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Harnessing Your Passion & Energy for Optimal Health

Charles Kovess, known as Australasia’s Passion Provocateur, and Dr. Vliet explore why living with passion overcomes and eliminates your fears, improves your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and helps you elegantly face and overcome life’s challenges. We describe optimal health based on the Hungarian word meaning “wholeness” and explore how using passion as the focus of your view of the world shifts negative, disempowering beliefs into an energy and vitality that enhances your life.

After 20 years as a successful lawyer, and despite loving his profession in the law, Charles Kovess said goodbye to it to do the work he felt destined to do: help and provoke and inspire people to discover their passion, to become more self-aware, and to live more fulfilling, passionate and successful lives. Charles has devoted the past 27 years of his career to teaching and coaching individuals and teams in their self-awareness and passion journeys.

Tune into his weekly episodes of The Charles Kovess Show on podcast or YouTube for his guidance on successful life strategies based on his extensive business and life experiences that have given him insights and ideas for ways to help others improve all aspects of health through the power of the mind and our beliefs.

For the last 10 years, Charles Kovess has been an international legal strategy consultant and President, of the Australia-Hungary Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and CEO & Chief Speaker, of Kovess International. His website is www.Kovess.com.

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