Attorneys Dan Watkins and Michael Hamilton announced in a national Press Conference September 7 the filing of their first-in-the-nation landmark lawsuit against three hospitals on behalf of families who had lost their loved ones with the “bounties” paid to hospitals for using the toxic combination of food and fluid restriction, remdesivir, mechanical ventilation, high dose morphine-midazolam respiration-suppressing cocktail to spiral patients down the dark road to death.

After more than 2 ½ years of daily COVID deaths in America’s hospitals, we finally have the first two attorneys in the US to take legal action boldly and courageously against three hospitals in Fresno, California for wrongful death, medical battery, elder abuse and other violations of patients’ rights to hold these hospital administrators, doctors and nurse accountable for such horrific patient abuses. 

Truth for Health Foundation has pledged financial support for this lawsuit as one of our human rights defense efforts to serve the public good by helping protect public safety, defend patient rights, and defend life. Both Attorney Watkins and Attorney Hamilton have been engaged by Truth for Health Foundation to assist on several legal initiatives to help defend human and civil rights secured by law. Donations to support our legal defense efforts may be made here:

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  1. Helen connelly says:

    lost my sister to remdesivir in a hospital in Pennsylvania.

  2. Michelle Dymek says:

    I lost my mother in a hospital in Troy Michigan. She had pneumonia and they did nothing to treat her symptoms and gave her remdezivir. It shut down her organs. She was being neglected in the hospital. I have her medical records snd in her records it stated the doctors would call her from outside her hospital room due to a short of PPE and the risk of getting covid. My mom was all alone and they killed her. We need justice for our loved ones!!

  3. Linda Huggins says:

    We lost our son in a hospital in Gig Harbor, Wa. Was givin Remdesivir. They killed him!
    We ask them to give him ivermectin, they said was not protocol for Covid.
    He was a son, brother, husband, and a dad.
    Only 45yrs old.
    We were not allowed to go visit him, he died alone.

  4. Margaret R. Boyer says:

    They killed my 35 year old son as well! He had pneumonia and in 5 days he was dead! He was working up till the day before he went into the hospital!

  5. Christina says:

    My stepmom was hospitalized in the Fresno hospital where she went through these protocols and died within 10 days.

  6. Teresa says:

    I went to Rose hospital in Denver Co for a bad sinus infection with slight fever/headaches, instead of giving me antibiotics & sending me home, being Unvaxxed & on poor insurance, they admitted me, gave me morphine which was on my allergy list, i woke up 3 days later to find out they started Remdesivir which caused my system to shut down, couldn’t eat, keep barfing up poisoning ( & they gave me insulin, blood thinner meds, all side effects from remdesivir) – I felt like i was dying! i truly believe by the GRACE of GOD & my pleas to go home saved me from death. Once home, it Took approximately 6 weeks to recover from all poisoning, I would like to sue Everyone involved at Rose hospital in Denver co but im poor, Very thankful that i am still alive to Join the Fight with others to bring TRUTH out!

  7. Robert Lovegreen says:

    I just lost my dad from kidney failure. He went into the hospital for weakness after COVID but was not severe. He was given Remdesivir without his families consent. I’m confident this terrible drug killed him.

  8. Angela says:

    How do I get information to file

  9. Aaron Renga says:

    I lost my father a year ago in a hospital in Washington State. He was admitted with COVID Pneumonia, declined Remdesivir, they gave it to him anyway, vented him, and he died 10 days later.

    These protocols need to be stopped.

  10. EVERYONE! Contact a civil attorney in your state that files against doctors etc. Remdesivir is a death sentence. I fortunately knew about this drug before they used it in hospitals. My handicapped brother went in Christmas 2021 for a small stroke, they said he had covid. I found out the hospital gave him his first dose of Remdesivir, I called the doctors since I was not allowed to see him and told them to stop the drug NOW. They argued with me, I said if they didn’t I was going to sue the crap out of them for taking advantage of a disabled person. That I KNEW what they drug would do.
    Magically after this, they stopped the drug and in 2 days said he didn’t have covid and tossed him out of the hospital never treating the stroke. THEY ARE MURDERERS!!!!

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  12. Kathy Kacal says:

    Is there going to be a class action against the CDC5 for giving the protocol to give Remdesivir? I will be the first one if there is. My husband passed January 9, 2021. Right after the cdc order i believe. I have sealed hospital records from his stay and a bull showing the drug dates.

  13. […] Landmark lawsuit filed against three hospitals on behalf of families who had lost their loved ones t… […]

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  15. Wendy Crespo says:

    My mom got severe pneumonia. I dreadfully watched her die to Remdesivir, sedation and starvation at UPenn in Philadelphia. No alternative options for HEALTH were offered. No monoclonal antibodies, no ivermectin, no vitamin C or D or Zinc, or antibiotics or anything that would and could have saved her life. She was healthy and vibrant at 74 yrs old. They admitted her to the COVID ward, started the death protocol and murdered her! I am on board to file suit whenever your team is ready to take this nationwide. It’s not about the money, it’s about the TRUTH!!! Enough is enough!

  16. Ruth Evans says:

    My son died September 1st 2021 he went into the hospital August 19th 2021 they gave him remdesivir put him on a ventilator his liver enzymes increased I requested that they stopped giving him that medication with the knowledge that I knew about what remdesivir would do to him they continue on giving him the medication his kidneys started shutting down they said they could not do dialysis and he died from sepsis

  17. Ruth Evans says:

    Banner Desert Hospital in Arizona I believe Phoenix Arizona they killed myself

  18. Cindi Alexander says:

    My husband died Feb 11, 2022. Their protocol was Remdesivir. He had a stroke, had to have foot amputated and then up to knee. They were about to take off the other foot. He had to go on 24/7 Dialysis. His body blew up so much and had huge blisters all over his body. I believe that Remdesivir was responsible for his death. I wasn’t allowed up there until they called a couple of weeks later when they were about to amputate his foot. They said to come up there.

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