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Vascular Health & Resilience Support Well-researched, citrus-based flavonoids in a unique micronized form for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Testimonies from the vaccine injured & families that have lost children to covid shots. Hear from Lawyers, Doctors & more on the front lines fighting for awareness, accountability, resources & change!

Faith Over Fear, Media and Podcasts

Faith Over Fear – 03.19.24 – Weaponized Mycoplasma by Dr. Garth Nicholson

MARCH 19 : Weaponized Mycoplasma by Dr. Garth Nicholson with commentary by Dr. Vliet Dr. Garth L. Nicolson is an American cell biologist and founder of The Institute for Molecular Medicine at California, where he serves as the president, chief scientific officer, and emeritus professor of molecular pathology. He is editor of the Journal of …

Faith Over Fear, Media and Podcasts

Faith Over Fear – 03.12.24 – Financial Update with Tory Aggeler

MARCH 12: Financial Update with Tory Aggeler, Senior Precious Metals Advisor, McAlvany Precious Metals. One of our most popular and respected experts is b ack by many requests for an update on the financial turmoil, rising debt, continued printing of money leading to alarming inflation and threats of dollar collapse being used to usher in Central …

Whistleblower Report – 04.12.24 – COVID Crimes: UK Policeman Files Criminal Complaints

Courageous, forceful, persistent, relentless, and outspoken describes Mark Sexton, retired Birmingham UK policeman who has been relentless in seeking accountability for the UK Government criminal actions against the British people carried out under the COVID pandemic deception. Mark, along with former Pfizer VP and whistleblower, Dr. Mike Yeadon who provided an expert opinion letter, has filed massive amounts of evidence with the Metropolitan Police in London to support charges of terrorism by the British government against the UK public during the COVID tyranny. 

2024 Eclipse Crossing America: A Sign of Jonah?

The Great American Solor Eclipse occurs on April 8, 2024, six years, six months and six days following the last Solar Eclipse that crossed America on August 21, 2017.  What might this mean from a Biblical perspective? Genesis 1:14 is very clear that God placed the sun, moon and stars in the sky for signs and seasons. So perhaps this is a time we should be looking for signs from God. More people are turning back to God and seeking a sign that God is still with us.

Faith Over Fear, Media and Podcasts

Faith Over Fear – 04.02.24 –  National Security Update with Ed Haugland, National Expert in Cognitive Warfare

USAF Veteran Edward Haugland is the author of The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We can Win, published in August 23, 2023. For our April program, Mr. Haugland will cover two important national security related issues from his perspective and experience over 4 decades serving at multiple Intelligence Community and Department of Defense …

Whistleblower Report – 04.01.24 – After Easter: Resurrection Promise of New Beginning in the Darkness of World’s Evil

The attacks on our health continues. Moderna’s revenues from the Covid shots are collapsing so Modern has decided to roll out a new profit source to prey on humanity with a risky combined mRNA Covid plus Flu shot.  What Moderna and government agencies do not disclose is that the combination Flu and COVID mRNA shots carry greater risks than either one alone, not only from the toxic mRNA-DNA contamination but also other toxic components such as the LNPs with multiple inflammatory and damaging ingredients.


Faith Over Fear – 03.26.24 – Biblical Perspective on AI and Transhumanism

MARCH 26: Biblical Perspective on AI and Transhumanism with Major Mike Gary and Dr. Steven J. Smith  Dr. Steven J. Smith provides an overview of just how close we are to a transhuman society. While many in the churches are finally tackling the evil transgenderism agenda, the bio-engineering/transhumanism agenda has quietly contaminated all walks of …

Whistleblower Report – 03.27.24 – Landmark Medical Freedom Victory: FDA Loses War on Ivermectin

In a major Medical Freedom Victory for Dr. Paul Marik and co-plaintiffs in lawsuit against FDA, the FDA announced March 22, 2024 in a “Stipulation of Settlement” with the plaintiffs, it was rescinding all of its warnings about the use of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 in exchange for the plaintiffs agreeing to drop the lawsuit.  Read more at this link for the “Stipulation of Settlement:” In exchange for the plaintiffs agreeing to dismiss their case against the FDA, the FDA has agreed to the following conditions that included removal of ALL negative social media and website posts about Ivermectin.

Whistleblower Report – 03.25.24 – Chemical Cooldown

“Winter makes a comeback”, a new headline from Fox News. “Winter storm warnings as heavy wet snow falls across New England”, also from Fox News. Are they trying to cover up headlines like this one from just over a week ago “US just had warmest winter in history”, which was also from Fox News.