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Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022: A Special Interview With Edward Dowd

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Welcome, everyone, and thank you for joining us today. We are joined by Ed Dowd, who we’ve
interviewed previously and from that interview are others that you likely have seen him in, you
may recognize that he is a former analyst with BlackRock. I suspect most people on this site
know what BlackRock is, but they are the largest manager of assets in the world. I think over $10
trillion, which is more than any country in the world, except for the United States and China.
Ed worked for them for a while. He managed some funds and because he can see trends before
many other people, many of his peers and the public can, he was able to grow the assets he had
under managed from $2 billion to $14 billion. Then, he decided he didn’t want to be involved
with that, and I’ll let Ed tell his story how he got to be involved in this crusade to expose the
fraud and basically the biggest, murderous or crimes against humanity in the history of the
world, simply put.
I want to thank you and welcome you and thank you for joining us. Perhaps you can start off,
and we have him on for his book today, too, but before we get to the book, I want you to help us
understand why you pivoted from I would assume a relatively lucrative position with BlackRock
into this crusade that you’re on, which is certainly not done for financial motivation because
there’s no benefit to it.
Edward Dowd:
No. I left BlackRock about 10 years ago and moved to Maui with my now ex-wife to become
entrepreneurial and get away from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street. My now ex-wife started a
business. I tried to start a couple. I’m currently trying to start a couple more now with a new
hedge fund, but I had health issues at the end of my BlackRock career and I nursed myself back
to health outside of the medical system. In fact, the medical system is part of the reason I got into
such bad shape. I had depression, mild depression and anxiety, just mild. I saw a psychiatrist and
a therapist, and then next thing I know I’m on all these drugs and I’m clinically depressed.
That was a long journey back. I’m not on any medications, nothing. I do holistic approaches to
my health, spirituality, fasting, diet, exercise, meditation, breathing exercises. I can honestly say
my memory now is better than it was pre-anxiety and depression because I’ve learned a lot about
spirituality and life, living in the present moment, really listening to people, really observing and
not worrying too much about the future, thinking about the past. That’s what we were meant to
be. We were meant to be in the present moment, so that’s nursed me back to health.
You can imagine when this product came to market, I was very suspicious because I know a lot
about health care because I was on Wall Street and I used to analyze healthcare stocks. I knew
that normal vaccines took seven to 10 years for safety data and to prove effectiveness and safety,
both of which take that amount of time. This was an experimental vaccine, nontraditional gene
therapy that had never been tested on humans, and I read the literature on the animal tests and
they were an abomination. Then, this thing was approved in 28 days. They got rid of the control
group. I knew it was Operation Warp Speed, so I was highly suspicious of this whole thing from
the get-go.
Then in early ’21, I started hearing the anecdotes that people who were getting kind of sick
and/or injured or deaths from distant friends and relatives that I hadn’t heard before. Then, I
started reading about sudden athlete deaths, so I suspected the vaccine right away. I didn’t have
the data that I have now, but I said to myself, “You know, I’m going to look at insurance
company results, funeral home results.” That eventually led to excess mortality statistics. But
before that, when the vaccine mandates hit, and when I told you about my health and my sojourn
out of my illness, I’d be damned if I was going to take something against my will. That’s when I
made the clarion call and I prayed to God to be of service, and through a series of coincidence
and events, my message was able to be elevated through Dr. [Robert] Malone and others, and
now eventually I have my own thing going with the platform that people want to – I’m known as
the excess mortality guy right now.
This is what I’ve learned through my own personal experience is that pharma is on the whole
mostly fraudulent. Most of these drugs for years that have been approved by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) aren’t really all that safe and effective. They have to recall so many drugs
every year. The FDA has been wholly captured by the pharma industry. It’s 70%, 75% of their
drug approval pharma arm of the FDA comes from pharma fees directly by the companies, so
this has been corrupted for a long time and it’s now exposed primarily because this is such a
large amount of people. It’s hard to hide this one, and fraud has been going on, I think, for a
while. The institution’s been thoroughly corrupted.
Once this fraud is — it’s unveiled and it’s out there for people to see, but it’s only in the echo
chamber because mainstream media is still beholden to large pharma because of all the ad spend
and the government policymakers who have made this want this to go away. There’s a giant
cover-up going on as far as I’m concerned. The data that I’m going to talk about with you guys
today is there for the global health authorities to see. They see what I see and at this point, it’s
negligence, malfeasance and a cover-up and a crime. That’s why I’m here because I don’t believe
anybody has a right to tell me what to do with my body, and I can’t believe this actually
happened. The numbers I’m going to reveal to you are now a national security concern and we
can talk about that.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Sure. I deeply appreciate that you were able to navigate your way through the health [care
system] and recognize early on that the health care system is designed to actually make you
sicker and profit them. I suspect some of your improvement was related to the fact that you
changed your environment. I’m assuming when you worked for BlackRock and on Wall Street,
you were in New York, New York City.
Edward Dowd:
I was in Boston, but I was in oneDr. Joseph Mercola:
Edward Dowd:
-of those high-rise towers.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Same difference.
Edward Dowd:
Yeah. Never saw the sun, you know?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so there’s quite a contrast at Maui for sure. NoEdward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-comparison, so that and the other modalities you mentioned certainly contributed to your
improvement. Why don’t we dive into some of the numbers that you were referring to and
explore that for a bit?
