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In 2021, there was a 1,100% increase in vaccine related adverse reactions among Active Component Service Members.

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A 25 year data comparison shows a 1,100% increase in 2021 for servicemembers in the DOD who sustained vaccine related injuries. According to 1LT Mark Bashaw, who was court martialed after he brought forward whistleblower complaints and refused to comply with an unlawful mandate to receive an experimental drug, a comparison of data from 1997 to 2021 shows a catastrophic spike in vaccine related injuries among U.S. troops serving in the Department of Defense.

Who is 1LT Mark Bashaw and what does he do? Mark is a 67C Preventive Science Officer and 72B Entomologist. His job is to protect Army personnel from potential and actual harmful exposures to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) warfare agents; endemic communicable diseases; food-, water-, and vector-borne diseases; zoonotic diseases; ionizing and non-ionizing radiation; combat and operational stressors; heat, cold, altitude, and other environmental extremes; environmental and occupational hazards; toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and toxic industrial materials (TIMs); psychological threats; and other physical, biological, chemical, and radiological agents during all Army activities.

Mark has 16 years experience working with vector-borne disease threats, supporting bird aircraft strike hazards, and other public health programs that affect mission readiness and force health protection.1LT Mark Bashaw speaking to the judge during his court martial

Now that we’ve covered why Mark is qualified to talk about threats to our troops, let’s get back to talking about how this vaccine is killing and maiming servicemembers faster than combat in Afghanistan could in the last decade of being on the ground fighting. I don’t want you to hear it from me, though. Let’s hear it from the individuals themselves.

Case 1_01: USAF A-10 Instructor Pilot. Major (O-4), 36yr male. Hospitalized 12 hours after
vaccination. Diagnosed with pericarditis and anaphylaxis by Dr Peter McCullough. Removed
from flight status for six months; thus negatively impacting unit mission readiness. Lingering
symptoms prevent ability to attain FAA Class 1 medical without waiver. VAERS case # 1797985.

I have never felt so abandoned by the military. I have been forced to take something
that brought me close to death. I was mocked, discredited, and unsupported. My
family was burdened by my inability to be there for them for weeks while being burdened
by out of pocket medical expenses. My squadron was hurt by losing a full time
instructor for over six months with no end in sight. We have lost faithful brothers and
sisters who refused to take these risks. Our squadron morale was ripped to shreds.
All these things were completely unnecessary. We are truly less ready on multiple

Case 1_02: USMC Infantry Officer, Captain (O-3), 28yr male. Diagnosed with pericarditis. He
is currently seeking medical exemption at the recommendation of a civilian cardiologist after
hospitalization. His command denied this request despite not being seen in person by military
medical personnel but this Marine is appealing to the command and awaiting that decision.
Months later, while performing warm ups for PT, he is sent back to the ER with heart attack
like symptoms and shortness of breath. He was further diagnosed with costochronditis.

I joined the Marine Corps out of deep pride and patriotism for my country…Unfortunately,
it seems inevitable that I will be forced out of the Marine Corps with my name
and character stigmatized with a general discharge. They will ensure I pay back tens
of thousands of dollars of schooling, revoke my GI bill, take away my family’s health
insurance, and leave me with unresolved heart problems.

Case 1_03: USN, Pilot, Captain (O-6) Unit Commander, 44yr male. Developed autoimmune
disorder and hospitalized 72 hours after vaccination. As a commander, it triggered an official
SITREP of injury which was sent to Navy Command Headquarters highlighting his vaccine injury.
The SITREP stated they anticipated no media coverage. Under his command, he has
“several” other fellow vaccine injured service members to include heart attacks. The Captain
also relayed that there is one death of an otherwise healthy sailor in his command post vaccination
with the cause awaiting the coroner report. The Captain wishes to remain anonymous
for fear of reprisal and losing his command.

When I was injured and hospitalized from the vaccine I was ordered to take, my
leadership expressed concern I would be less effective at ordering and pressuring
sailors under my command to take the vaccine.

Case 1_04: USN, Helo Pilot, CDR (O-5), 41yr male, cardiac and respiratory issues such as
shortness of breath, chest pains, blurred vision, faintness, and heart palpitations. Diagnosis
from physician is likely myocarditis. Member was grounded by his flight doctor but despite his
acute injury post vaccination, the military medical personnel refused to put his adverse reaction
into VAERS.

The madness must stop. Please help us, I humbly implore the members of Congress
to assist in taking a measured approach to looking at all the pros and cons of vaccination
while not alienating service members who have otherwise devoted their lives to
serving our great nation.

Case 1_05: USAF, Instructor Pilot, Major (O-4), 40yr male, Diagnosed with “paresthesia and
dizziness due to adverse effect of COVID-19 injection” along with other lingering neurological
issues. The lingering and unresolved issues resulted in grounding from flight status pending
full diagnosis and a waiver process…likely to take months, if not years.

My family is under an increased burden of stress as they take care of me and rotate
regularly to observe me due to fears of possible sudden stroke, blood clot, or need of
emergency care. This is no way to live.

