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Report: COVID crisis could be just beginning

For all the fanfare about the government declaring the COVID emergency ended, it may just be beginning in another form. Government, big pharma, and news media collusion resulted in the truth being blocked about the mRNA shots that despite being promoted as safe and effective, were neither. A recent report indicates that the COVID mRNA shot caused 26.6 million injuries, 1.36 million disabilities and 310,000 excess deaths at a total cost of $147.8 Billion. The authors of the report estimate an excess 2021 and 2022 mortality rate of 23% in the 25-64 age group compared with an estimated baseline of 0.1% for those years. If you are COVID vaccinated, you are at risk. But there are ways to reduce that risk.

The Vaccine Damage Project report conducted by Phinance Technologies was released in March. The report says: “The V-Damage Project is a study of the direct impact from the mass Covid-19 inoculations on individuals at a population level. In particular, we look at the employed population, aged 16 to 64. The impact of the inoculations was categorized into four broad groups differentiated by the severity of outcome. Of the inoculated individuals, a large group will likely experience no adverse effects, another large group will experience mild or moderate adverse effects, which could be temporary in nature or have long-term, even permanent manifestations. Another group of individuals could experience severe outcomes leading to a disability as well as the most extreme outcome of death.”

Those who were of “no effect or asymptomatic” were “those individuals who did not experience adverse events following the Covid-19 inoculations. Although this group of individuals is most likely the largest, however, we cannot know for certain as to the proportion of the whole population that this group of individuals represents. We assume that these individuals are all those that are not included into the other three groups.” This group is estimated by the report to be approximately 82% of the population. Those injured and loss work or had lower work productivity were estimated at 18% of the population. Disabilities due to the shot rose 24.6% since 2021. And there was a 23% excess mortality rate in the 25-64 age group.

The study points to future issues, “there might be individuals who had no visible effects after vaccination but nonetheless could still be impacted from the inoculations and could therefore be represented in the sub-group of injured individuals. In a similar way, individuals with mild injuries from the inoculations could, over time, develop severe injuries to the extent of being disabled, or an extreme outcome such as death. The likely path of outcomes would be from injury to disability to death.” Proverbs 10:14 says, “Wise men lay up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction.” If you are mRNA vaccinated, do not ignore this report. Take action to protect yourself from unnecessary risk. You can start by going to and click on “Vaccine Injury Resources.” This is a valuable guide to prevent mRNA vaccine injury.


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