Edward Dowd:
Well, what I’m going to do on your show today is basically tell you what I’m going to say to
Senator Ron Johnson next week in Washington, D.C. I’ve been invited to a round table, a private
round table where I will I reveal what I’m about to say to them. Then if it’s decided upon by the
group of people that I get to speak at a press event the next day. I’ll be one of the people chosen.
That’s yet to be determined, but here’s the bottom line. I’m going to use data that’s not my data.
This is data that’s – we used Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data early on,
but we were then ratified by The Society of Actuaries, and then the U.S. Disability Data.
Let me go into group life. Group life policies are policies given to large Fortune 500 corporations
and mid-sized companies. Basically, when you’re onboard to one of these companies, you sign
your healthcare form on day one. You pick your health plan, and then you sign your death
benefit and you sign a – you name the beneficiary should you die. It’s usually one to two times
your salary. This is kind of a joke when you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s, because you
just don’t expect to die unless some horrible accident befalls you. You’re not thinking that way,
so once you sign it, you just kind of forget about it.
It’s a very lucrative business for the insurance companies because the death rates are very
predictable, and they’ve done studies on the group life population, which is a subset. There’s the
population of the U.S., and then there’s the civilian labor force, which is about 164 million. Then,
there’s 98 million that are actually employed and working. The group life people are a tiny subset
of the 98 million because these are the workers at the best corporations with access to best health
care, highly educated and employed, which means that you have to have some measure of health
to be employed. The only way you get a claim on these policies is if you die while employed. If
you quit or fired, you don’t get this claim.
The industry did some research in 2016 to determine, “How healthy is this population versus the
general U.S. population?” Well, the study came out that I referenced in my book that said they
did [crosstalk 00:09:38]-
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
What’s the name of your book?
Edward Dowd:
The name of the book is “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.”
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Edward Dowd:
By the way, it’s a good Christmas gift for family members that still don’t see reality yet, so think
about that when it comes out. In the book, we reference this report, and this report said that in
any given year, the group life policyholders die at a third the rate of the general U.S. population.
They experience a third the mortality rate of the general U.S. population, so they’re just healthy.
They’re working. It makes sense, right?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Edward Dowd:
What happened in 2021 to this group? Well, let’s talk about what happened in 2020. COVID
affected everybody, and the general U.S. population experienced more excess mortality from
COVID pre-vaccine than the group life holders, so that relationship helped. Well, in 2021 that
flipped. Ages 25 through 64 of the group life policyholders, as reported by The Society of
Actuaries, not my numbers — their numbers — said that they experienced 40% excess mortality.
The general U.S. population in 2021 experienced 32% excess mortality. This is year two of the
pandemic with miracle vaccines. Isn’t that interesting? A much healthier subset of the population
died at a higher rate than the general population. That’s number one.
Let’s go to a second database, the U.S. Disability Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does
surveys. They do the employment report every month. They also ask questions about disability
and it’s a survey done about 40,000 phone calls every month and they statistically impute these
numbers. Prior to COVID, disability was running around 29 to 30 million from the prior four to
five years. That’s absolute numbers. After vaccinations in May of ’21, there was a trend change
and the rate of change shot up, and if you look at the chart, which we don’t have here, it looks
like it’s basing stock, but then it’s gaps up and runs at a 45-degree angle, which is what it’s done.
As of September of 2022, there were 33.2 million disabled Americans. That’s an extra 4.2 to 3.2
whether you use 30 or 29 million. That’s a three standard deviation rate of change since May of
’21, which is on Wall Street a signal, and that means that 0.03% of the time this occurred, so
something happened that was different and that started in May of 2021. Let’s, then, look at the
numbers for different sets of people in that disability overall number. So we have the overall
U.S. population. Since May of ’21, the overall U.S. population has experienced an 11% rate of
increase in disabilities, 11% rate of increase in their disability rate.
The employed, which is about 98 million of the 320 [million] we got in the U.S., 98 million
experienced about 26% rate of increase in their disability rate since May of ’21. We have two
different databases suggesting the same thing. It was detrimental to your health to be employed
in 2021 and 2022. Remember the disability data is as of September of 2022. We did this study in
June and the numbers actually got worse, and so the unemployed rate was 22% when I wrote my
book. It’s now 26%, the rate of increase in the disability rate. So, something is happening to the
most able-bodied amongst us in our country: college students, those employed, those in the
military, those frontline workersDr. Joseph Mercola:
NowEdward Dowd:
-andDr. Joseph Mercola:
Let me just … Can I stop you for a moment? The numbers you’re quoting is the percentage of the
total population, the subset of population? Or is that the percentage of increase?
Edward Dowd:
No, so there’s a disability rate, that’s the increase in their disability rate, so the disability rate
was… I’ll just pick a number, eight. It went up to 8.7, which translates into a 26% increase in the
disability rate. This is just rate of change, and so those who are employed are getting disabled
faster than the general U.S. population. Does that make sense?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Mm-hmm. Sure.
Edward Dowd:
There’s more employed people. Their disability rate is shooting up much higher than the total
U.S. population. That shouldn’t happen, Dr. Mercola. You know this. The employed amongst us
are healthier, generally speaking, because you have to have a job to be counted as employed. If
you have a job, you tend to be able to show up at work. Basically, the bottom line is this. The
only explanation for this that I can see is mandates and vaccines, biological, I don’t even call
them vaccines, biological inoculations, experimental. Let’s think about this going forward for the
next several years if this is the case and we don’t know the long-term effects of the vaccine yet or
the medium-term effects.
