We envision a world where people choose their path to live fully as human beings according to the physical and spiritual laws of life as God designed us.


To provide truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting edge updates on prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life and longevity.

To present faith-based integrated approaches to medical treatment, health and healing services that encompass all dimensions making us human: physical, psychological/emotional, spiritual, social and environmental.


Truth for Health Foundation is a physician-founded 501(c)3 public charitable Foundation incorporated in the state of Arizona, USA. We are dedicated to following the Oath of Hippocrates to serve individual patients to the best of our ability and judgement and to uphold the highest standards of medical ethics.

Foundation Officers, Directors, and Staff are grounded in Judeo-Christian principles of honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, compassion, humility and commitment to preserving God’s gift of Life as we serve our patients and communities.

We strive to honor God and Jesus Christ in all we do as we conduct business, and to follow Biblical principles exemplified in Jesus’ Healing Ministry throughout the New Testament as we implement health programs for the people we serve.

We are a Christian organization serving people of all faiths, as well as those who do not follow a faith tradition.


 President and Chief Executive Officer:

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD Dr. Vliet has been a leader in patient centered, individualized medical care. Since 1986, she has practiced medicine independent of insurance contracts that interfere with patient-physician relationships and decision-making. Dr. Vliet is the founder of Vive Life Center with medical practices in Tucson AZ and Dallas TX, specializing in preventive and climacteric medicine with an integrated approach to evaluation and treatment of women and men with complex medical and hormonal problems from puberty to late life.  Dr. Vliet is a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient for her national and international educational efforts in health, wellness, and endocrine aging in men and women. She is the creator and host of the new daily talk radio show, Truth for Health…The Rest of the Story, available on all podcast networks.

Since February 2020, Dr. Vliet has been part of the team of frontline physicians treating COVID early and at home to reduce hospitalizations and death. She is a co-author/editor of COVID Early Treatment Guide: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life, available here: https://www.truthforhealth.org/patientguide/patient-treatment-guide/

Dr. Vliet’s consumer health books include: It’s My Ovaries, Stupid; Screaming To Be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect– And Doctors STILL  Ignore; Women, Weight and Hormones; The Savvy Woman’s Guide to PCOS,  The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Great Sex, Strength, and Stamina.

Dr. Vliet is the recipient of the 2007 Voice of Women Award from Arizona Foundation for Women in recognition of her pioneering advocacy for the overlooked hormone connections in women’s health. She is recognized as a powerful patient advocate, motivational speaker in health and wellness, and proponent of free market approaches to lower healthcare costs.  She is a member of International Menopause Society, the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology, and the International Society for The Study of the Aging Male (ISSAM). Dr. Vliet is a past Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), and a member of the AAPS Editorial Writing Team.

She received her M.D. degree and Internal Medicine training at Eastern Virginia Medical School and further specialty training in Behavioral Medicine/Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins.  She earned her B.S. and Master’s degrees from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. 

Dr. Vliet has appeared many national TV and radio shows across the country as well as has presented hundreds of professional CME programs for physicians and allied health professionals, healthcare Town Halls, and consumer seminars and radio shows on integrated approaches to Men’s Health and Women’s Health. Dr. Vliet has no financial ties to any health care system, health insurance plan, political party or government agency.  Her allegiance and advocacy is to and for patients.

Senior Medical Advisor:

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, PhD: Internist, cardiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Dr. McCullough is the most published physician in the world in cardiovascular illness and renal disease with over 1000 publications and over 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine. 

Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multi-drug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with COVID-19 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in “Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.” He has 37 peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has commented extensively on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in The Hill.

On November 19, 2020, Dr. McCullough testified to the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs and throughout 2021 to the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services concerning many aspects of the pandemic response.  Dr. McCullough continues to be a dominant voice in the media across the US and worldwide speaking on early treatment and vaccine risks.

Listen to Dr. McCullough’s weekly medical update radio show, The McCullough Report, on America Out Loud Talk Radio.

Chief Scientific Advisor:

Dr. Michael Yeadon, PhD, is an independent life sciences researcher. His first degree was in biochemistry & toxicology, followed by his research-based PhD in respiratory pharmacology. His early work was in appointments to secret government facilities at Porton Down (Chemical Defence Establishment) and at Aldermaston (Forensic Science Service HQ). His subsequent career in the biopharmaceutical industry spanned almost 30 years leading project teams seeking new pharmacological treatments for asthma and COPD. He held positions of increasing responsibility and was until 2011 Chief Scientific Officer, allergy & respiratory research worldwide within Pfizer, UK when that facility was closed.  

Dr. Yeadon then spent the next decade as an independent consultant, assisting 30 mostly start-up biotechnology companies in the fields of new medicines discovery for inflammatory and immunological diseases of lung and skin. During that time he also founded and led as CEO his own biotech (Ziarco) which was acquired by Novartis, 2017). 

