As a result of the documented level of deaths, serious disabilities and skyrocketing cancers, heart attacks strokes and autoimmune diseases caused by the COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections, Nick Caturano, Florida medical freedom activist and founder of GoofyVaccine.com and other medical freedom warriors across Florida have launched a new initiative to file criminal complaints with the goal of immediately stopping the access to and administration of the COVID mRNA injections and for Florida Sheriffs to confiscate all COVID-19 mRNA injection supplies from all vaccination facilities across the state. Their action steps aim to protect innocent children and adults from further injury, harm or death.

Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines: A Story of Courage and Faith

As we honor the true meaning of Independence Day, July 4, 2023, Navy Commander Robert A. Green, Jr. epitomizes the true spirit of American independence and the courage of his faith in taking action to defend the Constitution behind enemy lines in our “woke” military against the unlawful COVID mandates and DoD violations of both military law and Constitutional law.

FREEDOM REPORT – The Pottinger Supremacy: The Road to the Takedown of Jeffrey Epstein

Stanley Pottinger played a central role in signing-off Watergate, the Kent State Massacre, and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. But as his time at the Justice Dept. came to an end, he also helped his good friend and CIA director, George H. W. Bush, in other ways. However, Bush was not Pottinger’s only connection to the world of intelligence during this period, he was also busy smuggling arms with Jeffrey Epstein himself. Welcome to the Pottinger Supremacy.

FREEDOM REPORT: Pottinger and the Hidden Hands Behind the Empire and Takedown of Jeffrey Epstein

J. Stanley Pottinger is best known today as one of the most prominent lawyers representing victims of infamous billionaire intelligence asset and pedophile sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein. As a former member of the Nixon and Ford administrations, J. Stanley Pottinger has also played a central role in some of the most infamous official cover-ups to take place over the last 50 years—including Watergate, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Iran Contra, Kent State, the “October Surprise” and now Jeffrey Epstein. Prepare yourself, for this series won’t only expose Pottinger’s extremely influential and close relationship to government, the Republican Party and the CIA, it will also rewrite what we thought we knew about the dark forces behind this phase of American history.

FREEDOM REPORT: Master Puppeteer Behind Globalists Depopulation Agenda – The Dark Side of Heinz Kissinger

The man born Heinz Kissinger in Bavaria, Germany has just celebrated his 100th birthday to fanfare around the world. Yet for all his global power and celebrity for the last 75 of those 100 years, few know the dark side of his background and his roles shaping the skyrocketing global deaths we see today since the roll out of the COVID gene therapy shots. Few realize that Heinz Kissinger changed his name to Henry Kissinger after coming to the United States to escape Nazi Germany in WWII.Even fewer know that Henry Kissinger is the diabolical mind behind the 1974 secret KISSINGER REPORT: National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM 200) calling for world depopulation.