Threats to Freedom: Military-grade Weapons on US Border, Election Fraud, IGAs Controlling Local Governments

US Military weapons originally deployed to Ukraine are now showing on the US southern border between Arizona and Mexico, as reported in todays Whistleblower Report by MSG Jack Dona, US Army (Ret). The heavy-duty weapons, including AT-4’s and RPG-7 shoulder fired anti-armor weapons, are now in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and terrorists illegally crossing our border under the Biden Administration “open door” policy.

The Patience of Job: What Does It Mean to be “Totally Humbled?”

Many have heard about the patience of Job, but do we ever stop to consider the total humbleness of Job? Like many today, Job suffered mostly alone in the trials he faced, with the exception of the support of his wife and some of his servants. Yet, even Job’s wife reached her limit and separated herself from him by challenging his belief. In Job 2:9 we read: “Then his wife said to him, ‘Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!’”

CDC’s Latest COVID Fear-Mongering vs DATA from Scientific FACTS

In another round of fear-mongering, as if this is something new, the CDC issued a press release on August 23 saying “New COVID-19 Variant Could Cause Infections in Vaccinated People.” CDC officials know full well that through all the years of pushing flu vaccines, people still got the flu. CDC and FDA also knew before Emergency Use Authorization was granted for the COVID shots that Pfizer and the other manufacturers had not done any testing to determine if the shots prevented transmission or prevented future episodes of illness.

Faith Over Fear, Media and Podcasts

Faith Over Fear – 8.29.23 – The Looming Financial Crisis: Action Steps to Prepare Part II

Speaker: Tory Aggeler, Senior Precious Metals Advisor, McAlvany ICA What can you do to prepare for financial upheaval that is heading our way? What are steps to take for the health of your portfolio? What are the options for investing in gold and silver, as well as tax-advantaged strategies to keep more of your income …

Landmark DoD Lawsuit Stopped Planned Use of Force for COVID Injection Mandates

Military service member Staff SGT Dan Roberts knew that COVID was a low risk illness to healthy and fit military. When the mandates came down for all military to be forcefully vaccinated against their will and against regulations in the UCMJ and US Constitution, he courageously volunteered to be the lead plaintiff in the first lawsuit against the Department of Defense.

COVID SHOTS VERDICT: “No Evidence of Safety OR Effectiveness”

The VERDICT is in. Covid shots have no evidence of safety OR effectiveness, as meticulously documented in the international expert WITNESS STATEMENT OF Dr. Pedro Morago from the UK, which concludes: “From the data available, there is no sufficient evidence that FDA and MHRA have conducted a rigorous, critical appraisal of the evidence of efficacy/effectiveness and safety of COVID-19 vaccines with explicit reference to the key criteria of External Validity, Internal Validity and Reliability.