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Stupidocrisy: Biden’s Trans Day

Joe Biden has called for March 30 to be “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Oddly enough, it coincides with the Trans Radical Activist Network’s (TRAN) Trans Day of Vengeance on March 31, which was called off because TRANS said it couldn’t safely hold the day of projected violence because of the “flood of raw hatred directed toward the trans community after the Tennessee shooting.” So we have a president of the United States and a radical movement of violent transgendered people working together to promote this sexual deviant behavior as something that is normal in society. Biden has taken the opportunity to elevate transgendered people as the “soul” of America, “made in the image of God.” WHAT?

In his Transgender Day of Visibility declaration, Biden said, “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul–proudly serving in the military, curing deadly diseases, holding elected office, running thriving businesses, fighting for justice, raising families, and much more. As kids, they deserve what every child deserves: the chance to learn in safe and supportive schools, to develop meaningful friendships, and to live openly and honestly. As adults, they deserve the same rights enjoyed by every American, including equal access to health care, housing, and jobs and the chance to age with grace as senior citizens. But today, too many transgender Americans are still denied those rights and freedoms. A wave of discriminatory State laws is targeting transgender youth, terrifying families and hurting kids who are not hurting anyone.”

Joe, you believe that the soul of America is shaped by transgendered people and the image of GOD is transgender? This is offensive. You are saying that the soul of America is shaped by those who identify as some form of gender—which they claim many sexual identities—other than the gender of their birth. And Biden is saying that as kids…as kids…they deserve to be openly transgendered. Yes Joe, as adults trans people should be treated equally under the law and with kindness. But the agenda of preying on, grooming, evangelizing, and confusing children into making decisions that they may regret when they become adults is morally wrong. Biden, in his proclamation, estimated that suicidal thoughts among this population are over 50%. That’s a majority. And Biden claims this demographic shapes the soul of our nation?

Going against this agenda is not popular among the extremists in the media and in the LGBTQ+ community. But this particular political movement is detrimental to America and the very fabric of society. Again, what these people do and become as adults is their business as protected by law, but when they prey upon children to evangelize their agenda and brainwash and confuse them, it becomes all of our business. Why ever would the President of the United States promote such perversion? The Old Testament prohibits men wearing women’s clothes and vice-versa and says homosexuality is abomination. Romans 1:28 says of these people, “God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are unfit.” And Biden says they are shaping the soul of America. This is really…say it with me…stupidocrisy.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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