Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath

November 11, 2022 by Darin Gaub @ American Free News Network

Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath. America Needs Its Veteran Population to Stand Up Now More Than Ever Keep Your Oath

America is in danger. If the economic devastation and cultural decay over the decades is not enough, their acceleration under the Biden administration should concern all who value liberty. Add to this a dedicated plan to destroy our military readiness from the inside out and we are merely witnesses to a manmade national disaster. Mandates, woke ideologies, division, the rewriting of history, and the continuing promotion of poor leadership over the good makes it obvious that this administration seeks to weaken our military to the point where we may never recover.

America’s military and veteran population has always been the most respected group in the country. As leadership in uniform erodes, those who have served and are now out of uniform must lead once again. We must, for we know better than anybody what leadership looks like. Unless the civilian oversight of the military changes drastically the uniformed leadership will continue to serve masters other than the United States Constitution and the American people.

The question you might be asking is how? The weapons we are familiar with are not weapons we want to employ on American soil. We must instead pick up the pen and be a loud voice in writing. We must build teams, train them, be trained, and stand in the gap where others will not. Veterans must be willing to form, join, or lead organizations dedicated to bringing this nation back from the encroaching tyranny of soft communism before it becomes hard communism. Communism, where everyone suffers but the extreme few. Organizations like Restore Liberty, STARRS, Veterans for America First, Move Freely America, and Veterans United as One are only a few examples of organizations either led, founded, or composed entirely of Veterans. They are all necessary and must work together as a team.

There are many ways to serve. In Restore Liberty, we published the “Practical Tacticals,” and list ways to get involved from the local to the national level. We advocate that the local is most important, but each veteran must choose. A few options are:

  1. Run for School Board.
  2. Run for City/County Commissions or Councils.
  3. Run for State Legislatures or the equivalent.
  4. Support good candidates for political office, those who recognize service matters.
  5. Research with the goal of exposing the truth.
  6. Write. For the pen is mighty.
  7. Start a podcast. The more outlets there are the better.

I live in a small town called Helena, Montana. Most of the city and county elected representatives have no leadership experience. Most have played the game of looking like a leader for a period to gain votes, and then displaying the opposite in their actions. Veterans can show what leadership in action looks like; we learn it from day one.

It is time for America’s veteran population to lead this nation. Celebrities can’t do it; politicians will not. This Veteran’s Day 2022, let us don the mantle of leadership; we must run to the sound of the guns once again.

Lt Col (ret), US Army, Darin Gaub is a Co-founder of Restore Liberty, an international military strategist and foreign policy analyst, an executive leadership coach, and serves on the boards of multiple volunteer national and state level organizations. The views presented are those of the author and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or its components

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