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  1. Lisa Roberts says:

    Please help!
    My sister’s hospital just mandated vaccination.
    She is a nurse and needs to keep her job but will not get the jab. What can she do to fight this?! Thanks.

    1. Mary says:

      Can she sign a religious waiver?

      1. Yes, the religious exemptions are generally being accepted if it is the person’s deeply held personal conviction. The person writes a letter to that effect to employer and it is covered under the US Constitution and many legal precedents to support it. We will be posting some resources soon as we receive them from attorneys working on this.

  2. Hania says:

    We are immensely grateful for your stand on behalf humanity ????
    God bless you all.

  3. Deborah Hindman (mom) says:

    Since receiving the Moderna vaccine 5 mos ago, my daughter has the following symptoms. She has an MRI scheduled for this next Tuesday to determine if she has MS.
    Allodynia on right side of head
    Blurry spots on left eye visual field
    Pulsatile tinnitus in right ear
    Inability to focus at times

    1. We are so sorry to learn about your daughter’s vaccine complications. Please take a few moments to share her story under the TAB “MY STORY” on our website (under TREATMENT) – we are tracking these injuries and will do a Press Conference shortly.

      Dr. Harpal Mangat on our Advisory Council is in the Washington DC area and is treating patients with neurological complications of the vaccine. Also see his presentation on our website under TREATMENT/COVID LONG HAUL SYNDROME that outlines his treatment approaches. That provides a guide for you and your daughter to know what is possible for treatment. Best wishes, Dr. Vliet

  4. Lalia says:

    Thank you for your work. I agree with your positions on mRNA ‘vaccines’. I just don’t know why the Johnson vaccine is always grouped with the mRNAs and we’re told to avoid it. It isn’t gene therapy technology, right? Is it safer then, even though not as much protection? If we absolutely had to get a vaccine, would the Johnson be the safest of the 3?

  5. My wife and I are both medical physicians and are not advising patients or employees to take the jab since the primary precept is “do no harm” and there is abundant evidence of the harmful effects to patients now and populations and patients in the future. However, we have been challenged by the data showing a significant decrease in hospitalizations and mortality between vaxed and unvaxed, especially as pointed out by Dr. Mobeen’s video
    This data seems so out of touch with data from the rest of the world in particular high vaxed nations (Israel, Iceland, Ireland, Singapore, etc.) and the Vietnamese study with locked down medical staff that we were wondering your thoughts about this. Many of our “no vax” friends & patients are now seriously considering the vax and we don’t know how to advise. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCELLENT WORK!!!

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