion of free speech. But there is a clue about Elon Musk that people ought to be aware of before they jump onto the bandwagon that he is a potential savior of the American ideal. Musk recently hired Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter. Yaccarino was chairman of NBC Universal Sales and Client Partnerships with close ties to the World Economic Forum and the Biden Administration.

Yaccarino is a member of the World Economic Forum, an attendee at its meetings, and is listed as a “contributing expert” on some of the WEF materials. On her Linkedin page, she writes that she “rallied support from the business community, the White House, and government agencies to create a vaccination campaign, featuring Pope Francis, reaching more than 200 million Americans.” Yaccarino led the Ad Council in promoting the Biden Administration’s vaccine propaganda campaign, saying in a February 2021 release: “When the marketing and media communities come together and amplify urgent public health messages, we can be an incredible force for good.”

Yaccarino, then Board Chair of the Ad Council, continued, “The Ad Council has been leading the charge to make sure everyone in America has the latest and most accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccines. Every major media company and platform recognizes the importance of this effort and through the media community’s support, we’ll be able to reach Americans with the information they need from the sources they trust.” That information was part and parcel to promoting the government’s false claims that the COVID vaccines were both “safe and effective.” Since then, studies have verified that the vaccines lost their efficacy within weeks of being administered and have had more dangerous side effects reported than all other vaccines combined.

The WEF’s Great Reset is the most dangerous threat to the exercise of religion and freedom of speech in your lifetime, and perhaps history to date. WEF champions corporate and government cooperation—the very kind that led to quarantining healthy people, forcing lockdowns, and mandating experimental vaccines. Yaccarino was not only part of all that, she actively facilitated the WEF COVID agenda. And Musk must be OK with it even though he said he opposed the COVID vax. Before justifying this hire for whatever they want to believe, folks might consider Christ’s warning in Matthew 7:15, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” Actions speak louder than words.


Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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