I can tell you one of my whistleblowers told me from the insurance company that as of August of
2022, the millennial cohort is still experiencing 36% excess mortality in the group life holders.
People in Fortune 500 companies are dying at a much more excessive rate than those who are not
employed there, so this has implications for years to come. It’s a national security concern as far
as I can tell, and I’m going to say that to Senator Johnson and team that this is national security
concern. We have seemed to have poisoned the most able-bodied amongst us in our country
through mandates and vaccines.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Definitely what you would predict from an engineered bioweapon, and this information is being
suppressed. This is not widely known, and you’ve been on a number of podcasts exposing it over
the last year or so, but what’s been your experience with this information getting out there?
Edward Dowd:
Well, when I first started coming out it was myself and Josh Stirling, an ex-Wall Street insurance
analyst. We were using CDC data. At the time in March of this year, we were just two dudes on
the internet, but no one really challenged us because the data we did was correct. As we roll
through time, The Society of Actuaries verified and basically said the same thing we said. We
said 84% excess mortality into the third quarter of 2021, Society of Actuaries basically said the
same thing, same numbers. As we roll through and then we get the disability data in June of this
year, so different databases are starting to make our story stronger and our case stronger.
I have two gentlemen I started a hedge fund with. We launched what’s called The Humanity
Project, and there, they’ve analyzed U.K. data, Eurostat for all of Europe, Germany. They just
did the U.S. and no matter how you slice it, excess mortality amongst the young has gone up. In
year one of the pandemic, old people died. In year two, make shift to younger, working folks. As
we roll through time, the case just gets stronger and stronger. My book is coming out. We hope
the book — the book was pitched to me. I didn’t go seeking this, and the idea is we put it all in
one place and hopefully this thing starts to spread by word of mouth and I start to break through
to mainstream media, so that’s the goal. My [crosstalk 00:17:32]-
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
The publisher is Skyhorse, and that’s a joint venture between them and Children’s Health Defense
and Robert Kennedy Jr., who wrote the foreword to your book.
Edward Dowd:
Correct, correct, and the hope is Senator Johnson has my book. He ordered the eBook, so the
hope is I get to D.C., my voice is heard, and we start to break through. The other thing that’s
going on is because of our work on — my hedge fund partner’s work on vaccines and the kind of
hedge fund we’re going to do, it’s a global macro hedge fund that predicts growth rates of
economies, inflation. We express those ideas through futures indices of stock markets, credit
markets and commodities. We’re going to raise capital because our models are going to be able
to pick up these horrendous disabilities and population changes.
Capital is interested in us, and I’ve been involved in a couple of hedge funds and usually we have
to go beg for money. Money is coming to us to talk to us, but we’re going to be very picky about
who we let in the door to be our seed funder because the seed funder gets 20% of our company.
We’re actually interviewing people to see if we have the same values. Capital is coming to bet on
the reality. The reality is most of the globe has been poisoned to one degree or another. Some
die, some get disabled, some may get disabled later, and some are uninjured at all, but this is —
Dr. Mercola, we’re going to be talking about this for the next hundred years. The reason why I
want to make a point that capital’s coming to us is money seems to crystallize doubt in people’s
I have an anecdote. I had a friend here two weeks ago, he’s in private equity. He thought I was a
conspiracy theorist. He heard about my book, pooh-poohed it. Argued with me. Someone
showed him a Bannon video and he was arguing with me. I said, “Look, Jim, I don’t really care
what you think. I have conversations right now to raise capital to bet on this reality that we see.”
As soon as he heard the word “capital” and that it as a real thing, he turned ashen white and ran
out of there. It’s somehow that broke the spell, somehow that broke the spell. I hope by telling
people that money is coming here to us to take advantage of the reality that is going on that it
breaks the spell, even if you think I’m a conspiracy theorist.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, for sure. I’m assuming you are continually monitoring the statistics, and if you are,
wondering if you can relate the trend line that you’re seeing. Has it peaked? Is it going up? Is it
going down? What are your projections for the near-term and perhaps even the long-term?
Edward Dowd:
The CDC numbers, excess mortality has kind of leveled out between 15% and 20% for the
general U.S. population. What I told you from an insider is that in the month of August it was
36% for millennials. Remember, group life folks work for large corporations, so that makes
sense. If you’re employed and boosters are still being mandated where you work, your excess
mortality would tend to be higher than the general U.S. population because lots of people have
choice that are either retired, too young to take them, or like you and me, self-employed. This is
the trend and the trend in Europe and the U.K. looks about 10% to 15% to 20%. If that continues,
that’s a disaster, just a disaster. The CEO of OneAmerica, Scott Davison, said a 10% rise in
excess mortality amongst younger-age working people is a three standard deviation event or a
once in a 200-year flood. That’s just 10%.
He said the 40% they saw in 2021 was just unfathomable and they couldn’t even calculate what
that meant. We’re above 10%, so we’re well above the three standard deviation event. What we
don’t know, Dr. Mercola, is the long-term trends. What I anecdotally — I’ll speak to my own
personal experience — I know individuals in their 30s who got this vaccine. Some only got the
first shot. I talked them out of the booster, but one of the individuals I know, a young woman, 30,
got it in December of last year. Now, she’s presenting with heart issues now in the month of
October. She’s got a heart rate beat per minute of 30, which as you know, is you only have that if
you’re an Olympic athlete. Even they only have around 40, so she’s got problems. I’m hearing
lots and lots of issues with hearts in a lot of my millennial friends’ circles that have presented
themselves well after the shot.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, I think that most experts that I’m familiar with that have studied this agree that every
single person who gets the jab has heart damage. Now, some of them may tolerate it well for a
variety of reasons and some of them are going to die or have died, but every single person is
harmed by this. You can measure that objectively by lab testing, I think troponin levels, which
we show elevated in just virtually every single person, so that’s no surprise. The adoption rate of
the newest version of the vaccine, the bivalent vaccine, I understand, is about 10%, so that’s like
90% of the people aren’t getting it. They’ve come to their senses and realize this is nonsense, but
that may be the good side.
