Truth For Health Foundation Prayer Warrior Initiative
Medicine and Ministry United, Prayer Warrior Initiative

Prayer Warrior Initiative: This Week’s Prayer 6.25.2023

Come Holy Spirit

Replace the tension within us with holy relaxation.

Replace the turbulence within us with a sacred calm.

Replace the anxiety within us with a quiet confidence.

Replace the fear within us with a strong faith.

Replace the bitterness within us with the sweetness of grace.

Replace the darkness within us with a gentile light.

Replace the coldness within us with a living warmth.

Replace the night within us with your day.

Replace the winter within us with your spring.

Straighten our crookedness.

Fill our emptiness.

Dull the edge of our pride.

Sharpen the edge of our humility.

Light the fires of our love.

Creator God, let us see ourselves as You see us

That we may be all that You created us to be.

Fill us with the courage to be risk-takers

To open our hearts and through that opening,

Touch other hearts with Your Love.

In Jesus Name, AMEN       

Please go to readings for June 14, 15, and 16 for more background and discussion by Pastor Dutch Sheets on Gina Gholston’s prophetic dream for America: He said: “Yesterday I mentioned that I believe this fall marks a pivotal point in our nation. The war for the soul of America will amp up to new levels. We must be ready for this, and I believe we will. For the remainder of this week, I am going to read and discuss a dream given to Gina Gholston, in February of this year, from her incredible new book, Carry On.” Pastor Sheets concluded his June 14 message with this prayer for ALL American Prayer Warriors:

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