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An example of media twisting the truth

Free speech and freedom of the press is Constitutionally protected as a lynchpin to a society free from tyranny. The press is supposed to be the fourth estate to hold government accountable. But when the press is used, willingly or forcefully, as a mouthpiece for the government, tyranny is not far behind. In today’s America, freedom of the press is governed by political partisanship and its power is the 24-7 news cycle as ingrained across all mediums. When the press trades its position of seeking the truth for speaking the lies, the public is left to discern between the two. Discernment is key in this day and age. The entire Trump saga is an example. The media is shaping the public opinion. Here is how.

In the hours leading up to the Trump arraignment, Jonathan Weisman and Andrew Higgins wrote in an April 4 New York Times article about how the right-wing finds a familiar villain in billionaire George Soros. They write: “Conspiracy theorists have long attributed wildly varied events to George Soros, in attacks often viewed as antisemitic. His indirect donations to a prosecutor’s campaign are animating Trump allies.” The article smugly points to the many accusations around the world that Soros has interfered with elections from “East Asia to Central Europe to the United States” and is cast as a “puppet master by conspiracy theorists” for his leftist influence. They snark that now Soros is credited with the indictment of Trump.

The article is written to suggest that anyone believing that Soros is behind the many leftist causes that are being suggested is a right wing antisemitic conspiracy theorist. The writers do not seek to prove or disprove the claims about Soros. They state that Soros “a Jew from Hungary, survived the Holocaust, fled communism and became one of the single largest funders of democracy promotion, anti-Communism and liberal education around the globe.” Democracy, however, takes many forms, most of which lead to tyranny if not unchecked by proper balances of power. Soros, we know, is a financier of the most left of leftist causes. As Christ said in Matthew 7:20, “Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

Not until about the 21st paragraph of this lengthy story do the authors admit to Soros giving the racial justice organization Color of Change $1 million shortly after Color of Change pledged $1 million to support Alvin Bragg’s campaign for District Attorney. Soros also donated $125 million to his own political action committee, Democracy PAC II, making him the largest donor by far of the 2022 midterms. The PAC spent only about $11 million of the money, the writers say, more than half going to the Democrat’s super PAC funding the party’s efforts to hold the Senate. Herein, is the issue with the media’s coverage of the Trump accusations—the truth, if it is provided—is buried deep in the stories and it is discounted as “nothing to see here.” This is the danger of the press’s influence on those who cannot discern truth from lies. Which is most people.


Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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