Medical Pathology Advisor:

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, B.Chir. (Cantab), FACP, FRCPC. Dr Hodkinson is a medical specialist in pathology and graduate of Cambridge University who has practiced medicine in the UK, Canada and the States. He is a Fellow of the College of American Pathologists and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. During his long career he has had many leadership roles in Canadian medicine both provincially and nationally, including being a university teacher, national pathology board examiner, and laboratory accreditation inspector. He was previously the President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta, and CEO of a large community based medical laboratory with a full menu of testing for infectious disease and virology.

Dr. Hodkinson is currently the Chairman of an American biotechnology company active in DNA sequencing. But he is most proud of his role for many years in public health advocacy as Honorary Chairman of ASH, Action on Smoking and Health, which is the leading non-profit organization in Canada tackling the predatory marketing strategies of Big Tobacco, and for which he was made Citizen of the Year in Edmonton, Alberta.

Director of Evidence-Based Medicine and Research Methodology:

Dr. Paul E. Alexander, PhD is former Assistant Professor at Canada’s McMaster University in evidence-based medicine. Dr. Alexander served as COVID Pandemic advisor to WHO-PAHO (2020), and as senior advisor to COVID Pandemic policy for U.S. Health and Human Services. He is an academic scientist and consultant with expertise in clinical epidemiology), evidence-based medicine, and research methodology. Dr. Alexander was appointed in 2008 at WHO as a regional specialist/epidemiologist in Europe’s Regional office Denmark (nations involved in assigned WHO’s project were Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland), and he worked for the government of Canada as an epidemiologist for 12 years, appointed as the Canadian in-field epidemiologist (2002-2004) as part of an international CIDA funded, Health Canada executed project on TB/HIV co-infection and MDR-TB control (involving India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan).

Dr. Alexander was employed from 2017 to 2019 at Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Virginia USA as the evidence synthesis meta-analysis systematic review guideline development lead/trainer. He worked with Dr. Donald Henderson who headed eradication of small-pox and and was awarded The Governor General Medal of Canada for academics.

Dr. Alexander completed graduate studies at University of Oxford England, University of Toronto Canada, McMaster University Canada, York University Canada. His doctoral studies and post doc were completed under supervision of Dr. Gordon Guyatt, co-founder with Dr. Dave Sackett of the field of evidence-based medicine (EBM).’ He completed a certificate program at Johns Hopkins Baltimore, USA in bioterrorism, with a focus on the medical and public health aspects in the event of a deployment of a biological weapon (weaponized pathogen such as small pox, plague, botulism, tularemia etc.) on a city such as Baltimore.

Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs:

Stacy McIntosh, MS, an experienced regulatory affairs and clinical research professional with 25 years of experience in product development, FDA interactions, project management and quality assurance accumulated primarily in the course of seeking initial FDA marketing approval for investigational phase small molecule and biologic products. She has directed multi-disciplinary project teams in the preparation for FDA meetings, FDA & NIH Advisory Committee meetings, FDA license applications and FDA inspection receipt. She most often serves as the primary point of contact with FDA on behalf of small and start-up pharmaceutical companies. She has founded the Regulatory Affairs department for 7 companies to date while accepting additional responsibilities for Quality Assurance, Project Management, Clinical Operations, Regulatory Compliance, and Project Leadership along the way. Stacy obtained a B.S. in Environmental & Systematic Biology (Ecology) from California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo, CA). She has significant experience in the unique cooperative research arrangements between private industry and the U.S. government (e.g., NCI, NIAID, BARDA, etc.).

More recently, Stacy led the successful effort to obtain initial U.S. licensure of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody, one of only two treatments available for Ebola in December 2020. As a Medical Countermeasure product, EBANGA™ (ansuvimab-zykl) was the beneficiary of Orphan Drug and Breakthrough Therapy Designations, Priority Review and Rolling Submission. In addition, the time from pre-BLA meeting to product approval was accomplished in a remarkably short period of time, with a very small team, concurrent with COVID-19 response priorities. The EBANGA drug development program was the recipient of an Industry Innovation Award awarded by the National Organization for Rare Disorders in 2021.  In addition, Stacy led the study start-up phase for an adaptive design, Phase 1/2 clinical study of the promising oral COVID-19 therapeutic, molnupiravir. Accelerated First-in-Human Clinical Trial of EIDD-2801/MK-4482 (molnupiravir), a Ribonucleoside Analogue with Potent Antiviral Activity Against SARS-CoV-2 | Research Square

 Chairman of the Board of Directors: Marc Kealey

Marc is Founder of Kealey and Associates, Marc is a lead voice in Canada for public policy and the younger brother to David who died from complications of COVID-19 in December of 2020.  Marc is Principal of K&A Inc., a public policy and health management company providing Canadian standards based healthcare services, research and advice to government and businesses in Canada and globally. Kealey is an expert in health governance and communications. He is a former hospital administrator for ten years and from 2003-2007 Marc was the former CEO of Ontario Pharmacy Association, Canada’s largest pharmacy organization. During his tenure he steered the organization through the toughest issues of the day, including the Transparent Drug Pricing System for Patients Act and cross border drug trade. He lectures worldwide on prescription drug reform to this day. Marc was an advisor to John N. Turner, former Prime Minister of Canada for over 30 years on health and nuclear energy policies. He can be heard on Satellite Radio on a regular basis on health and energy issues and is a frequent commentator on political issues.        

