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Stupidocrisy: Bidenflation

He keeps saying it. And he keeps expecting people to believe it. Inflation is under control, he says. What planet is Joe Biden on? Have you been to the grocery store lately? Have you filled up your car with gas? Oh yes, gas prices are down a little, but food prices continue to soar. And Mr. Bidenflation continues say it’s all good. On Tuesday, Biden brought in the big guns to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act. Yep, James Taylor sang some songs on the South Lawn of the White House and Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and Joe Manchin joined Joe in hopes that their appearance will give Americans confidence that we can declare inflation over with, kind of like how COVID disappeared.

Biden gushed about the Inflation Reduction Act, saying “I said it then and I’ll keep saying it: With this law, the American people won and special interest lost. Say it again: The American people won and special interest lost…After all, this bill cut costs for families, helped reduce inflation at the kitchen table, because that’s what they look at — how much are their monthly bills and how much do they have to pay out for their necessities. And it gave them just a little more breathing room, as my dad would say…This bill alone is going to lower the deficit by $300 billion over the next decade.” In fact, reputable think tanks, including the prestigious Wharton-Penn Budget model, predict it will have zero impact on inflation, after raising inflation initially. And a $300 billion reduction in the deficit is hardly something to celebrate against $31 Trillion in debt.

They all applauded his victory lap speech. The media ate it up, too. AP reported that inflation eased for the second straight month. And then the truth comes out, but everyone is too wrapped up in James Taylor to ponder it. Truth is, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said on Tuesday that consumer prices rose three-tenths of a percentage point in August. America is still experiencing the hottest inflation in 40 years. And these jokers—the media and the White House—expect you to believe everything is cool. The price of food at home jumped 0.7% compared with the previous month. Over the past 12 months, grocery prices have gone up 13.5%–eggs up 39.8%, potatoes up 15.2%, bread up 16.2%, ham up 9.2%.

This is just another example of how this government and the news media are in cahoots about gaslighting folks like you and me into thinking a sewer smells like a rose bed. They say that the Inflation Reduction Act lowered taxes, when it raises taxes; that it lowers the deficit, when it doesn’t; that it lowers healthcare costs, when it doesn’t. that it lowers inflation, when it won’t. In fact, Biden sells this as the cure-all for everything—Go back to your homes, everything is all right. One thing the Inflation Reduction Act does do—it incentivizes (new term for government wealth redistribution) the buying of electric cars, so you can bet that these crooked politicians are getting their pockets filled by the manufacturers. Electric cars that even California can’t charge because of the blackouts. As in Jeremiah 9:8, “Their tongue is an arrow shot out; It speaks deceit.” Say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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