Adverse Events for Covid-19 Vaccine Medicines for Australia and New Zealand

This report looks at total population for both Australia and New Zealand. Reactions categorized as expected or unexpected. ‘Unexpected’ reactions have been further divided split into ‘Flight risk’ and ‘Other unexpected’. Overall outcomes:

  • 12% had an ‘expected’ reaction only
  • 56% of reports include an ‘expected’ reaction
  • 88% include an ‘unexpected’ reaction

Some data highlights:

  • 97% of 5-11 age group reporting an ‘unexpected’ reaction
  • 47% of 0-19 age group reports for Astrazeneca had an ‘Error’. With primary errors noted as “Vaccination error”, “Product administered to patient of inappropriate age” or “Wrong product administered”
  • Slides 53- 62 show a complete list of reactions for Australian 5-11 age group demonstrating areas of concern for this group when compared to the overall population

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