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TruProbiotic Complex™ features a diverse blend of multiple Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus probiotic strains to support a healthy gut microbiome. Our multispecies, multistrain complex formula is specifically designed as a high-potency probiotic for a short-term course (2-4 weeks) after an illness requiring antibiotic therapy, after a COVID illness, after surgery, and in those with inflammatory GI disorders, such as IBS.

The COVID-19 illness and COVID-19 mRNA injections have been shown to severely damage the normal Bifidobacteria population essential for a healthy gut microbiome. Loss of normal Bifidobacteria strains is one factor leading to severe dysbiosis causing pain, cramping, abdominal bloaing, diarrhea and even nausea and reflux in patients after the COVID shots and after COVID illness. That’s why I chose this complex formula as one of the best options to restore multiple “good” bacteria species and strains after illnesses.

Imbalance between the healthy desirable bacteria in the gut and those that cause pain, inflammation and diarrhea can adversely affect digestion, bowel regularity, immune function and your overall health in many ways.This imbalance can be caused by poor diversity in diet, antibiotic use, PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors), Metformin, Laxatives, Statins, and even NSAIDS, Antacids, antidepressants, sleeping pills, and some cancer therapy drugs. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32409589/ This imbalance can affect your weight, your heart, susceptibility to infection and even cancer risk.

TruProbiotic Complex™ a diverse blend of 18 probiotic strains belonging to 13 different species of three different genera to support a healthy gut microbiome. Each strain is well-researched and identity-verified and has been genetically characterized and properly classified for your safety and assurance. These strains were not only selected for their health benefits and complementary actions but also for their viability and stability.

TruProbiotic Complex™ Clinical Applications:
• Supports a Healthy Microbiome*

• Replenishes Good Bacteria in the Gut*

• Supports the Natural Immune Response*

• Supports Lactose Digestion*

• Supports Bowel Regularity*

From our Product Data Sheet: “The lactic acid-producing strains in these formulas have a history of safe consumption and, based on testing, have excellent probiotic potential. Each bacterium has been genetically characterized and properly classified by independent labs. The organisms have demonstrated tolerance to low pH conditions (hydrochloric acid and pepsin at pH3 for one hour at 37°C), tolerance to bile at concentrations existing in the duodenum, and the ability to adhere to human epithelial cell lines (Caco-2 and HT-29).

Adhesion is thought to be an important factor affecting these bacteria’s length of time in the intestines, their ability to modulate immune function, and their ability to take up intestinal “real estate” in competition with other organisms.*

Many of the strains have had additional studies performed, which include testing for the following[20]:
• Competitive Inhibition – The ability of probiotics to maintain a healthy microbial balance in the gut is unquestionably important to its usefulness. Probiotics produce inhibitory compounds that limit the growth of other organisms, they compete with other organisms for adhesion sites and nutrients, and they inhibit the production of toxins, among other actions.*
• Cytokine and Immune Modulation – Microbiome organisms are key elements in the body’s defense system. Cytokines regulate immune system function, the included strains have demonstrated the ability to upregulate or downregulate various cytokines.*
• Antibiotic Resistance – Antibiotic susceptibility patterns are an important means of indicating the potential of an organism to be readily inactivated by antibiotics used in human therapy. Importantly, acquired antibiotic resistance or antibiotic resistance transfer have not been detected in any of these strains.*

TruProbiotic Complex™ in boxes of 15 stick packs for a two-week course. To protect the bacteria from light and moisture, opaque and foil lined packaging is utilized. Following one or two rounds of TruProbiotic Complex™ it is generally recommended to continue with TruProbiotic Daily™ to maintain health benefits of a balanced gut.

To your improving health!
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

All Truth for Health Foundation Formulas are Meet or Exceed Quality Standards set by FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). For more information, references from studies are listed in the Product Data Sheet.

Under medical practice regulations, we are unable to answer individual medical questions or make specific individual supplement recommendations for people who are not established patients of Dr. Vliet’s independent medical practice. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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