On a personal level, Marc knows firsthand the tragedy of COVID. He lost his older brother to COVID for lack of early treatment, and lived through the horrible death that untreated COVID causes, the cruelty of dying alone, and about the devastating impact on families who have lost loved ones to COVID. This drives Marc’s passion for helping others have access to early treatment and prevention through the Foundation outreach.


Margaret R. Bennett, attorney by profession, Margie and her husband now raise cattle in Texas, and she has been active in private investment startups, community philanthropy, and also created Hormone Education Foundation in Texas to help address the myths and misinformation in women’s health. She has been a patient advocate in both preventive medicine and women’s health for many years and has been involved in the International Menopause Society and International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology.

Pastor Stephen Broden. Pastor Broden founded the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas TX in 1987 and serves as its Senior Pastor. He has served as President of the Fair Park Friendship Center for over 18 years and as its Executive Director for over 11 years providing assistance to the community’s inner-city families, including a clothing store and back-to-school rally where children are provided with donated school supplies and family counseling.   Broden graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors and Master of Arts degree in Communication, and later received his Master of Arts in Bible Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He was Adjunct Professor at Dallas Baptist University from 1990 to 1992. Broden spent 10 years in the private sector at Atlantic Richfield Company in Human Resources. He has been a business owner, and has also worked as a newscaster, disc jockey, and radio broadcaster. Currently he is a co-host on the radio program Life and Liberty for KSKY, 660 AM and is also a radio broadcaster of One-Minute “thought of the day” commentaries on this station.

Steven J. Smith, PhD had a career in forensic engineering as an executive of a leading construction engineering firm. Since retirement, Steve has focused his work in Catholic spirituality and is involved in a number of ministries focused on teaching people the tradition of Christian meditation. Steve holds a PhD in structural engineering, was licensed to practice in dozens of states, has conducted university-level research and participated in National Science Foundation grant reviews; he authored a book on explosion-resistant design and many other book chapters and dozens of peer reviewed papers; he was an editorial reviewer for multiple technical journals and participated in the development of national design standards.  Steve investigated some of the most notable disasters in recent times including the Hurricane Katrina destruction, Twin Towers terrorist attack and he led the assessment all high-risk construction in the city of New York following two fatal construction crane collapses in Manhattan. 

                              Consulting Executive Director

Nancy Dean is the Founder and President of Philanthropy A-Z.  Philanthropy A-Z is a full-service consulting practice that connects strategy with subject matter expertise to create dynamic solutions for purpose-driven organizations.  In addition to United Way, Nancy is working with other national and local organizations as well as providing executive coaching.   Always mission-driven and passionate about helping individuals and communities flourish, her career spans geography and areas of focus.  She brings significant executive presence through her experience in diverse C-Suite roles with organizations such as the American Red Cross, United Way, and the Arizona Foundation for Women, where she served as President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Before launching Philanthropy A-Z, she served in multiple leadership roles with Valley of the Sun United Way over 10 years.  Nancy held multiple executive positions including responsibility for resource development, volunteer engagement, strategy, innovation, and community impact.  She also has worked on numerous United Way Worldwide initiatives; including leading a cross-market team on culture, innovation and individual engagement.  Nancy is a seasoned development executive, gaining much of her experience from executive roles in higher education development, alumni and community relations.  She has worked for the University of Nevada, Reno as well as Arizona State University, and the Arizona State University Foundation. Her development experience spans annual giving to major gifts and capital campaigns. Prior to her work in higher education, Nancy administered volunteer programs at two large healthcare organizations in California and Nevada. She holds degrees from the University of California, Irvine and the University of Southern California. 

                                        FOUNDATION AT A GLANCE

Original incorporation name: Straight Truth About Hormones Foundation, Inc. dba: Truth For Health Foundation 

IRS Exemption Letter effective date: April 20, 2007.

Founding Director and President: Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD                

Founding Director: Gordon Cheesman Vliet

Current Officers:  Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. – President and CEO

         J. Thomas (Tom) Wadkins, III – Vice President, Operations

Foundation Contacts: Voice 520-777-7092  Fax 520-797-2948

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 64507 Tucson, AZ 85728

Email: Info@TruthForHealth.org

Website: www.TruthForHealth.org