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Whistleblower Report – 2.22.2023

The Danger of Dioxin, Chemicals & Drones Left Unchecked

Military Advisors for Truth for Health Foundation bring an urgent alert to America about the multiple fronts of attack on our homeland. Dioxin was unleashed into the environment from the detonation of vinyl chloride railcar tanks in East Palestine, Ohio, and acres of burning plastics in Florida. The Chinese balloon potential payload threats to America, the attacks on America’s infrastructure (including power station and substation attacks) and America’s fuel and food supplies (including attacks on chicken and chicken egg production facilities), as well as the flood of illegals bringing crime, drugs, and potential biological weapons across our borders.

What are the possible reasons for these attacks? Military guests USAF Reserves Major Aaron Elliott, Space Operations and Information Operations Officer; Major Mike Gary, CBRN expert; USAF Major Jon Mingonet, Electronic Warfare Officer, join Dr. Vliet to connect the dots on all of these threats to help citizens begin to hold public officials accountable and demand answers.

Major Mike Gary, consultant CBRN expert for Truth for Health Foundation, describes threats that could be dispersed from miniature drones “(Cicada drones”) that are still a possible threat from the Chinese spy balloon that the Biden administration allowed to traverse the Continental United States unimpeded.

Technology exists for these drones to be dormant and later activated for the release of chemical, biological, or radiological agents, such as weaponized Anthrax, Nerve agents, aerosolized fentanyl, and radiological particulates, in addition to the already well-known toxicity of Dioxin, the most environmentally damaging threat to all biological life forms produced as a byproduct of the detonation of the vinyl chloride railcars in East Palestine, Ohio.

Our experts discuss the long-term implications of dioxin poisoning in the Ohio train derailment, possible contamination of the Ohio River Basin (which could impact surrounding states), and whether or not this was really an accident.

The team also discusses the train derailment and blazing inferno from the detonation of the vinyl chloride-containing rail cars and how this ties in with the psychological warfare tactic called “predictive programming,” exemplified by Netflix’s “White Noise” 2022 movie about a train derailment in another small town in Ohio. In an eerie twist, many of the “extras” hired for the Netflix movie were East Palestine, Ohio residents. Is this coincidence or telegraphing events to come? Our military experts address the multiple objects recently shot down by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and the implications of these events.

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