Kiss of Judas: How COVID Mandates Weaponized Compassion

Compassion, which means to suffer with someone, is a Christian ideal that, during COVID lockdowns and mandates, became twisted, co-opted, and weaponized by the globalists’ political agenda to destroy the American Constitution. Employing calculated psychological manipulation of Christians through “compassion for others,” power-hungry globalists seeking to destroy America calculatedly used Covid mandates to accelerate authoritarianism and government control of every aspect of our lives. The end game has been mass vaccination for alteration of God’s design of the human genome, ultimately leading to massive depopulation that has been planned since Henry Kissinger’s 1974 classified report for the US government. Millions have died of the experimental COVID shots, and millions more are severely vaccine-injured—the “walking wounded.” Without unified resistance against this evil, our lives will never return to the old “normal.

Faith Report from Truth for Health Foundation

Faith Report: God’s Strategic Plan For America Where Are We Now?

When we see our Nation crumbling before our very eyes, and evil appears to be running rampant throughout our society today, what can we turn to for hope that all is not lost? “Where is God?” We cry as we are engulfed by fear, sorrow, and despair. How can we be sure God is not absent or impotent in the face of a government that is out of control, bent on destroying all we hold dear?

Faith Report: Dr. Mike Yeadon My “Road to Damascus” Moment

In a powerful and moving personal testimony, Dr. Mike Yeadon shares his “Road to Damascus” moment when he was confronted with the evil of the globalists’ worldwide attack on humanity, on Western civilization, and in particular, assault on Christianity.

As a top global scientist with Pfizer, he had fallen away from faith in God, and his personal experiences in the last three years show how God can call any of us into His service for His plan.