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America in crisis

All the pundits are trying to dissect the recent midterm elections. They are saying that candidates hand-picked by Donald Trump underperformed; that abortion played a major role in stemming a Republican tidal wave when voters actually voted. They put it in terms of politics and political parties. I woke up at about four this morning with this message pounding in my heart: America is facing a moral crisis and the “church” is at the bottom of it. This particular Daily Jot may be hard to wrap your mind around, but please just hear me out before you hit the “unsubscribe” button. I do believe that abortion played a major role in this election as a backlash to Republicans, but that’s only a symptom of the moral crisis.

Many believe that God is finished with America, and because of that, America is finished. I would suggest another consideration: America is more so finished with God. Think about it. Abortion. Since 1973 millions of Americans were killed in the womb because of a Supreme Court decision that was recently overturned. Then every Democrat candidate said that they were going to fight for the right of women to have abortions, calling it in code: reproductive healthcare. And those Democrats were reelected for the most part. The majority of Americans are OK with legalized abortion. Now they are crowing about killing babies in the womb. But this Jot is not about abortion—that’s just an example. The whole LGBTQ+ predation on children in public schools is another. These tend to be moral issues or issues based on lies.

How can this immorality be codified in America if the “church” was effective? To blame God for this crisis because “He is finished with America” appears to ignore the responsibility of Christ followers, the Church. Church seems to be defined as buildings, programs, self-indulgence, extra-biblical teachings, and such. But the “church” is people, not buildings and programs overseen by pastors and priests playing church, preaching agendas instead of the gospel. Does Christ return for a bride of buildings and programs? No. He returns for His people, his Bride. IF the “church” was doing its job, what would be the moral condition of this nation? Yet it appears—just to point out one example of many—that the “church” is so busy arguing over the rapture that it’s lost focus on its mission, and is rearranging deck chairs on a ship called “Great Falling Away.”

This is underscored by polls indicating that the youth in America want nothing to do with church (even though the “church” is inundated with youth “programs”). We see it when people reject morality then brag about it and demonize those who don’t agree. So when people say “God is finished with America,” I tend to think it’s the other way around. And that we as the body of Christ on earth need some serious self-examination. 1 Peter 4:17 says, “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?” If America is under judgment, did God skip over the “church”? We are the Church, and we have responsibility. Things need to change.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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