2024: New Year, New Resolve

By Truth for Health Foundation Founder and CEO, Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

As we begin a New Year, in spite of the storm clouds on the horizon with the 2024 election looming and multi-faceted threats facing our country and the world, let us begin the year with a NEW RESOLVE to focus on turning back to faith, new potentials for positive action, new hope and renewed optimism.  Let us all make the active CHOICE to change our outlook on the role each of us plays in how we view each day. Feeling helpless in the face of adversity actually sabotages your physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health, as well as undermines your relationships.

Storms, turbulence, uncertainties, adversities, grief, losses, fears and worries hit all of us. It is our response to those events that determines whether the impact is for the worse, or for the better. The reality is that Our lives, our liberty, and our right to own the fruits of our labor are gifts of our Creator alone, not the government.   Our entire team at Truth for Health Foundation remains dedicated to empower you to take positive action in your life based on truthful, balanced information on all fronts that you need in order to preserve freedom, preserve life, and preserve our rights under the US Constitution as free human beings created by God. 

For the last four years, America and the world have seen the devastating consequences of the stolen 2020 election as we have watched our core values and Constitutional rights be trampled upon and formerly trusted institutions weaponized against us. As you reflect on your own course of action for the new year, I urge you to take time to read the powerful analysis by Victor Davis Hanson as he outlines the choices we face: 2024 – The Year Of Our Reckoning:

“We should remember the now modern proverb of Nixon-era economic advisor Herb Stein to the effect that what cannot go on (without destroying the nation), simply will not go on.  In some sense, the country for recent years has been cruising on the fumes from prior and likely wiser generations and institutions. In 2024, the tab for our current apathy, toxic politics, and incompetence will come due.  So next year we will likely see the climax to a number of current dangerous ideas, events, and forces, which finally will either overwhelm us or be addressed and remedied. We live in a Neronian age but can recover if we first understand how we got here and the nature of the suicide we are committing.” 

Continue reading rest of article here: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/2024-year-our-reckoning

It was only four years ago that Joe Biden on video announced proudly that “we launched the most extensive voter fraud organization in history.”  America and the world watched on live TV as mathematically impossible vote spikes in the 6 battleground states played out in real time, then polls were suddenly closed and in the dead of night with no GOP observers and zero FBI investigations, the counts magically flipped to Biden instead of the commanding lead by President Trump hours earlier.  We watched RINOS and Democrats united in bragging about the entire operation in Time magazine weeks after they banned Trump off all social media

For the past four years, we have seen our borders thrown wide open, a government-supported and taxpayer-funded invasion of more than 9 million illegal aliens from more than 190 countries – predominantly military aged males. We watched our troops killed in the disastrous abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, and more than 85 billion dollars of state of the art US military equipment left on the ground in Afghanistan in the hands of our enemies – and nw showing up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels just south of the Arizona and Texas borders.

We watched helplessly while a corrupt Congress allowed American taxpayer money in the billions to be used to pay for wars our government helped trigger in Ukraine & Israel, while American citizens struggled to put food on the table for their families with the Biden money-printing fueling rampant inflation.  We were outraged by the Communist President of China being given a red carpet welcome and US Marines forced to carry China’s flag in San Francisco.  That is of course after China’s communist government unleashed Covid on the world and China’s spy balloons crossed American skies and hovered over sensitive military installations with no response from our government.

Since Biden was installed, with Obama and his senior administrative leaders in the background running the demolition of America, we have endured unlawful vaccine mandates, mask mandates, skyrocketing food and fuel prices, the sexual grooming of children in schools, America’s biggest cities slide into crime-ridden, drug-infested, trash-filled streets worse than third world cities and illegals living on the streets harassing American working people.

During all this destruction of America and the COVID lies and deception, the corporate-owned media was complicit in censoring the truth.  WHY did the media suddenly turn into a weapon against the American people? 

We have to understand what Barrack Hussein Obama did in 2021 that allowed the media to propagandize and deliberately deceive the American people, spewing the non-stop government narrative of lies.  In was in 2012 that Obama unilaterally in an Executive Order repealed the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act that forbid media to use propaganda against the American people. 

