VACCINE REPORT: Censorship, Cover-Up and Propagandizing COVID Vaccine Deaths

Our International Vaccine Report with Dr. Mike Yeadon and journalist Andrija Klaric brings you shocking updates on COVID vaccine-induced deaths from recently released autopsy studies.The new Swedish study found a 1 in 35 rate of myocarditis following the COVID shot, orders of magnitude higher risk than rates related to other causes. Studies of emerging damage from the experimental and unregulated COVID shots are becoming more critically important as time goes on, since the damage to critical organs, new onset of cancers, rising autoimmune disorders are all increasing over time, not declining.

Truth for Health Foundation Whistleblower Report

VACCINE REPORT: Mississippi, Georgia, & WHO: Lockstep Control of All Aspects of Your Life and Liberty

With breathless hype and deceptive marketing, Americans were treated to the version of medical-financial tyranny on our shores the same week that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the rollout of WHO’s version of a vaccine passport, The Global Health Certificate. Right on cue, in the first week of June 2023, both Mississippi and Georgia announced the rollout of a “Mobile Digital ID” that purports to be “secure and safe and fast and convenient.” Look at the marketing hype urging people to get the App for Mississippi’s mobile ID: Don’t forget to download the new app for Mississippi “mobile ID.“ It will replace your driver’s license and passport and allow you to bypass the lines at the airport, and soon you will be able to have all your bank accounts and health records on your “mobile ID,” so it will allow your doctor to better care for you and your bank to provide better services, and of course, it will replace your credit cards so you can buy and sell all secure and safe and fast and convenient.”

Vaccine Report: WHO Aims for Global Totalitarian Control of Our Lives

Sunday, May 21, 2023, marked the beginning of the World Health Organization’s aggressive final assault on freedom for the people of the world, as WHO convened their World Health Assembly for the final push to become the world’s policeman on ALL “health” matters (or anything they decide is related to health) for ALL life on the planet: human, animal, plant and even the “health” of our climate.

Vaccine Report: Big Pharma’s mRNA Shots Coming After Your T-Cells and Food

Big Pharma’s relentless assault with gene-changing technologies continues with today’s discussion using our T-Cell immunity pathways and “edible vaccines” in vegetables and livestock (pigs, cattle, chickens, lamb), milk, and eggs as the latest vehicles to get the synthetic mRNA into our bodies – whether we want it or not. Part I discusses the brand new published research on T-Cell mRNA technology –published by BionTech itself before clinical trials completed and before any open source, independent peer review of their findings. Part II discusses the alarming accelerating efforts to permeate our food supply—meats and vegetables—with “edible” mRNA vaccines that are not disclosed to the public in full transparency.

Vaccine Report: Information War About the COVID Shots

We are in an Information War about the COVID shots that is planned misinformation and disinformation to push the mass vaccination agenda using the constant mantra claiming experimental COVID shots are “safe” and “effective.” But there are also conflicting claims about what is actually IN the vaccines that are causing more and more confusion and fueling fears.

Vaccine Report: Rogue WHO Telegraphs New Plandemic & Pfizer’s Catastrophic COVID Shot Damage Continues

Recent developments in the UK and Europe expose further shocking rogue actions by the World Health Organization (WHO) that show even worse pre-planning of deadly harm to humanity than had previously been public. Drs. Jonathan Gilthorpe (Sweden) and former Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer worldwide and now whistleblower Dr. Mike Yeadon discuss new legal reports of a hidden WHO regulatory framework used to bypass the proper vaccine and medicines regulatory authorities of countries around the world to unleash the experimental COVID shots without normal safety and manufacturing standards being required.