Dr. Peter McCullough – ‘Therapeutic Nihilism and Untested Novel Therapies’

By Juliet Bonnay Originally Published at
11 October 2021, Updated 19 October 2021

Source: KanekoaTheGreat

Dr. Peter McCullough became involved in Covid-19 early in 2020 because he recognized that something was going very wrong, very early and he wasn’t going to stand for it. He has a long list of credentials to his name, including his work as an internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist. However, by now you should need no introduction to Dr. McCullough’s work throughout this pandemic, for he has been consistently outspoken, and rightly so. During an interview with international trial lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich, he said he believed that what we are dealing with is “propagandized bioterrorism by injection,” that is worldwide.

The picture of this is now emerging for all to see as case numbers, injuries, disabilities, and deaths soar post Covid-19 jab. While this should ring alarm bells everywhere to call for a stop to this vaccine roll-out, instead more people are urged to take the jab and vaccine mandates are being enforced in many states across America and in other countries around the world.

Vaccine-related deaths from 1990 until 2021 as reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) in America.

“We’re in a crisis of compassion,” said Dr. McCullough, who became emotional when he described how too many doctors had told their patients there was no treatment for Covid-19 and sent them home. Mostly this included elderly patients who were isolated, home alone, who had no follow-up calls to see how they were, until the patient finally called for help, were admitted to hospital, and “then they don’t make it out,” Dr. McCullough said trying to stifle tears. “This is wrong.”

“Let’s win the war against therapeutic nihilism,” he said, “and let’s talk about this rush to replace trusted treatment with untested novel therapies.”

However this war began a long time ago when John D. Rockefeller became involved in the drug industry at the turn of last century. In 1928 he joined forces with German pharmaceutical giant I.G. Farben to become the “largest and most powerful cartel the world has ever known.” It was I.G. Farben who provided the money for Hitler’s election, and created the forced labor camps during WWII in Germany.

By understanding the history behind our current allopathic medical model, it will become instantly clear that this is in fact a war we cannot afford to lose. For if we lose it, we will not only lose all our freedoms, but that which makes us uniquely human: the ability to feel emotion, compassion, empathy, love, joy, the ability to think critically, to problem solve, to be creative, to connect with each other at a soul level…and much, much more. Transhumanism will do away with all that. Aaron Russo, Hollywood director and documentary film maker, and friend of Nick Rockefeller gave us a sneak peek at some of the Rockefeller’s (and by extension the so-called ‘elite’s) nefarious plans shortly before he died.

Eric Clapton, who recently visited with Dr. McCullough, presented three circles to illustrate that if we lose our medical freedom it will create a break in our social freedom, as currently happens during lockdown, and could become ongoing for the unvaxxed if they are barred from participating in society and prevented from visiting with their family and friends. Our economic freedom is also at risk by being shut out of employment during lockdowns or having to be vaccinated if we want to hold onto our jobs, and even to shop in stores.

The first sign that things were going horribly wrong in Dr. McCullough’s eyes was when hospitals sent Covid patients home to become sick enough to need ventilation, which is when he began working with other doctors to devise a combination of treatments that Covid-19 patients could manage at home. Early treatment significantly reduced deaths, and Dr. McCullough experienced outstanding success with his patients. He said that this is where the concentration should have been from the start, “just focusing on those who were sick and giving early treatment.” Instead the government mantra everywhere was “wait for a vaccine.”

Dr. McCullough correctly pointed out that it is not the virus that dictates mortality, it is how we respond to it through treatments. Many doctors have proven again and again that early treatment saves lives. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko instantly comes to mind with his successful treatment of hydroxychloroquine and zinc very early in the pandemic.

“This has been a big game,” Dr. McCullough said. “It’s a game. And its costing lives and hurting people.” Interviewed by Tucker Carlson he said, “It’s pretty obvious that there has been a suppression of treatment to promote fear, suffering, loneliness, isolation, hospitalization, and death in order to promote the vaccine.”

Failure of Covid-19 Vaccines to Stop SARS-CoV-2 (23:55)

Dr. McCullough explained that doctors warn not to vaccinate into a pandemic because there is a high prevalence of virus. The virus figures out the vaccines…and finds a way to thrive in the vaccinated. The result is that the Delta variant has achieved antigenic escape. “We have 99% Delta now,” Dr. McCullough pointed out. “That is very unnatural. We should have 6-12 different strains, but we haven’t because we have fooled with nature. So now Delta is here to stay until the vaccines change… It is clear the vaccines do nothing to help reduce the carriage of the virus.”

Dr. McCullough pointed out that the vaccines have had zero effect on the pandemic curve, and that once a vaccine falls below 50% protection and can’t last a year, it is not a viable product on the commercial market. Pfizer (at 42% protection against Delta) has failed as a commercial product. In Israel, the Delta vaccination outbreak is bigger than their pre-vaccination era outbreak. They exclusively use Pfizer.

