Vaccine Report: WHO Aims for Global Totalitarian Control of Our Lives

Sunday, May 21, 2023, marked the beginning of the World Health Organization’s aggressive final assault on freedom for the people of the world, as WHO convened their World Health Assembly for the final push to become the world’s policeman on ALL “health” matters (or anything they decide is related to health) for ALL life on the planet: human, animal, plant and even the “health” of our climate.

Bill Gates human vulture and nemesis to humanity

Inside Pharma Report: Bill Gates Mastermind Behind Capturing Global Health Regulatory Agencies?

Evidence is mounting that this is the case as our Whistleblowers –Hedley Rees from the UK and international attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich—discuss today with US physician Dr. Vliet. Inside Pharma host Hedley Rees also exposes the surreptitious steps the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has taken to change its Regulations to allow gene therapies, and other advanced medicinal products, to be manufactured without the safety umbrella of there being a proper Quality Management System in place. Read more here: Subject: FOI Request—substantial change in 2022 edition of Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors: PART IV “Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice Specific to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)

Legal Report:Pilots Speak Out United Airlines Sued for Unlawful COVID Vaccine Mandates

Pilots, flight attendants, customer service agents, mechanics, and ramp agents have bravely stood together against United Airlines’ human and civil rights violations with their unlawful COVID vaccine mandates that also violate FAA regulations and the Nuremberg Code prohibiting forced experimentation on human beings. These courageous employees refused to be bullied into violating their beliefs and injecting experimental gene therapy shots into their bodies.

Faith Report: Dr. Mike Yeadon My “Road to Damascus” Moment

In a powerful and moving personal testimony, Dr. Mike Yeadon shares his “Road to Damascus” moment when he was confronted with the evil of the globalists’ worldwide attack on humanity, on Western civilization, and in particular, assault on Christianity.

As a top global scientist with Pfizer, he had fallen away from faith in God, and his personal experiences in the last three years show how God can call any of us into His service for His plan.

Vaccine Report: Information War About the COVID Shots

We are in an Information War about the COVID shots that is planned misinformation and disinformation to push the mass vaccination agenda using the constant mantra claiming experimental COVID shots are “safe” and “effective.” But there are also conflicting claims about what is actually IN the vaccines that are causing more and more confusion and fueling fears.