PROOF: Biden DoD Targeted Military Service Members PSYOPS Propaganda Campaign Coercing COVID Shots

Military medical officer and whistleblower exposes the Biden Administration’s shocking Department of Defense (DoD) detailed PSYOPS and “Perception Management” (Propaganda) Plan that weaponized military medical professionals against service members to coerce COVID injections. Documents in links below provide the PROOF

Our guest today, former 1Lt. Mark Bashaw, US Army Preventive Medicine officer stationed at the Army Public Health Center from January 2020 through June 2023 discusses the DoD “COVID19 Vaccine Perception Management Program” and risk communication strategies that provide proof of the DoD’s carefully orchestrated written directives on how to lie, manipulate, coerce and force military service members into getting the experimental mRNA gene therapy COVID shots.  See links to the full documents below, published by the DoD.

This PSYOPS program specifically manipulated and weaponized the concerns, beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that Service Members communicated to their licensed medical personnel during medical appointments. This was a clear violation of service members medical privacy, yet nothing has been done to hold accountable those who perpetrated this egregious medical violation. 1Lt. Bashaw took these violations to his command, carrying out the duties of his Army medical officer MOS, and made multiple efforts to rectify this egregious violation of patient privacy and the gross violation of the oath of medical professionals to serve the best interests of patients. 

Instead, 1Lt Bashaw was deemed by his command to be an “insider threat” and subjected to 546 days of retaliation: persecuted, punished, threatened with imprisonment at F. Leavenworth, and ultimately court martialed on trumped up charges (sound familiar?), convicted (unlawfully according to his attorney), and then terminated from the Army on a General Discharge, in spite of 17 ½ years of exemplary service in the Air Force and the US Army.

The shocking finding was the DoD’s carefully crafted use of select licensed medical personnel to be medical “informants,” required to transmit service members private medical information to strategic level public health personnel at the Army Public Health Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, via recorded sessions. Service members private concerns, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs were then used to plan a targeted communication strategy to discredit them, and force-feed a “safe and effective” narrative about the experimental injections.

This diabolical plan to sabotage service members trust in their medical professionals has caused untold damage, with lies about “safety and effectiveness” of the mRNA injections leading to massive damage to the health and fitness, and even lives, of thousands of service members.  The damage to America’s military readiness and national security is incalculable, catastrophic and continuing to this day. 

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