Slide from Dr. McCullough’s presentation above.

(As an aside, as I write this, New Zealand is in the middle of an urgent vaccination drive using the Pfizer shot to curb the spread of Delta while the biggest city, Auckland, is in lockdown. Unvaccinated people are labeled “selfish” because they are not ‘playing their part’ in curbing the spread of the virus. One has to ask at this point if the New Zealand Government is so ignorant they do not realize they are contributing to the spread of Delta through the failed Pfizer vaccines – as is happening in Israel, or is this an example of malfeasance at play to serve a hidden agenda?)

After having been involved in about 18 products coming to market Dr. McCullough said:

I know data and I know safety, and the FDA knows I know safety. In fact I’ve chaired FDA safety boards for National Institutes of Health…and Big Pharma, and I have made some critical calls as a chairman for the FDA Safety Monitoring Board to shut down a program when it wasn’t safe. That threshold is a few cases where we can’t explain it. A FEW cases. We get to five unexplained cases and we start to get very uncomfortable at the FDA Safety Monitoring Board. We get to 50 unexplained deaths in the release of a product, it’s gone. It’s gone. We shut it down and we figure out what went wrong. It’s safety…safety…safety for new products. It’s unassailable… It’s a moral and ethical position of a higher level than those who are going to plod forward.

The 1976 Swine flu vaccine program was shut down when there were 25 deaths and over 500 cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. “The comfort level was gone, Dr. McCullough said. “After they it shut down the deaths went up to 53. This was the standard and still should be the standard today… If we don’t have safety mechanisms in place for these vaccines, shut them down,” he said.

Instead, below is what the latest VAERS data looks like today. It is more than clear that something is terribly wrong. In fact, Dr. Mollie James, who denounced Biden’s vaccine mandates, said that because VAERS is so underused the the real numbers could be more than 100 times what is currently being reported and shown below, backed up by what she is experiencing in her intensive care unit in New York City.

“The disability that we are going to see from these vaccines will go down in history as an unbelievable atrocity,” Dr. McCullough said, and pointed out that we now have over 20,000 permanently disabled from the vaccine, which is a bigger number than some major cancer groups. He shared that when he presented this information to the Heritage Foundation in Washington, “you could hear a pin drop.” A former president of the American Medical Association said: 

“Dr. McCullough, we have the biggest biological catastrophe on our hands in human history with a medicinal product, and we’ve had two administrations buy into it, we’ve had…all the houses of legislation buy into it, we have the entire medical establishment buy into it, and the whole media, and no one knows how to stop it. No one knows how to stop this freight train and we’re all witnessing it right now.”

There is no data for Delta. Two-thirds who get Covid (with Delta variant) are fully vaccinated. Of the deaths, 50 percent occur within 48 hours of the shot, 80 percent occur within a week… That’s been shown in separate analyses by Rose and Mclachlan…

Dr. McCullough reported that Dr. Drew thought America was prepared to have unsafe vaccines, that throughout all this misery of Covid-19, they were willing to take on the risks of Covid mortality without much alarm.

Where’s the outrage?” Dr. McCullough said.

On a personal note, and at an individual level where we are not just numbers but real people, I was distressed to receive news last night from a physically fit, almost 60-year-old American friend who went against his better judgment and took the Johnson and Johnson shot so he could travel to Guatemala to visit friends. He wrote:

Strange things started happening to me a few weeks ago that I could not explain. I walk 3-5 miles a day and one day a short walk left me with intense leg pain that then went to just my lower left leg and never went away. My foot and shin had become numb… Last Friday my right leg started to get weak on me for no reason. So I did some research and it appears the J&J can cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome. I have been going down hill all week and getting weaker and weaker and woke today with tingling in both feet and now my hands. Classic symptoms of Guillain-Barré. If so good chance I will be crippled in a week. All my plans for the future are now on hold…

Just prior to this he was skydiving.

Also alarming, Dr. McCullough reported that there are around 5,000 cases of myocarditis in healthy teenagers and young adults. “The vaccine is not safe for children and should not be mandated,” he said. Not only are the vaccines not safe, there is no protection for research subjects – us.

Another very important point Dr. McCullough made was that “if we vaccinate people who have natural immunity, we harm them considerably” and that we should leave the naturally immune alone. However, “if we have a break in the vaccine cabal,” he said, “it will be the naturally immune.”

Slide from Dr. McCullough’s presentation.

