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Looking to boost your mitochondria function to increase cellular energy output and boost your overall energy? Looking for a supplement with antioxidant capacity that is 10 times better than polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables and 34 times more effective than glutathione? TruMitochondrial™ Boost with fermentation-based L-ergothioneine (L-ET) may be just what you need.

L-Ergothioneine (L-ET) is known as the “Longevity Vitamin” because it is the longest lasting, deepest penetrating oral antioxidant that has profound anti-inflammatory actions, eliminates DNA damaging acids, and increases mitochondrial function. L-ergothioneine is a naturally occurring thiol/thione derivative of histidine synthesized by certain fungi and bacteria. In recent years, an abundance of scientific literature has demonstrated L-ET’s antioxidant and cellular protective properties, and is driving intense interest in human health applications.

Humans do not synthesize L-ergothioneine, so we must obtain it through our diet. Mushrooms are the richest dietary source of L-ET, but it also occurs in small amounts in other foods.

L-ET has been shown to decrease the rate of oxidative stress–induced telomere shortening, which has implications for human longevity. In addition, decreases in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA damage suggest that L-ET is a genomic stabilizer. In the central nervous system, L-ET crosses the blood–brain barrier and is neuroprotective.

Blood levels of L-ET decline with age, and a faster decline is observed in individuals with mild cognitive impairment. The results of a cross-sectional study correlated low levels of L-ET with dementia severity and suggested that serum L-ET level could be a potential biomarker associated with cognitive impairment.

L-ET is also a powerful energy booster that scavenges all forms of free radicals: Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), Reactive Chlorine Species, Reactive Nitrogen Species, and inflammation base free radicals. NIH reported that L-Ergothioneine is a better free radical scavenger than glutathione and vitamin C.

Clinical studies have shown that TruMitochondrial™ Boost increased lifespan 12.8% and healthspan (which is the quality of your lifespan and the more important measure) increased by 42.6%. TruMitochondrial™ Boost works to increase mitochondrial metabolic activity even under conditions of extreme oxidative stress, inhibits lipid peroxidation 271% better than CoQ10, and increases cell viability by 45% and prevents damage to mitochondria and DNA.

TruMitochondrial™ Boost is different from other L-ET products in two important ways: (1) the dose per capsule is higher than other products, which means only two capsules per day are needed to reach the therapeutic dose level of 25 mg shown effective in clinical studies, and (2) TruMitochondrial™ Boost is a 99% pure, concentrated L-ET ingredient developed via a proprietary fermentation-based method. This sustainable production method is preferable to chemical synthesis or expensive purification of L-ET from food and results in the stable thione-based L-isomer in free amino acid form. Several studies document the efficacy of ergothioneine produced via this proprietary method.

Boosting mitochondria function is extremely important in today’s post-COVID/Long-COVID world and following the damage to mitochondrial and tissue oxygenation from the COVID-19 shots. We know that mitochondria play important roles in energy output, but many do not realize the role it plays in the immune system function.

This dual role of our mitochondria explains why when we are sick and fighting infection we are often fatigued. The mitochondria shift their focus to getting you better, not producing energy. This is why recently there has been so much focus on mitochondria and ways to improve function. Because humans do not synthesize L-ET and must acquire it through dietary intake or supplementation, TruMitochondrial™ Boost is a convenient way to optimize your mitochondrial function.

We are excited to bring you this UNIQUE product. L-ergothioneine is so beneficial for overall health and resilience that we included TruMitochondrial™ Boost as an integral part of our TruResilience Formula. We hope you will give it a try!

To your improving health!
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

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For more information, you can review some of the studies listed in the References in our Product Data Sheet

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