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MY Story contributions

AUG 31, 2021 (Deb – Conneticut)
Hello–I’m telling this story, actually my sister’s story, because I cannot stay quiet anymore. She received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on April 30, 2021. Eleven days later she had a massive brain aneurysm. EMTs resuscitated her and machines kept her alive for 10 days. She died on May 21, 2021. She was a fairly healthy 52 yr old. My best friend is gone and I’ve never been more angry in my life. She didn’t know the truth, was only trying to keep my elderly parents safe. Please keep fighting, Truth for Health, so her and many other deaths are not in vain

AUG 31, 2021 (Holly – Virginia)
My name is Holly, I am a medical device representative and my primary call points are the critical care areas of the hospital. I have NOT gotten the covid “vaccine”, but I believe that I have been injured from it due to being working with people that have been vaxxed. I have seen the presentations concerning the mechanism of action for this biological agent and as a result I have tried to completely avoid skin to skin contact with vaxxed people and keep my physical distance as much as possible. I know that shedding of the spike protein is a possibility and at this point I believe that I have been a victim of that circumstance. Unfortunately, the majority of people that I work with and a lot of my friends and family have been vaxxed. I live only with my husband (he has not gotten the shot), but I have visited with other family members.
Several months ago I noticed some strange bruising on the upper part of my legs,the bruising resided and I didn’t think a lot of it, I thought it was something that I caused, I am very physically active and I do dog agility/train dogs and take care of my 12 acre farm so I thought my dog had jumped in my lap or I had run into something. (I have always bruised easily)
I am also a runner and I run about5 days per week to stay fit. I notice about 3 weeks ago that the veins in my upper arms and hands were bulging/ more distended than normal. Initially, I attributed it to the fact that I had been increasing my water intake and my skin is thinning as I age. (I am 58yrs old, 5ft7″ and 130lbs) but the bulging has progressively has gotten more pronounced. I can see distension in all of my veins throughout my body, my chest, abdomen, legs and feet. I am no longer running due to the fact that I feel short of breath and lethargic when I try to exercise. I am also having a “pin prick” sensation and tightness in my hands and fingers, and feet.
My primary care doctor is completely clueless but at my request did a d’dimer test, but the results were negative. She grudgingly gave me a consult to a vascular surgeon but I am really worried that he will have no idea that the spike protein could be causing this or even that spike proteins from the vax are a reality.
I am praying that this vascular doc will at least be willing to look at some of the data concerning the vax side effects and the possibility that my symptoms are not normal and routine. I pray that the Lord will help me find someone that will not take a “cookie cutter” approach and dismiss me. I have never taken any prescription medications and have never had a need to been seen by a vascular specialist, therefore I am a “new patient”, but my fear is that he will not take me seriously. My appointment is Sept 8th, and i

I was hoping to get some studies concerning the impact of the spike proteins on the vasculature (intima of the vessel) and clinical evidence or recommendations for presentations that would help to understand the possibility of this causing my symptoms.

Would you be able to recommend any clinical evidence that I could present to him?

Thank you so much for what you are doing in trying to help the people injured by this, I pray that the Lord will richly bless you and keep you safe in doing so.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

AUG 31, 2021 (Mischelle – Indiana)
So I received my 2ND Moderna injection on February 12. Since that time I have had covid brain, just recently I went to Er with pain in my right groin area. The nurse inserted an IV in my left arm, same arm that I received the 2 injections. One week later I developed a clot in my arm. Now mind you I went to the ER twice for the same problem. The first time I was told that I had cellulitis and did not have a clot. The second time I was told that yes I had a clot but it was in a superficial vein and that it would go away on its own. Then I went to my PCP that Monday he immediately sent me for an ultrasound, Told again definitely a clot, given some pain meds and antibiotics sent on my way. The following week went back to my doctor as we have been dealing with this for 3 weeks. More pain pills and referral to a vascular surgeon. Finally the vascular surgeon put me on Eliquis for 30 days. I can still feel the clot but arm seems to be getting better. Just last Saturday went to a express care with severe right lower back pain, thought either a UTI or kidney stone. Given a shot of toradole sent home. Cultural came back two days ago no UTI. Back pain seems better. I also suffer from essential tremors which have got severely worse. They are so bad that I am leaving a job that I love due to being discriminated against due to my tremors. I truly didn’t want the shot but was advised by my PCP to get them due to my COPD and emphysema. At this time I regret getting the shots. As I have never been this messed up ever. I am an LPN of 4 years. Almost 5 and my biggest fear is that I will eventually have to quit doing the job I love so much due to these seemingly continuing health problems.

AUG 19, 2021 (Hannah Damary-Thompson)
I really do hope that you can help me to try and save any pregnant mothers that we can from being coerced in(to) this

AUG 16, 2021 (Anonymous, MN, USA)
We have to stop this madness and FIGHT as our lives depend on it!

AUG 9, 2021 (Anonymous, Auckland, New Zealand)
Since this time my body has been in a crisis response…

AUG 8, 2021 (Anonymous, KY, USA)
Unfortunately the doctors were unwilling to even admit the possibility of the contribution of the vaccine…

AUG 4, 2021 (Anonymous, NC, USA)
Every fiber of my being tells me not to participate in this experiment with my body….

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