Why These Vaccines Are So Potentially Lethal

5:10 – The Virus Vector DNA and mRNA Vaccines cause the spike protein to be assembled, which is a deadly protein… “By itself it is a deadly protein. It’s the first time in human medicine where we’re injecting vaccines and we’re asking the human body to make a potentially lethal protein. The hope is we’d make a small enough amount of it and it would create just enough of an immune test that we’d form immunity to this deadly protein.”

6:16 – The gamble was, what if we make too much? What if we make it for too long a period of time? What if these lipid nanoparticles go to the wrong organs and don’t stay in the arm, and we start to produce this lethal protein. This damaging protein that’s expressed on cell surfaces, it’s not supposed to be there. The the body immediately recognizes it, attacks it as being foreign, it breaks free in the circulation and circulates for two weeks…and then damages blood vessels… Clearly it’s related to thrombosis… and creates an unusual form of clotting, particularly in the lungs, causing desaturation like we’ve never seen in any other viral infection. This is what we’re doing to the human body with these vaccines. It’s unprecedented that this is being done. It’s also unprecedented that millions of Americans, more than half of us have offered to take the injection without asking too much about how it works.

Slide presented in the above talk.

8:35 – The FDA and the CDC are the sponsors of the program. They cannot be the adjudicators of death. They cannot. That violates every regulatory law that we know. And the CDC and FDA and the NIH work for us. They are public servants to us. They do not issue rulings to us. They don’t have authority to issue rulings to us. They should serve us. The doctor and the patient sit in the fiduciary relationship above these entities. And we have the authority to make that claim. Very important.

9:20 –

Those who were excluded from the clinical trials should have been excluded from taking the shot.

“This includes pregnant women, women of childbearing potential, Covid-recovered, those who are suspected Covid, and positive serologies.  Under no circumstances should a human being ever take one of these vaccines because they weren’t allowed in clinical trials. Full stop. Full stop. Very, very, important.”

Birth deformities after the ‘shot’ look similar to what is experienced in Iraq as a result of the use of depleted uranium weapons during the war. What a heartbreaking experience for any couple to go through.

“They were encouraged to take the vaccines with no safety data, and very importantly, there were no efforts to risk mitigate. We can’t reduce the risk until our agency tells us who is being harmed from the vaccine. We have had an overdue report card from our federal agencies. There should be monthly reports.” Dr. McCullough is incredulous that there are no safety inspections of a novel therapy that’s injected into us and no safety reports.

10:40 – The total number of expected vaccine deaths per year from all vaccines before 2020 was a total of 158. By January 22, 2021 there were already 182 deaths, and we were over the line.

Slide from Dr. McCullough’s presentation.

“If we had a data safety monitoring board, this program would have been shut down in February for excess mortality, and it would have been reviewed. What happened? There was no safety review. That’s malfeasance! Malfeasance is wrongdoing by those in positions of authority and that’s what happened. It’s really, really uncomfortable to say that our CDC, our FDA, our National Institute of Health, our White House Task Force One, White House Task Force Two, President One, President Two, Senate One, Senate Two, House One, House Two, they are all implicated in this. None of them effectuated a stop in February. They’re all culpable.”

14:50 – The statements made by the CDC that there are no vaccine-related deaths will go down in history as malfeasance. Moreover, as sponsors, they are not in a position to make statements like that.

“We are in the free fall of a lawless state.”

“We have to get back to basics to get our freedom back,” Dr. McCullough said. With a CNN report that we are not going to get our freedoms back “unless you take the vaccine” he said, “Since when are we going to lever freedom based on an ineffective and unsafe vaccine?” Then he raised the question of what is happening in Australia with lockdowns and police brutality and said:

“What is going on in Australia is not about Covid; it’s about some type of mental contagion, some type of psychosis, neurosis…some type of totalitarian takeover that’s occurred all over the world – something very dark is going on.”

Screenshot from Alexander Cooney’s message to fellow police officers in Australia.

To venture further down the rabbit hole Dr. McCullough shared that Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Ross Breggin had written about this dark agenda in their book, for which he wrote an introduction: Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We Are The Prey. He said:

“Covid is a platform, an event that’s been planned, that’s been organised. The vaccines were planned and organized in some way to effect some type of very, very large change occurring worldwide. But whatever’s going on, the principles are in lockstep, and what I mean by lockstep, is that everybody is in lockstep, meaning there’s some guy on his knees in the Philippines and if he’s not going to get the vaccine, he’s not going to get his cheque, and some kid is going to be on his knees in LA because he can’t go to school if he doesn’t take the vaccine. This same type of coercion and reprisal is going on worldwide.”

“This book has a thousand references. This book gives you the material transfer agreement between Moderna and the Chinese for the spike protein before Covid-19 was a problem. Okay. This was planned. This book has the Johns Hopkins symposium – they’d planned the pandemic in 2017. They planned how they were going to get the scoreboard up on CNN of deaths, what have you.” Book is available here.

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