Case 1_06: USAF, 29 year male, Fighter Pilot selectee (hired by guard unit to fly fighters).
Professional sponsored athlete. Chronic fatigue, neurological episodes, dizzy spells, brain fog
and memory lapses. Unable to walk up a flight of stairs despite his fitness level as professional
athlete. Diagnosed with “Long Haulers Syndrome” yet has never contracted COVID. He
is now unable to attend pilot training; losing his dream shot to fly fighters. Air Force is performed
a “Line of Duty” determination which will determine if his injuries are duty related
and thus covering his medical expenses.

My old self has died, and I cannot get him back. I was selected to become a fighter
pilot, and I elected to pull myself from continuing forward due to the severe nature
of these symptoms. I knew that I would not be able to handle the physical rigors that
pilots face because I can’t event walk up an incline without being fatigued. This was
my dream. That dream was taken from me.

Case 1_07: USAF major, 32 year male, active athlete in excellent health. Applied for and
approved for separation from the Air Force prior to the DoD’s order to vaccinate. Request to
waive this requirement to vaccinate due to approved separation date was denied by the Air
Combat Command Commander (General Mark Kelly) and threatened with disciplinary action
for failure to comply. He reluctantly vaccinated and by the following week, was hospitalized
and diagnosed with pericarditis. Follow up appointments with Air Force medical were dismissive
despite deteriorating conditions such as bilateral tinnitus, tingling and numbness in extremities,
and lingering neurological abnormalities.

I stress every day about whether my continuing symptoms will end. I am now applying
for VA disability which will likely result in costs to the taxpayer over an indefinite
number of years in order to take care of my ongoing issues. This vaccination was not
necessary and was not worth the risks. I was young, healthy, and naturally immune.

Case 1_08: USAF, 31 year male, 1st Lieutenant. Flight Crew member and on status with the
nuclear triad. Developed severe gastrointestinal disorder and subcutaneous hemorrhaging
within a week of vaccination. Grounded from flight status and sent for colonoscopy to check
for blockage and cancer screening (negative). Shortly after, sent to emergency room in extreme
pain with internal and external hemorrhoids and blood clots. Callously told by medical
that “if the first shot didn’t kill you, to get the second one.” Member is still grounded and

I remain grounded from flight status until my health issues resolve and, in the mean
time, I am unable to contribute to the mission of the United States Air Force. The
Department of Defense’s position is that these vaccines are for the readiness of our
armed forces. I can personally attest to the members of Congress that these vaccines
are having the OPPOSITE effect on our military’s readiness. Whether due to the large
numbers of our fellow service members that are facing discharge for seeking religious
accommodations or through the direct negative health consequences as I experienced,
Congress must reevaluate if these mandates are having the desired outcomes
they seek.

Case 1_09: USAF Reservist. Female in her 30’s. Discouraged by her commander to seek a
religious accommodation for the negative affect it will have on her career and told “not being
vaccinated is not conducive to military service.” 72 hours after vaccination, she developed
visual distortions and vertigo. Sent to the ER and initially diagnosed with Vertical Nystagmus
which drove a requirement for a CT scan. The CT scan revealed she suffered from FOUR different
strokes; three in her occipital lobe, and the other in her brain stem. Continual occupational
therapy is not showing signs of improvement and she is facing medical discharge from
the military.

My future in the military is now uncertain…how am I to continue serving the country
that I love, much less live a normal fulfilling life? My civilian career has been place in
jeopardy as well….I put it all on the line for my country.

Case 1_10: US Army Sergeant, 56 years of age with a prior clean bill of health. After vaccination,
a slow downward spiral in his health condition cumulating in chronic fatigue, severe migraines,
dizziness, shortness of breath, and a blood infection normally able to be fended off
with a properly functioning immune system. Member still suffers from severe paralyzing pain,
had a pulmonary embolism, and a perforated mitral valve from endocarditis. These injuries
are what is captured by the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) which acts as the
canary in the coal mine. There is an “all cases” increase being reported in DMED which match
the side affects of vaccination per the FOIA request which released internal Pfizer documents.

I continue my recovery at home learning to walk again and with my ever patient wife
administering daily antibiotic infusions for more than eight weeks.

Case 1_11: USAF Instructor Pilot, Major. Within 3 hours of vaccination, developed unbearable
migraines lasting several weeks. Doctors unable to diagnose after multiple MRIs and CT scans.
Neurologist prescribed six nerve blocking shots and two lumbar punctures to no avail. Member
is currently grounded from flight status.

As a pilot in the Air Force, my now 18 year career is in jeopardy all because of the
side effect of this vaccine. I’m looking for someone who’s willing to fight with me so
[my career] is not all a loss.

Case 1_12: USAF Non Commissioned Officer, female in her 30’s. Sent to emergency room
post vaccination and diagnosed with Guillian-Barre syndrome and partial paralysis of her face.

I’m in tears everyday…no one is fighting for us. Will someone please fight for us!
This is not what I signed up for in the military

I have hundreds more of these. Should I continue? Our military is being systematically destroyed; literally picked apart from the inside as troops continue to collapse with career ending and life altering diseases due to the Covid 19 vaccine. If I told you there was a 25% increase in injuries, that would be enough to stop everything and figure out what’s going on, but I’m not. I’m telling you there’s a 1,100% increase in injuries, and those who are in charge and responsible for the national security of our nation aren’t even blinking an eye.

It’s incumbent on you, the American Citizen reading this, to immediately contact your representative and demand action. This must end, and those responsible for allowing this to happen must be held accountable.

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