I wonder if you can integrate that with the next question is, it’s clear the intentional of the pharma
industry is to launch a lot more vaccines. My guess is most of them would be based on the
template of the messenger RNA vaccine because they grandfather in, as they have already with
the COVID vaccines, the ability to essentially prove the vaccine because it was previously used,
it’s found to be safe and effective. They’ve got not 10, not 20, not 50, not a hundred, 500 vaccines
in development to be released before the end of this decade. I mean, they’re going to wipe out a
huge portion of the population if this gets launched. What’s your take on that?
Edward Dowd:
Well, I’m working very hard to stop that. Right now, look, if we were operating under normal,
well, I don’t know if it’s ever been normal. My eyes have been opened up, but if we were in the
’70s, this thing would’ve ended in January of 2021. We had 25-
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, weEdward Dowd:
-deaths in thisDr. Joseph Mercola:
-we haveEdward Dowd:
-you knowDr. Joseph Mercola:
-an example of that. That’s exactly what happened with the swine flu in ’76.
Edward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
They shut it downEdward Dowd:
25 deathsDr. Joseph Mercola:
-after 50 deaths.
Edward Dowd:
-we shut it down. 25 deaths. We got 15,000-plus in Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
(VAERS) right now, and apparently that’s unreliable I’m told, butDr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, because it’s underreported by 40% or 40 times.
Edward Dowd:
Yeah. Look, there was a mass fear propaganda campaign, and there was also a lot of people who
were convinced that for some reason to get this, and I call it the sunk-cost fallacy. Ego
unfortunately is a bad thing sometimes, and so a lot of people who took this didn’t really take it
for their health. They took it for virtue signaling tribal reasons and they wanted to feel superior to
other people. There was a lot of people that did that. We know who they are. There’s a lot of
corporate executives who felt like they were doing a service to the country and they mandated it
for their employees.
There’s a spell that has to be broken that you were duped and you were fooled, so ego, my
business of investing, ego kills. If you buy a stock and your investment thesis is proven wrong,
what you should do is pull a 180 [degrees] and sell the stock because you’re wrong. What I found
in my experience with even some of the greatest investors is if their ego was attached to it, they
would ignore clear evidence that the thesis was compromised and even sometimes fraud would
be involved in some of these companies. They would continue to buy the stock all the way down
and make the analogy that that’s what taking boosters is at this point. Taking boosters for a
product that doesn’t work at all, doesn’t prevent COVID nor transmission.
Let’s say you think it’s safe and effective. That’s just a losing bet, but now there’s serious safety
concerns that are proven, so it’s literally your ego that’s going to kill you. We call that dumb
money on Wall Street. Think of this like a trade. You either long the vaccine or short the
vaccine. Those of us who didn’t take it are short. Those who are long have an opportunity to kind
of pull a 180 [degrees] on this and not get boosters. That would be the equivalent of selling
stock. Those who continue to get boosters are getting longer the vaccine as more and more
evidence rolls out.
This is the greatest asymmetric information gap I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and it’s due to a
whole host of factors, media blackouts, government corruption, regulator corruption and ego,
people’s individual ego. This is the greatest trade of my lifetime and, what side of the trade do
you want to be on? My hope is to convince people to cut their losses and stop taking this thing
and then look at ways to heal the damage that’s been done and hope — the good news is there
does seem to be people working on protocols to at least mitigate and hopefully reverse some of
the damage.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Oh, that’s for sure. I mean, it is — well, it’s for sure you can treat the illness, COVID or SARSCoV-2 infection. It’s less clear that you can easily or readily combat the effects of the jab. That
remains to be seen, but biology’s pretty impressive and resilient, and if you provide these simple
— some strategies, it can help recover, but some people may be beyond recovery I think because
it’s such a serious — well, it’s not such a — it’s a serious bioweapon, but it’s compounded in the
fact that it laid on the framework of decades of people abusing their bodies through similar
propaganda, through eating wrong foods and stresses and such. The foods have a big deal to do
with this and vitamin D exposure and such, things like that.
Anyway, you had mentioned that this is going to an impact on our infrastructure because of this
disability rate and then, obviously, the people dying prematurely. Can you give us some
examples of that? When do you think we’ll see the impact of those statistics?
Edward Dowd:
We’ve estimated there’s like a couple million to 3 million people that have been disabled since
this began. The total employment in the U.S. is 98 million. Right now, the unemployment rate
officially is 3%, because once you get disabled you’re no longer counted, but let’s add back the
disabled to that. It’s running around 6% real unemployment if you count those people. Why is
that important? The headline numbers, that’s 3% unemployment and we have help wanted signs
everywhere. Well, the reason you have help wanted signs is because people who used to be able
to work, able-boded Americans, are no longer able to work, so it’s creating shortages.
