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Stupidocrisy: A peek into America’s future

A peek into America’s future: Once the leader of the free world, morally, spiritually, and economically, America has less than a month’s supply of diesel fuel and only three month’s supply of gasoline as its leadership is transitioning the country from petroleum products to solar, wind and electric power. This has weakened the American military because there was no plan to transition the armed forces from gas and diesel power. China, Russia, Iran, and all Islamic nations are now in position to attack America and divide the spoils. Battery powered cars are no longer viable because these countries control battery ingredients and there are rolling blackouts because power plants have no fuel to produce electricity.

America’s cities are unsafe because of violent crime and petty theft due to leadership defunding the police. Crime has risen exponentially. City Councils have hired social workers to discuss the feelings of criminals, but have only found that the criminals tell the social workers what they want to hear, and go back to their life of crime. Gun violence has skyrocketed because gun restrictions in these areas are so harsh that only criminals have guns. Islamists and communists have set up protective zones in these cities and are ruling residents by their own laws. They have barricaded streets and have checkpoints. Businesses are robbed on a daily basis by massive gangs. There is no one to stop them.

Public schools have been invaded by sexual predators who are using school board-approved after school programs on bullying and diversity and inclusion. They appropriate these programs to groom children beginning in kindergarten, to question their gender and to celebrate same sex, transgender sex, animal sex and bizarre behaviors. Litter boxes are being placed in school restrooms to accommodate children who believe they are cats or other animals. Boys dressed as girls are allowed in the girl’s restrooms. Girls are getting sexually molested and raped. If parents complain, school board officials have them arrested by private “school police forces” for disrupting meetings. No one is allowed to speak openly.

America’s southern borders have been overrun because the leaders have invited what normally would be considered illegals to join America without any documentation. Drug cartels and terrorists have acquired a strip of land along the border that is now called “no-man’s land” due to the drug running and murders. Illegals are settling in the bigger cities. The bigger cities are allowing them to vote even though they are not citizens. The country is imploding with division. Ecclesiastes 10:8 proclaims: “He that digs a pit shall fall into it.” And this peek into America’s future could be devastating if the fools are allowed to continue digging their pit. Oh, but wait a minute. This is not the future. It is today. Say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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