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Army Combat Medic and MP Abused by Department of Defense

The Department of Defense is in serious trouble with its all-volunteer force, who are leaving the service in droves after their service obligations expire, and recruitment rates are at all-time lows. The Department of Defense is now recalling Soldiers that they recently destroyed with these weaponized COVID-19 mandates. If that’s not an abusive relationship, I don’t know what is, and it’s leaving recruitment offices empty.

Now meet Elijah Ames and Matthew Bouchard, who both serve(d) in the Maine Army National Guard. Elijah serves as a Combat Medic who is living on the cutting edge of current events. Elijah is one of the Soldiers temporarily discharged by the DOD and now has been recalled and forced back into service.

Initially, Elijah was led astray by an Officer within his unit, who weaponized the Chaplain Corps against him and his religious convictions, so instead, Elijah defied. He ended up wasting energy trying to submit a religious accommodation due to all the hurdles his leadership put in his way; for this reason, he was discharged on 30 June 2022. He’s defiant only to the unlawful orders echoed down the chain of command that is forcing troops to get the EUA Covid jab with no FDA-approved product available. Elijah is a young man with a young family.  He can be best characterized by his strong faith and is a devout follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elijah will tell his story and unveil the gross neglect and discrimination the DOD has committed against his Faith. He will discuss the fact that he was talked out of a religious packet and that the Chaplain’s vaccination status was weaponized against him. He had dreams of becoming a Chiropractor, but with an unsightly letter of reprimand in his record, this will hinder his advancement in life in the short term. Elijah holds onto God’s promise, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

Mathew Bouchard has been on the show before, served 6 years as Military Police, and is best known for being medically assaulted with the Covid jab when he was in the Flu shot line. He will update us on his developing vaccine side effects that he has noticed since being jabbed. Mathew and Elijah served together in the same unit and experienced similar religious persecution.

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