HEALTH TIP from Dr. Vliet – TruLeptin™ Modulator

We are excited to announce a new product, TruLeptin™ Modulator,  for our Truth for Health Store lineup, as one of components of the Health and Resilience weight management formula.

TruLeptin Modulator™

 Leptin is a fat-cell derived hormone that is elevated in some individuals. Healthy leptin activity helps balance energy intake and expenditure by influencing appetite, food cravings, and metabolism.


TruLeptin™ Modulator plays a role in healthy weight loss by positively affecting leptin levels. This is important because leptin, a hormone derived from body fat that communicates between adipose (fat) tissue and the central nervous system (CNS), works to helps control appetite. The fat cells use leptin to tell your brain how much body fat you carry. The more body fat you have the higher your leptin levels tend to be.

  • A drop in leptin levels triggers feeling of hunger and signals your brain you need to eat.
  • Rising leptin levels signal satiety (sense of fullness, hunger satisfied).

Leptin is also involved in other regulatory mechanisms and functions:

  • Energy expenditure and metabolism
  • Cell proliferation (growth) and cell differentiation (when a cell acquires a special function)
  • Signal interactions among other hormones such as insulin.
  • Endocrine regulation and reproductive function
  • Immune function
  • Energy homeostasis

Like most hormones in our bodies, balance is the key. We don’t want to have too much or too little.  Too much leptin can lead to leptin resistance. When the body is overexposed to leptin through excess body fat and high-sugar or high-fat diets, pathways affecting leptin transport and signaling become disrupted. The body becomes unresponsive to leptin’s hormonal messages, such as satiety and reduced appetite. This can make weight loss difficult and affect other facets of health, including joint and cardiovascular health.

Leptin-resistance may also lead to yo-yo dieting. When you are leptin-resistant and lose weight, that significantly reduces your leptin levels, and your brain thinks you are starving. You may experience hunger, increased appetite, reduced motivation to exercise, and decreased metabolism. This in turn causes you to quickly RE-gain lost weight.  Current research suggests that leptin resistance may be one reason that many diets fail to promote long-term weight loss.

Lifestyle can impact leptin resistance. Try to incorporate some of these strategies to reduce leptin resistance:

  • Decrease intake of processed foods
  • Eat more fiber, especially soluble fiber
  • Each week, Include 2-3 days of high intensity exercise (interval training, strength training, circuit training) in addition to 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise (such as walking, dancing, cycling) spread out over the 7 days of a week.
  • Get adequate, good quality sleep (7-8 hours a night is optimal)
  • Eat a balanced diet getting enough protein with moderate amount of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates (think leafy green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, low glycemic whole fruits, and whole grains high in fiber).

As I stated earlier, balance is the key for all of our hormones.  That is why I am so pleased to make TruLeptin Modulator™ available as part of our TruWeight formula.

TruLeptin Modulator is specifically designed to support weight loss through its effect on leptin levels with ORALVISC – a well researched, proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans.

  • Obese mice treated with ORALVISC tended to lose more body weight more quickly, showed a higher and faster loss of body fat after switching from a high-fat to the normal-fat, study diet. The treated animals’ adiposity index was 30% lower and the circulating leptin levels were 40% lower and showed signs of increased insulin sensitivity.
  • A double-blind, randomized, controlled study in humans tested the effects of ORALVISC on synovial fluid and serum leptin levels in overweight adults with joint discomfort. After 12 weeks, there was a significant decrease in serum leptin levels, and significant improvements in joint comfort. The supplemented group lost an average of 0.55 kilograms compared to a 0.75-kilogram weight gain in the placebo group and experienced a significant shift toward healthier blood lipid profiles.

If you have struggled to lose weight and keep it off, I recommend you consider TruLeptin™ Modulator in combination with our other TruWeight products: TruBerberine™ 5X, TruFiber™ Lean, TruProbiotic™ Lean and TruAmino™ Acid Complex for true gradual, healthy and sustainable weight loss support.

To your improving health!

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

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