Faith Report: Calling Christians Ready To Help the Church Tackle Reality?

Is today’s Judeo-Christian Church ready to take on today’s tough issues? Major Mike Gary overlays current events surrounding the Transgenderism/Transhumanism movements vs. the organized Church’s lack of awareness and action to stop the assault on God’s design and the principles of Biblical Christianity.

Major Gary delivered a warning to his local church about Transhumanism this past Sunday (Mother’s Day). Many in attendance responded with a number of “Amens!” Given his experience with prior censorship on such issues, Mike expected the microphone to be cut off before he could finish speaking. Is this a sign the church is ready to act against these diabolical agendas? In another surprise, his Pastor asked Mike to provide a report and further teaching on Transhumanism.

Mike’s message was guided by the Holy Spirit that morning in response to his Pastor reading Revelation Chapter 13, which deals with the “Mark of the beast.” The book of Revelation isn’t as futuristic or “sci-fi” as it used to seem, and its concepts are more easily understood after watching millions of people around the world “canceled” for not receiving the “Covid Jab” in the past two years—lost jobs, lost the ability to buy/sell/travel and even attend some churches if not “vaccinated” with the government’s “mark.” The Covid jab may not actually be the Mark of the beast referred to in the Bible, but we are dangerously close with “vaccine passports,” digital IDs, and digital currency.

Major Gary also discusses the Nimrod era of Genesis 10-11 as it relates to today’s environment, including Tristan Harris’s warning about the use of AI (artificial intelligence) and one world language for all humanity as AI’s operating system to dominate the world. Think of the “singularity,” the “internet of things,” and the “cloud” –all of these are ominous portents of mind control designed to sever our connection with our Creator –a cause for concern for all people of faith. Mike will also compare the Nimrod era of Genesis 10-11 to today’s current environment.

The Bible tells us that Satan prowls around like a lion waiting to destroy whomever he can. “Transhumanism” can best be understood as Satan’s current plan to destroy humanity by transforming humanity into an entity that can no longer commune with our Creator. This, of course, is what occurred in Genesis Chapter 6 “when the sons of God (fallen angels, or Nephilim) came upon the daughters of man” and corrupted mankind. It is time for the Church to speak out and stand against the assault on God’s design of human life.

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