There’s also not complete disability. Some people are sucking it up and dragging their ass to
work, but they’re also missing days, and a lot of people are calling in and missing days. I
experienced that anecdotally last Friday. I had a reservation for a restaurant. My reservation was
canceled in the afternoon because the staff called in. They didn’t have enough staff for whatever
reason. I can also talk about what I’m seeing with supply chain with automobiles. My car was hit
in July 14th of this summer, and I was at a stop sign, no injuries to me, but my left headlight
panel was destroyed and the radiator was damaged.
Took 10 days to get a police report because my police department has staff shortages. Then, I
called around and there are shortages of parts all across the globe and the body shops are backed
up. I couldn’t even get a tow to a body shop until November. Then, you know, thenDr. Joseph Mercola:
From July?
Edward Dowd:
Yeah. Then, so I couldn’t get an estimate to give to my insurance company, so I had to do a
photo estimate. That took them about a month to get back to me, and then when I put in the
repairs, my insurance company said, “We’re going to junk your car. It’s a total loss. We’ll cut you
a check.” Now, the reason they did that was because they’re making money off my junk car
because they’re going to sell the parts. They gave me more money than the Blue Book value and
I said, “Okay,” but I was like, “How does this work? How does this math work? How can you
give me more money than the Blue Book value?” Well, it’s because they took the car and they’re
going to strip it down and sell Audi A6 parts. This is kind of the glacial beginning, what I call
“glacial Mad Max” scenario.
Goods and services that we used to take for granted are going to start to disappear, like this
delivering food, this Uber Eats, that’s going to go the way of the dodo bird. There’s just not going
to be enough people to fill these jobs and it’s going to become increasingly more difficult to get
things. Supply chains are already broken. They’re going to become more broken with less people
on the margin. You remember, these supply chains are all done just-in-time. That was a big thing
when I was on Wall Street. “Oh, just-in-time supply chain, super efficient.” Well, just-in-time
was algorithmically designed to use the least amount of people. Now, you just need a couple of
people to call in sick or disappear, everything kind of gets backed up, so this is beginning. It’s
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
We’re in the midst of it. Do you think it’ll accelerate in 2023? Or it’ll stay at the same rate?
Edward Dowd:
Oh no, I think it’s going to get worse and worse. I think that — what I’m hearing about the
medium-term impacts is scaring me. I mean, we should have seen — because of the uptake in
boosters has lessened, we should have seen excess mortality start to drop into single digits. It’s
not. It’s still kind of running and trending, and I suspect when the numbers are in from the flu
season this winter, excess mortality will trend up again because people’s immune systems are
compromised. Illnesses that would have been easy to withstand are going to knock some people
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
As I was preparing for this interview, I wanted to discuss the decreaseEdward Dowd:
[inaudible 00:32:58].
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-in life expectancy with you. I looked up the report that was published in The New York Times,
August 31st of this year because I wanted to be sure I was right with the statistics. For those who
aren’t familiar with life expectancy, it’s pretty stable. It has been for decades, and the last two
years it dropped. Normally a drop of a month or two is pretty extraordinary. It didn’t drop a
month or two. It dropped three to four years, which hasn’t happened in a hundred years.
The feeling I had when I read that article reminded me of the article I read when I still had a
subscription to the print journal JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association. That
was in July of 2000, 22 years ago, 22 years ago. I said, “I don’t know how this thing got printed.”
The title didn’t say it, but I looked at the data in the charts and said, “This is crazy.” The medical
system, the medical physicians and their mistakes are the third leading cause of death, third
leading cause of death. I created that meme and it went viral in the early 2000s.
I had the same feeling when I read this article, so I went to — I sought to identify the source so it
was accurate. You know what they did? I didn’t… I actually created a slide of it so I had a copy
and slide, so I had the exact headline. I typed in the exact headline, The New York Times. It was
nowhere to be found, even on one of the best search engines, which is Brave. You cannot trust
Google. It has been scrubbed, scrubbed from the internet. It’s gone.
Edward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
There was like dozens of other stories that had copied it, other sites, and you go to click on these,
it’s gone. It says, “404.” They just — I was shocked that they published it because it was — you
know, of course, in the original article they said, “Well, this is probably because of COVID,”
even though the average COVID death is, I believe, 85 years old. That should, theoretically,
increase the life expectancy, not decrease it because life expectancy was 79. It went down to 76.
To me, it was just prima fascia evidence of the fraud, but it’s been buried, absolutely buried,
which speaks to another aspect that you related to other is the obfuscation of the data, the
burying of it so they can promote their propaganda. When I read your book, I don’t recall you
referencing this life expectancy issue, which totally supports your thesis.
Edward Dowd:
No, we didn’t put that in the book. We’re just counting the bodies, but we didn’t see — I didn’t
see that article.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Well, this is bodies. This is bodies, life expectancy.
Edward Dowd:
I know, but we didn’t see —we didn’t include life expectancy data because you can play —
someone came into my LinkedIn and suggesting — you know, he’s a very well-known
mathematician. He said according to his calculations, life expectancy is expected to drop in the
next five years to 53 years. Now, I went to my Ph.D.-
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Edward Dowd:
-but — well, hold on. I went to my PhD physicist and said this and he said, “Be careful with that,
Ed, because it’s like discounted cash flows. You can make assumptions on terminal values that
can flip it around quite a bit.” That’s why we didn’t go anywhere near life expectancy rates. We’re
just counting excess mortality, which is harder math. It doesn’t require all sorts of calculations
and assumptions. I’m not saying that it didn’t drop two years. That sounds reasonable to me, but
55 years or it’s 53-
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Well, 53, yeahEdward Dowd:
-seemsDr. Joseph Mercola:
-that may seem extreme. I would thinkEdward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-about that. I just suspect that was more hyperboleEdward Dowd:
Yeah [crosstalk 00:36:56]-
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-but then the life expectancy data they showed seemed to be — it was recorded deaths, the
analysis they did, and there was absolutely no incentive, a negative incentive, for them to
exaggerate it.
