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Assumption of Liability Agreement

August 9, 2021; Courtesy of

(a) The Assumptor agrees to accept all liabilities embodied herein or foreseeable without set-off, recourse or any other claim whatsoever.
(b) The Assumptor agrees that all third parties shall have the right to rely upon this Agreement for collection of debt, costs, expenses, damages or otherwise and Assumptor hereby waives any right to dispute any such liability as presented by any third party as
contemplated herein.”

Template for download available here.


The idea with these forms is to change the dynamic of the situation by shifting the liability to the employer/school who are imposing the investigational vaccines.  It is unlikely they will sign them, but they are then put on notice.   You can send the forms with language in the body of the email such as, “with this message and attached forms I am putting [Name of Organization] on notice that I am being forced to suffer injection with an investigational vaccine against my will and without fully informed consent and look solely to [Name of Organization] to fully compensate all harm as expressed in the attachments.”  HOWEVER, according to attorneys that present on this topic, for these “notices of liability” to constitute LEGAL notice served, they cannot just be sent by regular mail or email – they must be sent certified mail, signature required to show receipt and by whom. Several attorneys have recommended to repeat service of notice at least twice.

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