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  1. Dr. Ewald Hans Moser says:

    Dear Dr. McCullough, I am a Industrial Pharmacist following all these horrible activities around “forbidden Covid 19 Therapy” and Covid Vaccs. I work in several groups in Europe and LATAM, e.g. Callisperis from Bolivia (COMUSAV) you made a publication together. My Idea is: we should have a big meeting, a so called “World Health Forum” with most well known doctors, scientists, Pharmacists/regulators and even lawyers all over the world, from each continent (!!) and discuss the most well known established Therapies/Prophylaxis for COVID19 in it’s benefit-risk ratio compared to the Vaccines and bring this results to all the people in the world: Political Heads of each country, all Health authorities of each country, all main and alternative media, all stakeholders/institutions like Economical, religious, cultural, sportives (FIFA, ATP, NHL, FIS, etc,) touristic incl. airlines etc.: Pressure must come from the basis.

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