Edward Dowd:
Well, and this — when was this articleDr. Joseph Mercola:
This wasEdward Dowd:
-written and when was it scrubbed?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
It — well, it was published in The New York Times. I think they’re the primary media source for
it, and it was published August 31st of this year, August 31st. Someone picked it up and
[crosstalk 00:37:29].
Edward Dowd:
Okay, and now it’s gone?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
It’s gone. It is gone.
Edward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
It is gone. You cannot find it. You try to type in life expectancy data 2022, unless you know the
headline, you can’t even find the ones that were scrubbed because all these other sites that picked
up that headline that day hosted it, they have now a 404. You can’t [crosstalk 00:37:51]-
Edward Dowd:
Did you print out a hard copy of this?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
YesEdward Dowd:
Did you?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-I do, which is another issue. Because of the suppression and this censorship, the internet is in
my view, one of the greatest inventions ever in the history of humanity, but it’s becoming less
and less useful because you have to know where to go. Even if you go to The New York Times,
it’s not on their site. It’s not on their site. You can’t find it, but if you have the title, you can find it
in archive sites. There are some copies floating, but you’ve got to be pretty literate in navigating
the internet to find those. 99.999% of people will not find it.
Edward Dowd:
Right, you have to use the Way Back Machine, which I don’t know how to use.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah,, yeah.
Edward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
You know, you can find it, but it’s there, but oh. Then, I knew I was right because they — I was
shocked that they let that data out.
Edward Dowd:
Well, it must have been an oversight, and then there was a “ruh-roh” moment and some calls
were made and that was the end of that.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, but to me it’s an absolutely supporting evidence, not evidence, but data that supports what
your thesis is.
Edward Dowd:
Well, and there’s another area of data that people want us to look at, which we haven’t yet,
because the data’s not as clean. That’s birth rates. We haven’t gone there yet because my cohorts
looked at the data and they like clean data. We’re not — what we don’t want to do is discredit
ourselves by speaking to data that we can’t at leastDr. Joseph Mercola:
Edward Dowd:
-verify. I’m being very careful in what I talk about, and when I go to see Senator Johnson, to
prove my case, I’m using Society of Actuary numbers and U.S. Bureau of Labor Department
Statistics. I’m not using anything from The Humanity Project website, which just is reams and
reams of data. I’m just using good old Society of Actuaries and government statistics and it
proves the case.
The point I want to make is the data is all over the place in different databases, and there’s other
interesting data points coming out now. Obviously, I looked at funeral home companies. Their
results are off the charts. Insurance companies are taking on losses. Well, some people are
starting to monitor ambulance calls for heart attacks and they’re off the hook. Also, people are
looking at blood-thinning medicines and sales are shooting through the roof, so there’s anecdotes,
signals, hard data. It’s literally, at this point, a joke, but I’m just amazed by the amount of people
who don’t want to look at this because of the sunk-cost fallacy, their ego. They couldn’t even
fathom that this could happen.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Agree. So I’m curious as to the intention of you writing this book. I know you were – it’s not
something you decided to. You were encouraged to write it, but I suspect the intention is, as you
alluded to earlier, to wake up the people who don’t understand yet to show them the hard data.
Edward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Is that the primary purpose?
Edward Dowd:
Well, I’m not a scientist. I’m not a doctor. I’m a financial capital markets expert. What do we do
in financial capital markets? We accumulate information and information edges over other
people to make decisions on asset classes to make money before everybody else sees the trend
change. That’s how you make money. I live in the world between perception and reality and
timing of that switch from perception to reality. That’s how you make money. Right now, the
perception from 90% of the population seems to be, “This is safe and effective and I’m crazy.”
Well, my data suggests that I’m not crazy. “Not only am I not crazy, you’re so wrong it’s going to
be detrimental to your health.”
The book is a journey through how I think. I present the theory of the case. It’s simple deductive
reasoning, and you don’t have to believe me, but you have to ask this question. If 2020 was so
exciting to the media and the health officials that counted all the deaths with such glee, they’re
not talking about the excessive death rates we’re seeing globally, especially amongst the
younger-age working folks and the employed folks. There seems to be crickets on that, so you
have to ask yourself, if that’s not a national security concern and a national health crisis, then
what is? Why the silence? Well, prima fascia evidence of a coverup of my thesis, which is
You know, look at my book as a stock thesis. It’s my investment case on why I would pitch a
stock to you, but instead, I’m just pitching you a trade. “Get out of the vaccine. Stop taking them.
This is why you’re on the wrong side of the trade, and if you don’t listen to me, instead of losing
money, you’re probably going to lose your health and/or life.”
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, and your book is not a long book. It’s a relatively quick read. It’s one of thoseEdward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-books I can read in one sitting. There’s lots of pictures, so you can be entertained and educated
at the same time, and picture, flip the page and you got it, so it’s quick to read. The reason I’m
mentioning that, you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by lots of complex statistical
analysis. It’s pretty straightforward and you can get the picture and hopefully convince some of
your friends and relatives who haven’t understood it from this perspective yet.
