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Medical censorship is the greatest danger to truth for health that any of us physicians have experienced in our careers. This is especially true when we have critical life-saving medical and scientific data on escalating deaths and devastating medical risks of these experimental COVID shots that we are morally, legally, and medically duty-bound to release to the public to help save lives.

Truth for Health Foundation absolutely will take all appropriate legal action to defend our officers, medical and scientific advisors against all such threats to silence our voices and interfering with our MISSION and responsibilities as we volunteer our medical expertise to serve the public good. Lives are at stake. We will not be silenced.

People who wish to support our cause to fight medical censorship that costs lives may donate to our MEDICAL CENSORSHIP DEFENSE FUND, in honor of Dr. Peter McCullough, and all other physicians on our team who have been, or are being threatened with loss of license and censorship.

Join our Crusade of the Voiceless! WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.


Please hit the DONATE tab above and either:

Follow the link to the online donation form.


Follow the instructions to submit your donation via check.

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  1. Craig says:

    Where do I donate to the defence fund? You don’t go out of your way to make it easy to find.

    1. It is a one step process to click DONATE on home page. The DONATE form has a check box beside the option for MEDICAL CENSORSHIP DEFENSE FUND. Not sure how to make it any easier. Suggest another option if you feel this is difficult. Thank you. TFH Staff

  2. Steve says:

    I confess to agreeing with the first commentor, it is totally unclear how to donate. There is no form with payment method offered for donating instantly under the donate tab so I assume you’re accepting phone calls and checks? FLCCC has a donate tab that takes you to a donation form where I enter my payment method and information. I suggest that you fix this if you’re serious about actually getting donations. I guess I’ll call tomorrow.

    1. OK, NOW we found the problem! FIXED! We did a little detective work after your added comment and found what had happened. When our technical advisor and I set up the DONATE button at the beginning, ONE CLICK on DONATE took everyone directly to Anedot ONE page to enter INFO, designate a fund (if donor wished a designated gift), AND see the payment options — ALL on one page on one form. Very simple.

      SOMEHOW recently with everyone working on putting up new content, the original set up got changed inadvertently, and the CONTACT US and DONATE buttons/forms were not clear which was which. We have now corrected that. When you click on DONATE – you have two options: ON-LINE (click link to go to ONE form on ONE page with all info), OR MAIL A DONATION if you don’t want to use your Credit card on line, and the mailing address is right there. It has always been on the website but we have now added mailing address right up top on the DONATE options.

      FOR SECURITY, the Foundation uses a secure US POST OFFICE LOCKED MAILBOX inside a POST OFFICE STATION. The Foundation corporate offices are in Southern Arizona, where border crime and mail theft are high, so ALL US MAIL uses the secure Post Office facilities.
      Hope that helps. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do very much appreciate the support from “WEthePEOPLE!”
      Dr. Vliet

  3. Gretchen Rivera says:

    I support Dr. Peter McCullough

  4. Maureen says:

    Thank you for offering the check option to donate. With checks, no processing fee is lost to the cause. They want a cashless society, which is further reason to resist participating in the increasingly electronic-based payment system.

  5. I’m in the fight with over 60 patriots in Nebraska who are currently getting organized. We will help! Any marketing material you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. We will find donations and support you,, and Amazing work! Thank you and God Bless!

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