These are Obama’s own words bragging about how to undermine our rule of law: “Understand, it’s not necessary for people to believe this information in order to weaken democratic institutions. You just have to flood a country’s public square with enough raw sewage. You just have to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt, plant enough conspiracy theorizing that citizens no longer know what to believe. Once they lose trust in their leaders, In mainstream media, in political institutions, in each other, in the possibility of truth, the games won”

That very media propaganda and censorship of the truth is what has allowed the WEF, WHO, GAVI, OCED and the UN to move rapidly on “The Great Reset” pushed by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the rest of the cabal.  A recent FOX News guest, Greg Boulden, host of America Emboldened, described it succinictly:

“The WEF is a fanatical political organisation that uses fear and manipulation, like Covid hysteria, like the hoax of global warming, to really facilitate people thinking that somehow they’re the saviours, but really all you’re doing is helping them accomplish their goal, which really is a global public-private fascist movement, and fusion of big government, big tech [and] big money, to create a technocratic ruling elite, which conveniently is them.” “They want to create feudalism 2.0, in which we are serfs, and they are the lords ruing over us… That’s what they’re aiming for.” Full interview here: https://rumble.com/v262tty-ingraham-angle-01172023.html…

As we go into 2024, the good news is that WeThePeople have voted with our pocketbooks and are Rejecting The Great Reset! Whether it’s COVID-19 vaccines, eating bugs, driving EVs, munching fake meat, or living in the metaverse with censorship—none of it’s working. Here are a few examples with more summarized in the excellent article by Jeffrey A. Tucker that describes the many ways that consumers have spoken and are rejecting the “great reset” and “woke” agenda: https://vigilantnews.com/post/consumers-are-rejecting-the-great-reset/

  • People are rejecting electric vehicles, with more purchasing gas and diesel powered vehicles, in a reversal of the trend from just a year ago.
  • People are refusing to get COVID boosters, causing Pfizer stock to plummet 50% from it’s peak two years ago.  Moderna’s stock has fallen more than 70% as the COVID injection damage mounts worldwide.P
  • People are mocking and avoiding the “fake meats” like Beyond Meat, and foods made from insects.
  • Consumers are rejecting censorship on social media platforms, as evidenced by the failure of Zuckerberg’s Threads
  • Homeschooling is on the rise as parents are more and more disgusted by the transgender grooming and “woke” ideology endoctrination of children
  • Wisconsin recently cut funding and froze DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) “woke” programs.

Let’s resolve to continue to support every amount of free choice in capitalism we have remaining because free markets mean consumer choice and lower prices with increased competition. When given the choice, we see how much power people have when consumer boycott Klaus Schwab’s push to “eat ze bugs” and live in digital prisons of 15 minute cities, no matter how much the out-of-shape and overweight Bill Gates endorses them.

The bottom line is GOD gives us each free will to make choices in our lives.  May each of us resolve to use our free will to make individual choices that support individual creativity, individual productivity, and individual freedom to decide the course of our lives.

May God richly bless you and your family and loved ones as we begin a New Year. May you strengthen your resolve to stand against evil in all forms, resolve to defend life and all our freedoms.  Resolve to keep your focus on God and Christ rather than the turbulent world in which we live.  Remember, God IS in control and He is sovereign, with dominion over evil. 

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“The Real Story of January 6,” a documentary by The Epoch Times, reveals the truth that has been hidden from the American people. While a narrative has been set that what took place that day was an insurrection, key events and witnesses have been ignored until now. The documentary takes an unvarnished look at police use of force and the deaths that resulted in some measure from it. The film asks tough questions about who was responsible for the chaos that day. With compelling interviews and exclusive video footage, the documentary tells the real story of January 6. The film is narrated by Joshua Philipp, host of “Crossroads” on EpochTV and a senior investigative reporter at The Epoch Times.https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/the-real-story-of-jan-6-documentary-4596670

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