Edward Dowd:
Yeah, the way I’ve told some of my colleagues, I say, “Look, remember on Wall Street when we
would write?” I was on Wall Street. I was in equity research. We would write research reports
with an investment thesis, and sometimes it would be on a stock or a whole industry. We would
write what we call a black paper or white paper on it. Then, if it made sense, we’d get calls and
then people would want to talk to us, verify our research. That’s what this book is. This book is
basically a sell side Wall Street guy like myself putting it in book form for people to read and
decide for themselves whether my side of the trade’s right. I put it in Wall Street speak with lots
of different databases, lots of different evidence. It’s not me. The numbers are the numbers, and
you can come to your conclusion.
If your conclusion is that I’m wrong, I’m open to any explanation that can describe the excess
mortality we’re seeing post-pandemic, post-miracle vaccines and why it keeps rising. Denmark is
a hallmark case. My two Ph.D. physicists looked at the Denmark data, which is on our website,
and every year since 2020, excess mortality’s gone up for the total population. It went up above
2020 and ’21, and above ’21 and ’22. What did Denmark just do in September? They came out
and said they’re banning the vaccine for those under 50, and in fact, they said without much
fanfare, but they said, “We’d rather you get COVID than the vaccine if you’re under 50,” which is
Orwellian speak for the vaccine kills you more assuredly than COVID. I mean, that’s what they
said without saying it.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, fortunately, it’s not the doublespeak, which is an absolute reverse of the truth. They were
telling the truth, they’d rather do that, which is kind of surprising I guess, but I guess if you’re
going to expect it from any country, that’s probably the region of the world where you expect it
first. Certainly not Europe or the United States or Australia. This is great. It’s a good book. I
think it makes a great Christmas present, as you alluded to earlier, the timing. It comes out
December 13th in print version. The eBook is out now, and I don’t know, I didn’t have — I got
an electronic version of your book, but it was huge. It was 200 megs with all the pictures, so I
really [inaudible 00:45:58]-
Edward Dowd:
Yeah, it’s much better in print format, and as you flip the pages, it just builds the case slowly but
surely. There’s so many QR codes where you can verify. A lot of the articles we put in on sudden
athletic deaths, there’s a QR code. Is this story real? Yeah, it’s real. Oh, here’s what I say about
The Society of Actuaries with a link to their report. Oh, here’s what I say about U.S. Disability
data. Here’s a link. The links, there’s just links so you can… Everything I sourced. There’s a
foreword written by Bobby Kennedy. There’s an afterword written by Gavin de Becker. It’s a
powerful book. It’s a book that I hope changes the marginal mind, and what we don’t do in the
book is we don’t get into the who and why.
We don’t want to assault someone’s worldview, but the data’s so compelling, we do say at the end
of the book, “You don’t have to believe me, but at the very least the health authorities see what
we see and there’s crickets about this. There’s a coverup going on and malfeasance at this point.”
That’s it. I mean, a lot of people can hang onto that without getting into like other things that may
assault their worldview and which they won’t believe anyway, so we’re just — I’m telling you,
we’re putting a trade on. The trade is “Short the vaccine, and if you want to keep going long the
vaccine, you can do it, but here’s the data. I want to help you, but don’t be on the wrong side of
the trade.”
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, because you’re going to pay for that choice with your life orEdward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
… die prematurely or become disabled, which could be even worse, permanent [crosstalk
Edward Dowd:
Yeah, Dr. Jessica Rose said on an interview with me, and I put her quote in the book, some
things are worse than death. The most acute adverse reaction is death. There are other ones that
can make your life pretty miserable for a long, long time, and then also make other people’s lives
miserable that have to take care of you. It’s, I mean, the other thing when you think about with
labor statistics is if there’s someone in the house that’s disabled severely, the person who’s not
disabled loses work hours and work weeks taking care of that person, taking them to hospital
visits, what have you.
Also, think about the hospital infrastructure that’s going to be overwhelmed, especially with the
health care workers that were mandated to take all these jabs. We’re going to have a health care
crisis, whether you know it or not. It’s coming, and you’re not going to have access to health care,
but is that such a bad thing? That’s why I think people need to look at holistic health themselves
and get as healthy as possible right now. I mean, if you are overweight, lose the weight. If you
have autoimmune flareups from whatever, do some fasting. Just get some supplements. Go to Dr.
Mercola’s website. Do what you can outside the medical system because it’s not going to be there
for you anyway soon.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Really, once you understand that this is a fraud, and actually the disability portion is not new to
vaccines. I mean, we’ve been dealing with this for three decades, four decades since the advent of
the vaccines and the development of autism or autism spectrum disorder. This was a small
minority admittedly, but nevertheless, it’s exactly what you described. These individuals are
crippled for life and disabled and they have to be cared for by their family. The COVID
bioweapon has just increased this exponentially, and not necessarily autism, but the disability
Edward Dowd:
Yeah, and when I was having my children back in 2003, ’04, ’05, ’06, the mother of my children
did a lot of research on vaccines. She wasn’t an anti-vaxxer, but she decided that maybe that had
something to do with the amount of them all at once, so she timed — we spread them out. We
still got them for our kids. In hindsight, I don’t believe in it now, but there was all this talk about
SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Well, I now believe I know what that is. That was since
1986 when the childhood vaccination schedule exploded with that act that gave them immunity
and the money-making funnels that started after that act and doctors recommending all this. I
think SIDS is definitely due to vaccines. Now, let’s go forward to today. There’s a new
phenomenon called SADS, Sudden Adult Death SyndromeDr. Joseph Mercola:
Adult equivalent.
