PRESS CONFERENCE – Stop the Shot! – Caught on Tape… Document Link

COVID Censorship is a Manifestation of Fear, explains Peter McCullough, MD, MPH Video Link

Interview with Truth for Health Foundation Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Peter A. McCullough, discussing a new CDC Report on Vaccine Failures. Video Link

Attorney Thomas Renz Releases Data from Never Before Seen Vaccine Injury/Death Tracking System. It’s Absolutely Horrifying. Video Link

EARLY TREATMENT, EARLY TREATMENT and EARLY TREATMENT with effective therapeutics are the three most important keys to surviving COVID Video Link

Medical Tyranny – Press Conference September 22, 2021 Video Link

CONFIRMED! Get your sheriff involved, NOW! Don’t wait! This is a message of URGENCY, and requires your immediate ACTION! Video Link

Federal HHS Whistleblower goes public with Secret Recording on Vaccine! Video Link

An interview by John-Henry Westen on Life Site News with Dr. Lee Vliet and Nancy Ross, Veronica Wolski’s power of attorney: Video Link

Veronica Wolski: A medical freedom horror story Video Link

Dr. Lee Vliet says: “I just listened in awe to Nancy Ross tell Veronica Wolski’s story. This is murder, and it’s happening right in front of our face. I thought the “Green Zones” and FEMA camps might be the killing fields, but it seems it’s our hospitals.” Video Link

Dr. Lee Vliet interview by Stew Peters on the Treatment and Death of Veronica Wolskis in Chicago: Video Link

Dr. Peter McCullough: Americans Should Demand Ivermectin Multi-Drug Therapy Joe Rogan Took for COVID: Video Link

Dr. Lee Vliet interviews Dr. Harpal Mangat on the Monochlonal Antibody Therapy: Video Link

Dr. Peter McCullough is a Guest on an Exclusive Edition of InfoWars hosted by Alex Jones, Sept 7, 2021: Video Link

President and Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, speaks with Harpal Mangat, MD about what patients need to know regarding monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID. Video Link

Parent’s Forum – Vaccine Mandates – Question and Answer Segment With A Panel of Experts Panel August 30, 2021: Video Link

Parent’s Forum – Vaccine Mandates – An Expert Panel Discussion August 30, 2021: Video Link

Stop the Shot Press Conference
August 19, 2021: Video Link

Dr. Peter McCullough’s interview on Daystar Television Network’s Ministry Now Program: Video Link

Dr. Vliet Interview by Mike Dakkak, ITN News re: STOP the SHOT!

Provocative Video! How Mass Fear Used to Control You

STOP the SHOT Conference (Truth for Health)
Replay available on Life Site News (~ 2 hrs, including Q&A)

Dr. Michael Yeadon discusses fertility

Dr. Michael Yeadon discusses fertility

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi discusses natural immunity

Dr. Roger Hodkinson discusses COVID vaccines and medical tyranny

Pastor Stephen Broden discusses COVID vaccinations
and role of churches

Sister DeDe discusses vaccines & pro-life issues

Dr. Transecos discusses vaccines and pro-life issues

Rev. William Cook presents a Call to Action to churches

Truth for Health Foundation Statement on the
Baylor-Scott & White lawsuit against Dr. Peter A. McCullough


Investigative Corona Committee Germany

Pfizer Biodistribution Study Report (Japanese)
Pfizer Biodistribution Study Report (English Translation)

Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’

Doctors petition EU to stop all COVID vaccine studies
due to grave risks

COVID-19 expert Dr. Peter McCullough sued by Texas-based health system

Dr. McCullough on the Amber May Show

Injured by the COVID shot? These are the ‘real treatments

Health Freedom Defense Fund stands by Dr. Peter McCullough

Truth for Health Foundation Statement on the Baylor-Scott & White lawsuit against Dr. Peter A. McCullough

10 Reasons to drop vaccine support or mandates by Dr. McCullough

How Dangerous Is the Delta Variant

“Covid Shot Home Visits are Unconstitutional and Unethical”…AAPS

Interview with Dr. Peter McCullough (John Leake)