Edward Dowd:
-which … Yeah, that’s a good one. Look, if you don’t believe me and you think I’m a conspiracy
theorist, you’re watching this for the first time, you just got to open up your mind and your
critical thinking skills.
This is, at this point, undeniable. I’m not a guy that doesn’t — I don’t shoot from the hip and,
unfortunately, I can tell you I didn’t shoot from the hip because during the summer of 2021, I had
a discussion with my now ex-wife about vaccinating our teenage children. I didn’t want it to
happen, but I didn’t have the data I have now. The good news is there’s no boosters anymore. The
mother of my children said, “No more vaccines,” so we’re done, but I don’t shoot from the hip.
Now, I have all the ammunition I have now to open up the trade, to short the vaccine trade, and
we’re going to raise capital to make that trade. If you are a doubting Thomas and think I’m crazy,
money capital’s flowing towards us to take the bet that you’re wrong.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yes. Well, congratulations on providing a great resource to help those who have friends and
relatives who still are confused and brainwashed with the propaganda. You don’t want to push
too hard because brainwashing is pretty effective and ultimately your relationship with those
people is what matters, but if they’re open and they need some evidence, some hard data, you’ve
got the product for it. I’m wondering, I think early on you were de-platformed and banned from
Twitter, is that correct?
Edward Dowd:
I got banned in June on Twitter for citing peer-reviewed papers and posting CDC statistics that
didn’t go with the narrative. Apparently, CDC data can get you banned if it’s not, you knowDr. Joseph Mercola:
Well, not currentlyEdward Dowd:
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-in the past because since Musk has – actually he reversed that policy earlier this week, so no
[crosstalk 00:52:33]-
Edward Dowd:
I’m still off Twitter. I have not been reinstated.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Okay. Yeah, but he actually did a poll last week and I think it was tens of millions of people who
responded in 75% in favor of providing amnesty for those like you who were banned. He had
said he’s going to reverse it this week, but it’s already late in the week and I don’t see any of that
happening, so hopefullyEdward Dowd:
Not yet. Yeah.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
-you’ll be back on. That’s what I wanted to know, if they put you back on yet.
Edward Dowd:
No. When I get back on, I’ll let everybody know. I’m on Gettr, @EdwardDowd, and my Gettr
following is about 80,000 people. I get a lot of engagement and activity, and people are now
taking some of my Gettr posts and putting them on Twitter, and a lot of my videos are going on
Twitter, people that are brave enough to risk their account, and I applaud them.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Well, they shouldn’t be risking it now. The policy has changed. You can’t get banned.
Edward Dowd:
Correct, correct, but they were risking it before, and I applaud them. A lot of my Gettr posts are
showing up on other social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. People are clipping my Gettr
posts and distributing them the best they can. I also want to say one thing about my LinkedIn
page. I have LinkedIn and you’re able to monitor – LinkedIn is the job networking social media
tool. I’ve had a profile on there for years. It’s one of the only — I don’t do Facebook or
Instagram. I only did LinkedIn and Twitter, and on LinkedIn, what’s interesting is it tells you
what corporations, individuals within a corporation, have viewed your profile the most.
Morgan Stanley’s number one. Number two is UBS, and number three is Fidelity. BlackRock is
climbing now, and Bank of America’s in there. Financial institutions are starting to pay attention
to the crazy man saying something’s going on here with the vaccine. I suspect people are silently
viewing my profile to see, “Is this guy real? Oh, he worked at BlackRock. Oh, he’s got a book?”
Things are starting to turn on Wall Street, thankfully, but not fast enough for me.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
No, I don’t use LinkedIn, although I have a LinkedIn profile. Is it like a social media set where
you can post things serially?
Edward Dowd:
You can post, but I don’t post any of my vaccine stuff because Dr. Malone and Steve Kirsch
were banned for doing that, so I don’t post there.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah, they would do in a heartbeat, no question, because Reid Hoffman is totally with the left.
So the book is available and should be really — well, we’ll be launching this interview close to
the publication date, so you should be able to get the hardcover within a day or two, if not
already available. Again, if you have a relative or a friend who is still reflecting on this and needs
some hard data, this is the book to get. Any other comments you’d like to make before we sign
Edward Dowd:
Yeah. Just, yeah, the book is “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and
2022.” I think it makes a great Christmas gift for the family member that doesn’t see the reality
we see and, again, it’s not — It’s coming from a Wall Street guy laid out as an investment thesis.
You can either disagree or not agree, but all the stuff that I put in the book is pretty well-sourced.
Well, not well-sourced, it is sourced and the data is the data. I don’t go into the who or the why.
That’s for lawmakers and prosecutors and lawyers to adjudicate.
I’m just going to bet capital on this because we did that before on my own authority and that
people are going to give me money on their own authorities. We’re not waiting around for the
world to figure out what we figured out. We put the data out there. We want everybody to know.
We want this to stop as soon — I want this vaccination program to end today, but I know how
the world really works and there’s powers and principalities behind this that don’t want this
information out.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Absolutely, so I appreciate your work and efforts in helping bring this information out to the
public so that we can accelerate that process of stopping the program.
Edward Dowd:
Yes, thank you. I agree with you and anything I can do, and just thank you for having me on
your platform. I’ve been following you for a long time and I appreciate you reaching out to me.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
All right. Well, happy to support your work. It’s important. All right, well, you take care.
Edward Dowd:
Thank you. Take care of yourself.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
All right. Bye now.

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